Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2)

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We are working on the finishing touches of our newly painted room before we reveal it (like putting on outlet covers, removing an outlet, stuff like that), but we should *hopefully* have everything ready for y’all by tomorrow!

In the meantime, I’ll finish up with part 2 of styling all our shelves. You’ll remember that last week I finally tackled the little corner of built ins in our office.

That was pretty quick and easy, but we also had bigger built in fish to fry. In our dining room.

Our dining room built ins were a little daunting. That’s a LOT of shelves to fill y’all.

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

So logically, the first thing we did was take out about half of them. Less shelves = less work right? Then I slapped up some art and a few vases and called it done (I mentioned that shelf styling is new to me right?).

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

But then our art gallery wall happened. And our living room stole pretty much everything from our dining room.

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

And left our dining room looking like this. Womp womp.

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

With most of our decor items in the media center and office built ins, I had to get creative. We used more of those books we borrowed from Evan’s parents (we are e-reader people so all of our books remained at our parent’s houses) and I pulled out pretty much every vase, bottle, and canvas we own.

I actually added in one of the shelves we took out on the right so that it wasn’t so symmetrical anymore, and I tried to balance things the best I could. But I think we were able to slap together something that looks pretty good!

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

In order to stop you from noticing we still only have two dining chairs (after stealing two of them for our office), I’m going to zoom in for some detail shots!

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

The canvas on the left Evan painted for me so we were really happy to find a spot for that! Also love my little Z Gallerie skull on display and my Jonathan Adler ampersand (thanks mom!).

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

On the right is another painting of Evan’s, some miscellaneous bottles I’ve had for forever, oh yeah and some legos up top on the stack of books (don’t judge).

We had some extra books so I decided to beef up the media center decor as well. Because seriously, how could we NOT display a little Harry Potter in our home :)

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

Also my BELOVED Tim Burton art book gets to live here with one of Evan’s Saudi books (he used to live there as a kid) and another of my mom’s amigurumi (MY MOM IS AWESOME).

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

And of course I had to put our little Tokidoki’s on display too! They’re sitting on top of the book Evan made to propose to me- which we always have displayed somewhere :)

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part 2) -

Thank you guys for being patient for the paint (paintient?) while we finish up the details to make it photo-worthy. Hope the styled shelf posts will tide you over- and show how you can rearrange and rearrange and eventually fill all your shelves without having to buy a bunch of new stuff!


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  1. Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-Stairs

    July 29, 2013 at 11:53 am

    Love your styling; you have great items to style with too! :) I especially love the dining room. The use of paintings was a great idea to fill the space nicely.

  2. Katelyn

    July 29, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Aww thanks! I was really glad that I was able to grab items I already had to use here and there. We have a LOT of art so I’m gonna use paintings wherever I can! Not sure what (if anything) to put on the bottom shelf/counter in the dining room though. I feel like it needs something, but what?

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