We’ve Got Wood!

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At first I titled this post “Floored by Floors,” but then the 13-year-old-boy part of me took over. Heh heh heh.

So last week we found out some awesome news- we were going to close on our house a week faster than we originally thought! Hooray!! But we realized a quicker closing means we have less time to put off scheduling our floors, plumbing, electrician, etc (all the stuff we wanted to have done before move-in day).

When it comes to our floors, currently we have carpet (which is in decent shape but… it’s carpet…) and some boring white tile that’s cracked in several places. Originally we toyed with the idea of DIY-ing our floor install. Busting up tile didn’t seem too bad (note-upon further research we found out it is TERRIBLE). Removing carpet was going to be as easy as 1-2-rrrrip. And laminate wood floors seemed simple enough to snap into place. But when my reasonable fiance reminded me that we had no idea what we were doing and it might be worth it to pay a professional instead of winging it ourselves, I obliged. Well first I said a few things like “but… but… I’m cheap…” But then I realized that having floors done correctly the first time would save us more money in the long run than doing it ourselves and messing it up.

So onto the floor search we embarked!! Five stores and 21 samples later, my car looked like this

Wood Floor Samples- evanandkatelyn.com

Wood Floor Samples- evanandkatelyn.com

That’s a lot of wood. Heh heh. Ok ok enough wood jokes, but seriously… that’s a LOT of wood. We lugged all our samples over to the new house too see how it looked inside. I would 100% recommend doing this because some of them looked COMPLETELY different in our house than they did in the store. We also brought swatches of fabric that we’ll have in the new place and something black (a little cat pepper shaker I have… I know, I’m already the crazy cat lady) because we have a lot of black furniture. This helped give us a preview of how it would all look together.

Wood Floor Samples- evanandkatelyn.com

When we laid out all our samples in the living room it was hard to choose because they all looked nice! But when we placed them in our kitchen it was a whole different story. Up against our cabinets, some of them made it feel like being in a sea of orange wood. And even though we are considering repainting/refinishing our cabinets at some point, we don’t know exactly when that will be and we don’t want to hate our cabinet/floor combo in the meantime.

Wood Floor Samples- evanandkatelyn.com

So which was our favorite? Well we eliminated the dark one because combined with the black granite and all our black furniture we thought the dark tones might be a little overwhelming. And we eliminated the lighter ones because of the whole sea-of-orange thing. The one that’s third from the right was by far our favorite in the kitchen, in the living room, and with our fabric samples- ding ding ding we have a winner!

It’s made by Mannington and is part of the Restoration Collection called Chateau, and the “colorway name” (whatever that is) is Autumn. Laminate naming apparently requires at least 3-4 tiers of categories. You can see it here! We liked that it had gray undertones but still felt warm.

I couldn’t wait to get it home and hold it up to our all our stuff!! The things you get excited about when you’re getting a house haha. Here it is on our white rug with our fabric swatches and the aforementioned cat-lady pepper shaker.

Wood Floor Samples- evanandkatelyn.com

Wood Floor Samples- evanandkatelyn.com

Eeeeeehehe seeing it with our things makes me happyyyyyyy. Now we just have to get a quote. This is the part I’m worried about. Floor installation is expensive, and we already have a hefty amount of necessary repairs on our plate with the roof, electrical, and plumbing work that HAS to be done. Oh old houses.


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    • Evan

      February 26, 2013 at 9:14 am

      Thanks Denise!! Can’t wait to see how it will come together when the whole floor is done. Katelyn is at the house right now with the flooring people. Breaking up tile begins today!

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