DIY West Elm “S” Shelf

One of the first DIY projects we did in our apartment was super simple and we were able to save lots of money- win! It started when we spied the “S” shelf at West Elm…

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

We thought it would be the perfect thing to go above our TV without adding too much visual weight (that side of the room was already super heavy with our big media center). I remember it being around $120-$140 (don’t quote me on that), which seemed sorta crazy for something so simple. I don’t know if they still sell it, but lucky for you it was super easy to make and we’ll go through the steps here.

First off, we made a trip to our beloved IKEA and picked up some Lack wall shelves in black (four of the 11-3/4″ ones for $6.99 each, and one of the 43-1/4″ ones for $14.99). Unfortunately we did not remember to take any pictures before assembling it, so instead I drew up these instructions for doing so:

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

It was as simple as that! Before we put it on the wall I did manage to snap a picture of the assembled “S” shelf… but it was before we moved the “L” bracket to the correct location. In the picture below you’ll see the “L” bracket on the far left. Which was fine, but it would have stuck out underneath the shelf. So instead we decided to add it to the bottom of the “U” part of the shelf (see comic above) so that when you flip it and put it on the wall, it’s above eye level (even for tall people) and doesn’t show.

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

Just follow the IKEA instructions for attaching those brackets to the wall and you’ll be golden. Note- we left the screws as is, but if you wanted them to blend more you could color them with a black sharpie. You could also use any of the other Lack shelf colors if you wanted to mix things up.

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

This project was super easy, fast, and wayyyyy cheaper than the West Elm version.

Here’s the budget breakdown:

  • Four 11-3/4″ IKEA Lack shelves (with brackets and screws)… $6.99 a piece
  • One 43-1/4″ IKEA Lack shelf (with brackets and screws)… $14.99
  • Power drill (or you could use a screwdriver)… already owned
  • TOTAL… $42.95

I’d say compared to $120-$140, that’s a heck of a deal! And requires pretty much no DIY skills to put together yourself. Woohoo!



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  1. Esther Cunningham April 14, 2016 at 9:34 am #

    Beautiful! We will be constructing these very soon for our new home! Were did you get those beautiful aqua vases and bird décor? Must be part of my living room!


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