We Officially Have a Laundry Room!

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You may have noticed in our Big List that we crossed off “add tile” in our laundry room. Well…

IMG_1232 copy

WE HAVE FLOORS!!!!! But we didn’t do them ourselves. We tried, we did. We started by patching the low spots in the floor. That didn’t work because we accidentally turned our low spots into high spots. Whoops.

IMG_0897 copy

We weren’t sure how to fix it without messing things up more, so we hired some guys that ended up being pretty crappy. After the experience, we thought maybe we’d give it another shot ourselves. We tried sanding down the high spot, though technically a grinder would have been better, but we wanted to first try using what we already had.

IMG_0985 copy

We read a tip that if you wet down the surface it cuts back on dust, so Evan sprayed it and started grinding away. And it was a flop. The wet dust turned into mud and gummed up our sander, womp womp. Then he tried it sans-spray and it was a dust factory. All that dust had him going gray!

IMG_0993 copy

The sanding was just making a big mess and not yielding the results we wanted, so we went to Lowes and the guys there said we could try chiseling it down. We also picked up a legit respirator because that little dinky mask was not cutting it (#realmenwearpinkrespirators). Armed with new toys, Evan went at it again!

IMG_1124 copy

IMG_1127 copy

This did work, but it was tedious. And so, so dusty. And we knew that even after we finished chiseling, we’d have to pour self leveling compound over the whole floor to raise it up enough to match the height of the flooring in the adjacent room. We were a little hesitant about that because we had already messed up the patching compound that only went on half the room- what damage would we do if we messed up leveling compound on the whole room?

It was time to try our luck at hiring again. We got a good price from the same company that did an awesome job on our laminate flooring and felt comfortable going with them, so we bit the bullet and they had it done in half a day!

IMG_1205 copy

Once we let them set for 24 hours, we were able to bring our washer and dryer inside after a month of them living in our garage (after some very extensive cleaning of course!)

IMG_1237 copy

But seriously…. these guys were dirty. We opened them up and found some very icky grime.

IMG_1239 copy

After being upside down in our washer for half an hour of scrubbing with vinegar, we finally got it looking shiny and (semi)new!

IMG_1240 copy

IMG_1242 copy

The dryer required much less cleaning, and before we knew it we had a fully functional laundry room!! I never thought a laundry room could bring me so much excitement and joy!!

IMG_1345 copy

Not only that, we had our transitions between the tile and our wood floors added today which really polishes things off (though it will be even more polished when we fix that baseboard).

IMG_1347 copy

Next on our laundry room to-do list… PAINT!!!!



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  1. Maria

    May 20, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    That tile is so pretty! Hooray laundry rooms!! PS. Evan looks like a bionic man or something with the respirator on. Pretty awesome.

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