To DIY or Not To DIY- That is the Question

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When Evan and I bought our house, at first we were like:


But then we were like:


See, after our recent decision to hire professionals to finish up our master and guest bathrooms, we started talking about what we should DIY in the future and what we should hire professionals for. Because there have already been a couple instances (like our laundry room floor) where we tried to DIY something ourselves and ended up having to hire someone to finish it, which wasted a lot of upfront time and money. On that laundry room floor, we probably spent an extra $100 on supplies to do it ourselves that we couldn’t return because we had already used them.

When it comes to “DIY or Not To DIY,” what we decided is this: if it’s a project that we are truly excited about (like lots of the fun stuff we plan to do after finishing all of the necessary for-the-function/structure-of-our-home projects) it’s worth DIY-ing. Or if it’s something that is gonna save us a significant chunk of change (like replacing our leaky pipe or our upcoming insulation blowing project) it’s worth DIY-ing.

But if it’s a project we’re not excited about, won’t save us too much money, and is taking time away from doing more important things… we are gonna hire out that sucker!

I’m not saying we won’t end up trying things ourselves first like we’ve done so far. We like learning how something is done, and we’re always down to give it a shot before deciding we can or can’t do it. But we’re gonna try not to feel like DIY fails if we end up making things worse in our attempts to fix them and then have to hire somebody to clean up our messes. Hopefully we’ll keep learning as we go and get better and better at this DIY thing!


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  1. Maria

    June 5, 2013 at 10:20 am

    One, any reference to Hyperbole and a Half automatically makes anything awesome in my book. And two, as if you couldn’t tell from my comment the other day, DIY sometimes just isn’t right and I am sooo happy you guys are telling us this on the Internets :D

    Also. I just want to say that sometimes I pronounce DIY as “DIE” in my head. To die or not to die. So there’s that.

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