I Like Big Lists & I Cannot Lie

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We’ve been bad about updating lately. I’m sorry! We’ve been caught up in conference-attending and wedding-planning and baby-shower-attending and Houston-Austin-SA-traveling. Whew! But we are ready to hop back on this house thing, and what better way to get motivated than to make a giant spreadsheet with all the things you have to do?! What you guys don’t make spreadsheets to get pumped? We are nerds..

nerdsWell to show you guys that we are back on track (and to help motivate ourselves to get things done) we are posting the mega-list. The list that eats all other lists. Here goes nothing.

Remove hard water stains
Scrape up old grout and caulk, replace with new caulk
Seal all grout and tile
Replace tile we popped off
Untitled-1Add plastic water guard to shower door
Secure loose sink
Install new
GFCI outlet

Re-caulk the whole shebang
Fix broken tile shelf in showerphoto2Seal all grout and tile
Fix low hot water pressure in sink
Secure toilet, nobody wants a wobbly potty

Replace faucet with one that doesn’t leak
Cover corner of wallpaper showing at edge of cabinets
Caulk around cooktop
Caulk backsplash tilephoto(4)2Replace light bulbs that are out
Seal granite
Paint unused yellow phone jack cover black to match backsplash

Attach new insulation to walls and to attic hatch
Improve attic flooring
Organize spaghetti mess of wires up there

Patch/repair holes in drywall
Organize, clean, organize, clean
Clean garbage cans

Fix carpet transitions
Get transition into guest bath installedphoto(1)2Remove hallway door
Paint over ceiling stain
Replace light bulbs

Secure loose wiring on outside of house
Paint exterior white/creamUntitled-12Clean gutters
Add new sconces by front door
Add solar lights to walkway

Pull weeds
Do weed and feed
Dig up bush roots in backyard
Dig up palm roots in front yard
Replace previous palm spots with something prettyphoto(2)3Demo old patio to make way for a new one
Get/build a fence
Re-grade backyard
Plant more grass in bare areas

Replace all old/missing rubber doorstops
Paint front door
Shave off bottom of front door so it doesn’t drag
Shave off bottom of garage door so it doesn’t drag
Install new doorknobs/locksphoto(3)2Patch hole in door frame of garage door
Adjust interior doors so they don’t open/close on their own
Move hallway door to master bathroom
Repair water damage on back door frame
Replace weather stripping on exterior doors

Clean the crap out of them
Remove metal cubes that block them from being opened all the way
Fix/replace all the screens
Remove old alarm system wires
Scrape away old gross caulk and add new caulk

Repair open grounds on outlets
Replace all outlet and light switch covers

Fix crack in closet door frame
Patch holes in wall
Build new bed frame
Build new headboard

Caulk along baseboards where we cut it
Replace fan with light fixture
Build entry way hooks/shelf

Figure out how to conceal wire along wall
Replace light bulb that shines onto fireplace
Remove loose insulation above damper in fireplace
Add damper stop (c-clamp) in fireplace
Add art onto walls
Craigslist old couches

Add tile
Fix part of baseboard we brokeUntitled-13Caulk along baseboards where we cut it
Vacuum dryer vent
Thoroughly clean washer/dryer
Replace fluorescent light with something pretty
Fit Mochi’s cabinet in there somehow
Build shelf above washer/dryer

Paint trim
Paint walls
New fans in all rooms
Replace/paint old yellowed AC covers, smoke alarm covers, doorbell cover, etc
Hang curtains

You’ll notice a few things are crossed off the list- that’s the stuff we’ve been working on! We’ll make posts on those items when we get a chance. Also, I’m sure we’ll be adding new things to this list about as fast as we can cross off old ones! Owning a home really is a 24/7 job haha.


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  1. Maria

    May 7, 2013 at 10:55 am

    I make spreadsheets and lists too!!!! Can’t survive without them. Also, can I just say how awesome it is that one of your items was to clean the garbage cans? Because that is awesome.
    PS. You should do a post on how you bought your house…we just got a realtor(!) and have to go get pre-approved for a loan and all that jazz. What was your experience like?

  2. Katelyn

    May 7, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Hahaha I didn’t even want to put my trash in them til I cleaned them, is that weird?? We will try to write a post on the whole buying process! We’ve been meaning to actually. It’s all kind of overwhelming. Getting our loan was probably the most stressful because the first place we talked to tried to pressure us a LOT. Good luck with everything, we’ll try to make a post soon and hopefully that will help, and CONGRATS on starting the process!!!!

    • Maria

      May 7, 2013 at 12:01 pm

      Hahaha totally not weird!!! I clean ours every few months actually…that might be weird though.
      Thank you!!! We are super excited and terrified at the same time! woohoo!

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