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As mentioned in our last post, next on our laundry room list is painting! So we got right to it held onto a bunch of paint chips for weeks until finally picking one and painting a little square. You might say we had paint nerves. This is our first time!

I don’t remember the name of the color we chose (doh!) but we bought a sample pot and painted a couple swatches (one on a wall that got direct sunlight from our window, and one on a wall that didn’t get direct sunlight).

But we didn’t want sloppy swatches, we wanted pretty swatches. So we used some frog tape to get a clean edge. Here’s the sunny swatch on the left wall near the garage door.

IMG_1330 copy

IMG_1332 copy

And here’s the shady swatch toward the back of the right wall. (Not that you can really tell the difference in these pics with the lights are on). Also, I like to paint while looking like a crazy hair monster lady.

IMG_1334 copy IMG_1340 copy

We removed the tape and ta-da!

IMG_1349 copy

IMG_1351 copy

So the good news is we actually took the first step toward painting and got some swatches slapped on the walls! The bad news is we don’t really like the color. We were hoping for a gray-blue, but it ended up looking too baby blue for us. Back to the drawing painting board!

While we mull over what color to try next (a grayer blue? a purple-ish gray? a teal-ish gray? a gray-ish gray?), I decided to move Mochi’s cabinet to it’s proper spot in the laundry room. Yes that’s right, Mochi doesn’t just have a litter box. She has a litter cabinet. I’ll write a post on how we DIY’ed that back in our apartment days, but for now just accept that our cat is spoiled and we somehow have to gracefully fit a 4 foot x 1-1/3 foot cabinet in our laundry room.

IMG_1405 copy

IMG_1406 copy

Yeah. It’s kinda awkward.

I guess we coooouuuulllld scoot it so that it’s directly across from the washer dryer, but that would be a little tight. And because of where the entrance is for her (the side facing us in the picture above), we can’t put it on the wall with the trashcan next to the dryer. She wouldn’t be able to get in.

IMG_1407 copy

So for now I guess we’ll live with it as is. Maybe we’ll add another kitteh door on the other side so we have more flexibility on where we can place it. But even with this slight awkwardness, the condition of the laundry room is a HUGE improvement from how it looked when we first bought the place!


IMG_1406 copy

Woooo progress!! Speaking of progress, lets revisit our laundry room to-do list:

Add tile
Fix part of baseboard we broke
Caulk along baseboards where we cut it
Vacuum dryer vent
Thoroughly clean washer/dryer
Replace fluorescent light with something pretty
Fit Mochi’s cabinet in a way that we like
Build shelf above washer/dryer
Paint walls

Not sure what will happen first but you know we’ll keep you posted! My ballsy side says paint and my practical side says deal with them baseboards first.


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