Caulk All Up In Our Cracks!

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We caved guys.

Work got busy, life got busy, and tediously scraping caulk and grout got really dull. Even though we just recently posted about the caulk scraping ordeal, it had been an on-and-off process for weeks. So we figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a couple free quotes to see how much it would cost to have a professional remove the existing caulk and grout, and then re-caulk, re-grout, and attach that tile we popped off months ago in our master bathroom. While we were at it, we also asked how much it would cost to recaulk the guest bathroom and fix the broken tile shelf in the shower.

IMG_1065 copy

Altogether it was gonna be $400, which sounds like a lot. But I was losing a lot of valuable working hours hanging out in that shower all day. I charge clients $50/hour for design work, and I had spent wayyyy more than 8 hours scraping away already (so if I had been working those 8+ hours instead, I would have already made the $400 it was going to cost us). So it was getting to the point where we were spending so much time on this we weren’t really saving any money by doing it ourselves. Plus, it sucked.

So we decided to go for it! And boy was it a load off our shoulders. The bad news is, the company we hired was terrible about following through with their scheduling and caused us quite a headache because of several missed appointments all throughout the week. But the good news is, because of the hassle they caused, I was able to argue the price down to $300- woohoo!

So finally we got the work done and now we can use our master shower again!!! It’s been MONTHS guys!!! Plus everything looks so much better and finished. Check out these before and afters.

So our master bathroom caulk and grout used to look like this:

IMG_0997 copy

IMG_1070 copy

IMG_1069 copy

IMG_1093 copy

Yep. Super nasty, cracked, and completely dysfunctional. But now it looks like this! (Pardon all the hard water stains… we are in a losing battle).

IMG_1979 copy

IMG_1977 copy

IMG_1975 copy

Plus remember that loose tile we popped off?

photo 10 copy

Well we are tile-less no more!

IMG_1980 copy

Icing on the cake… we got our guest bathroom re-caulked and got that cracked tile shelf (mentioned in this post) fixed too! Now its nice and beefy!


IMG_1983 copy

The final product (especially for the master bathroom) is far from perfect looking because it was apparently hard to color match for us… but it sure feels good to be able to move onto the next project- BLOWING OUR OWN INSULATION! It’s a big undertaking but it’s in the works already, so we’ll be posting about it hopefully next week if all goes well!



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  1. Maria

    June 4, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Dude, sometimes (a lot of times!) DIY just isn’t worth it. I was cringing for you guys thinking about doing all that caulking, so I am really glad you hired it out instead! Hooray for usable bathrooms!!!

  2. Katelyn

    June 4, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Haha yeah we keep finding that out the hard way! We are really glad we hired this one out too! Feels so good to have a usable bathroom again :D

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