DIY Body Wash

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Now that we have a functional master shower after almost TWO months of having to use the one in the guest bathroom, I’m celebrating with a few shower/cleanliness/beauty DIY projects I’ve been wanting to do. First on the list is DIY body wash!

This was actually brought on by the fact that Evan ran out of his body wash. And I didn’t really want to go to the store. And I’ve pinned all sorts of cool DIY toiletries. And I like saving money.

The gist of it is that instead of spending $5, $6, $10 on body wash (come on, I’m not made of money), you take a $1 bar of soap, grate it up cheese-style, add hot water, mixy mix mix, and you have your own body wash! I was originally inspired by this post and got further instructions from this video.

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

A bar we already had on hand was Irish Spring, which seemed manly enough. Then I grabbed a cheese grater and a bowl that I knew I could throw in the dishwasher afterwards. I almost forgot to snap a grating picture before I was done, this step goes pretty fast.

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

While I was grating away, I had 8 cups of water heating up on the stove til it just started boiling. Some methods say boil, some say don’t. I did, but barely. One thing I did a little differently though was instead of pouring the soap gratings into the pot of water, I poured the water into the bowl of soap. I figured there was no need to get the pot all soapy too when the bowl already was.

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

Except when I added the water, the bowl was so full I had to transfer it to a bigger bowl and wash an extra dish anyway. Oh wells.

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

Once you have it in a big enough bowl, use a hand mixer to whip it up real nice.

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

After that just cover it with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight or until it congeals. I left mine over a couple days while we were out of town and it was fine. The consistency was not as solid as jello but more solid than pudding.

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

Once it’s congealed, you mix it again til it’s liquidy and pourable.

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

Then just use a funnel to pour it into any container you have on hand (I used an empty shampoo bottle). And voila!

DIY Body Wash- Evan & Katelyn

I’ve read that you need different amounts of water for different types of soaps. Ours ended up a little bit on the watery side so next time I might try 6 cups instead of 8. But overall it works just fine and it was FREEEEEEEEEE because we already had the soap on hand. Plus it made enough to fill that whole bottle in the picture + 2 solo cups more. Not bad!


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  1. Dwayne

    May 10, 2016 at 1:46 pm

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Finding instructions on pinterest, didn’t call for the mixer. Do I need to mix it? Also she. Said hers was ready in about 2 hours. Do I need to let it sit over night? Thinking of grating more soap.

    • Katelyn

      May 21, 2016 at 9:36 am

      There are lots of different versions of this project- ours ended up a little watery so maybe we OVER mixed it! I’d say just take a stab at it and see what works for you :)

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