Sound The Alarm!

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Actually, there’s no sound that comes from the old dated alarm system that we inherited with the house. It doesn’t look like it’s worked for years, it was a sloppy install job, and judging by the siren we found in the attic I think it’s pretty ancient.

Sound The Alarm! -

Don’t worry guys, one of the first things we did when we moved in was install a new alarm system, but we still had the remnants of the old one hanging around. Literally, hanging around.

Sound The Alarm! -

Sound The Alarm! -

Every window in our house had this awesome set up going on. Loose wires, yellowed sensors, holes in the wall. Months and months ago we removed a few of these when making way for our new alarm system. Check out our laundry room floor of yore!

Sound The Alarm! -

But after that we got distracted by other projects and all our other wires remained.

Then during our attic week from H-E-double hockey sticks, we cleaned up a lot of the loose alarm wires that were creating tripping hazards up there. Just for the record, we checked with our electrician beforehand and he said that it was safe for us to remove the alarm wires on our own because they were low voltage. Don’t start snipping away unless you know it’s safe!

Sound The Alarm! -

We saw that all of the alarm wires could be traced back to a duct that led down our AC intake (the area behind those intake vents you have to replace filters for every month).

Sound The Alarm! -

Inside our hall coat closet, which backs up to the AC intake, we found THE CONTROL CENTER.

Sound The Alarm! -

Sound The Alarm! -

What a mess! I unscrewed the screws holding it to the wall and clipped the wires so I could remove it. Evan came home from work and spotted me in the closet like so (sorry about the grainy phone pic).

Sound The Alarm! -

And now our coat closet has a little bit more room! No need to have that bulky thing taking up space.

Sound The Alarm! -

Unfortunately, that’s about as far as we’ve gotten in the closet. Those wires are still sticking out of the wall. Need to figure out how to remove that other box and patch that hole. Drywall mesh tape I think? I’ll do more research into it. And while we’re at it we need to replace that intake cover, see how it’s bowing at the bottom?

Also we have a confession: this alarm post was really brought on by the fact that we need to continue removing the wires that surround the windows and spackle their holes up. Because until we do that, we can’t finish this:

Sound The Alarm! -

Oh snap y’all, a teaser! ;)


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  1. yurrabazain

    July 22, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    Such fun writing and love that paint is around the corner. :) I didn’t realize alarm systems had so many wires. We’ve actually never had one before and we live 5 minutes from a town that means “fierce” in Hawaiian. o.0.

  2. Katelyn Shibley

    July 22, 2013 at 1:06 pm

    Thanks!!! We are super excited for painting. This will be our first shot at it, ahh! Also seriously I had no clue alarm systems had so many wires either. What a mess!

  3. Donna Roberts

    August 20, 2013 at 10:17 pm

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