Attic Prep Part 2- The Wireweb

This is part 2 of the prep work we did to get everything ready to blow GreenFiber cellulose insulation in our attic. At the bottom of this post we have a link to every post in this series if you want to check out the whole shebang :)

When you first enter into our attic, this is what you’re greeted with.

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

And your thoughts are: holy balls, this attic is a trap, I’m outta here!

We have a spiderweb of wires running all. over. the. place. Just walking through the attic without tripping is a feat in itself… but we couldn’t imagine dragging a hundred-foot blower hose through this mess. So we decided to get it all in order.

That meant first figuring out what was what. Evan identified those black wires as coax cable, it looked like all the yellow wires (there are several in the back of this pic that you can’t see as well) were for the recessed lighting that was added to the kitchen and bathrooms, and I saw that most of the other miscellaneous thin wires could be traced back to the super old alarm system from several owners ago.

For the cable, Evan identified it by head on the end of it (see in the picture below, on the far left).

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

Evan also figured out what room each cable ran to so that we could roll up the ones we didn’t need. We don’t have cable TV so we just need it for our internet, but we wanted to keep the other cables in order so that if we ever did need them in other rooms they would be easy to access (and not buried under piles of blown insulation). Plus, future owners will thank us. The cable for our internet was too short to be lifted off the floor (it didn’t have enough slack) so Evan got an extension to make it longer so that we could get it off the ground .

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

We also got some of those cable tacks (the little blue things in the picture below) to staple our extra cable up onto rafters where it was no longer a tripping hazard.

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

Other wires that were an issue were the yellow ones in the picture above. They were for the recessed lights that had been added to the house during previous kitchen and bathroom renovations, and they were a mess. They unfortunately weren’t long enough to get up off the floor though, and we didn’t want to mess with splicing together so many wires. So since they were in areas that we wouldn’t be walking across too often, we let them be.

The alarm wires on the other hand… we tore em ALL out! The wires were easy to trace because that old alarm system was hidden back here in our air return.

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

So we have the random wires spliced into our AC! Here’s where they went up the return air and out through an air duct!!! Weird right?!?!

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

If that’s not ghetto enough for your, check out this lovely wire-work.

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

Anyways, these were a huge mess but at least they were pretty easy to trace. I’d just start at the AC and follow it til it went down into the floor, where I’d clip it as close to the floor as possible. One of these days we’ll actually go around each of our windows and doors and clip the wires there too (or pull them through).

So Evan worked away on the cables, I tackled the alarm wires. There were tons!

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

We even traced one of the wires to this super old school siren! Apparently, Evan and I both have the same expressions and gestures when dealing with ridiculous old technology.

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

Finally, we had removed every wire that was detached or no longer served a purpose. Here’s what we were left with.

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

But much better having them all in a box instead of being tangled about trying to trip us up. And we decided to just leave the leftover bits of wire in the AC duct. It was sealed up and not leaking any air, so we thought moving them might actually cause a leak and make things worse.

Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

So, there are still a lot of wires, but there’s at least one full-box less than there used to be! And now we can move around without tripping and falling through our ceiling. Hopefully.

Psst – To see the whole process from start to finish, check out our other posts! You can see our overall plan for blowing insulation, and check out all the prep in Part 1Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8Part 9, and the actual blowing of insulation. Big project!

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Attic Prep Day 2- The Wireweb-

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