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Seriously! Come on over! :)

We have spruced up our guest room little by little as the weeks went by, and I realized we had not been updating y’all on the changes (whoops!). So here is a quick post about the progress of our guest room.

When we started it was sort of a blank slate. Nothing special, nothing terrible. Just sort of a beige square with two skinny windows.

IMG_0832 copy

A couple months after moving in we were able to make a trip to San Antonio where I had some stuff from my old apartment in storage, including my super comfy queen bed (from before Evan and I were living together). It may not look like anything special in the picture but our guests will be sleeping on a cloud of marshmallow fluff I tell ya.

We also added the rug and blue chair that used to be in our bedroom at the apartment. And that black mini bookshelf used to live in our apartment hallway. You can’t see it in this pic, but we also had a super classy little folding table as a side table topped with an extra Ikea lamp. Overall the room was still pretty bare at this point, but hey at least it was functional!

IMG_1355 copy

But I couldn’t leave it like that for too long. Those windows were begging for curtains! I hoped that hanging panels high and wide on either side and adding a panel in the middle would make the two skinny windows look like one big one (sorta like we did in our living room). We took the navy curtains from our master (poor master bedroom, it keeps getting neglected) and it made a huge impact!

IMG_3304 copy

You’ll notice a few other changes too! First off, we hung three paper lanterns over the chair. I also changed the pillows around, added some art over the shelf, and decorated said shelf with some candles, wedding/art magazines, and baskets. Pretty big improvement from the picture above right? Now things are much cozier :) And even better? Everything was 100% FREE.

Here’s a picture of the left side of the room without the globe lights turned on (so you can see them a little better). We used to have them in our bedroom at the apartment, and they’re pretty easy to hang- we just ran the wire from an outlet up the corner and over the ceiling, where we hung them with some ceiling hooks.

IMG_3308 copy

While I’m pretty happy with how the left side of the room looks, the right side still needs work. I’d love to hang some art above the bed. Oh yeah and real side tables would be nice.

IMG_3307 copy

I think what we might do down in the line is actually move our bed frame and side tables from the master bedroom in here and build/buy new ones for the master. But we don’t want to steal anything else from the master until we’re ready to build/buy a replacement. Also we definitely want to replace the granny fan with something nicer, and maybe paint the walls a light gray-blue or gray. We’ll keep you guys posted!


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  1. Yvonne

    July 19, 2013 at 10:26 am

    I love this clean look. Ah. Those curtains, globe lights, and idea of a marshmallow fluff bed make this room sound amazing! And you got this look without cost using what you already had? That’s so up my alley. :)

  2. Katelyn

    July 19, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Thanks guys! Yep yep it’s all stuff we already had, which makes me happy since I’m trying not to spend too much on new furniture after our big living room makeover haha. I hope our guests don’t want to leave! I want all our friends to move here! :D

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