It’s Curtains For Ya! Curtains!

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Up until this point, all of our projects have been necessary for the function and/or structure of our home. We thought it would be better to do those projects sooner rather than later, since you know making our house safe and fully functional is sort of important.

But after getting our electrical problems fixed, getting a new roof, building a duct bridge in the attic, installing new floors, fixing a non-draining toilet, clamping a slow-leaking pipe, replacing another pipe with PEX, attempting to level the floors in our laundry room, hiring someone for that instead, removing a loose tile in our bathroom, attempting to remove the old caulk/grout, hiring someone for that instead too, and completing our CRAZY attic project… we were ready to do something that would actually start making the house LOOK more like ours.

Enter curtains, stage left.

It's Curtains For Ya! Curtains! -

Curtains are one of those things that you don’t think you need til you put them up and realize how plain, bare, and sad your windows looked before. (PS, don’t mind the traveling black Besta cabinet lurking back there. He and his twin have been roaming around since the house tour as we play with new layouts for the media center).

It's Curtains For Ya! Curtains! -

Isn’t it crazy how much curtains soften the room? And make our windows look like two large ones instead of five small ones?

We had these curtains and curtain rods up in our old apartment. Everything is from IKEA. Seeing this picture of our finished apartment makes me want to get cracking on the living room in our house! One small step for curtains, one giant leap for living room kind. Wait that doesn’t make sense.

It's Curtains For Ya! Curtains! -

Hanging curtains is pretty easy, just be sure your curtain rods are level, your curtains are the length you want, and know where your studs are. I found my stud right here, heyo!

It's Curtains For Ya! Curtains! -

Hehehehe. While I gathered the curtains and rods out of deep closet storage, Evan tested the studfinder. Mochi helped.

It's Curtains For Ya! Curtains! -

Then it was time to mark where each curtain rod holder would go and screw them in! If you have to use an extension cord for your drill like we did, it’s a good idea to loop it around your belt loop like so. This helps maintain enough slack and keeps your cords from unplugging from each other.

Also, definitely use a laser level instead of just measuring up from your floors or down from your ceilings. ESPECIALLY if you live in an older house like us where you can’t count on ceilings and floors being perfectly level. One last tip- most people on the internet may know this by now, but sticking a folded sticky note to the wall under your drill hole (see in pic below) will help keep drywall dust from getting onto your floor.

It's Curtains For Ya! Curtains! -

This was one of those projects where normally Evan’s height would be an advantage, but in the dining room where the ceiling is dropped he ran HEADfirst into a little trouble! Eh? Eh? HEADfirst! I crack myself up.

It's Curtains For Ya! Curtains! -

But even my formerly non-curtain-owning fiance agreed that it was well worth the effort to be able to sit back and enjoy the view.

It's Curtains For Ya! Curtains! -

And now that we’ve started on the living room, we are even more excited to share the rest of the plans we have in store for our most-lived-in space! It’s about time we change things up around here.


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    July 3, 2013 at 8:56 am

    Thanks! It’s getting there little by little. We actually got the rug for just $199 at Garden Ridge, crazy cheap for a 10×12!

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