Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part I)

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I’m far from a shelf styling master. In fact, I’ve never really had shelves TO style. And I really dislike having a bunch of knick-knacks around so I try to keep that stuff at a minimum. But we have two sets of built ins in this house, plus the new media center, so at some point I had to face the situation and put together a pretty little display for those babies.

After we added our new office light I decided to finally fill out the built ins  between our office and kitchen. Oh you didn’t know there were built ins there? Probably because we NEVER show them. They are a rarely photographed enigma that only few have seen. Like Bigfoot, but less hairy and covered in cleaning supplies. Here they are sneaking into a photograph we took right after moving in back in March:

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part I) -

The funny thing is, that’s pretty much the neatest they ever looked. More often, they looked something like this (another picture from while we were moving in, but the shelves pretty much stayed like that from there on out).

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part I) -

These shelves became a place to drop all our tools, cleaning products, and miscellaneous junk. They’re also the first thing you see when you come in through the garage door (which is how we almost always come in), and it wasn’t the most welcoming sight. Instead of “welcome home! we love you!” they said “welcome home! here’s a reminder of the messes you need to clean and projects you need to finish!”

So yes- since the rest of our office was getting prettier, I thought it was time the built ins followed suit.

When it came to styling, I basically just did what looked nice and tried to balance things without making them look too symmetrical. I used posts like this one from Young House Love and this one from Chris Loves Julia for inspiration. (I’m nowhere near as good as they are yet, but you gotta start somewhere!)

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part I) -

Of course, all this was free/cheap. The only things we bought were the little Ikea plant in the middle and the AMAZING cotton candy candle from Target that smells like puffy sugar heaven. We borrowed a handful of books from Evan’s parents (I have a big stash of books at my parents’ place in Georgia to replace them eventually) and combined those with some wedding books, art books, and Ikea catalogs (waddup!) that we already had. I was also happy to display some framed art from my printmaking days:

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part I) -

Plus I have these ADORABLE Totoro amigurumi that my mom made (for those who don’t know, amigurumi are Japanese crocheted little stuffed toys). I LURRRRVE THERRRRM!!! Glad they have a home on my shelf now! (And for anyone who has heard us refer to Mochi as a soot sprite and wondered what we were talking about, that little fuzzy black ball on the right is a soot sprite. See the resemblance?)

Styling Shelves On The Cheap (Part I) -

I have more styled shelves to show you (aw yyyyeeeeeeeah!) but they will have to wait til next week. Work has been CRAZY busy for Evan and I both lately so blog-writing and DIY-doing time is sparse. We are trying to keep up with posting every weekday, but it’s a challenge on weeks like this!


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  1. Katelyn Shibley

    July 26, 2013 at 12:28 pm

    Thanks! Hehe we may have a slight Totoro obsession. And yes, busy busy indeed! It’s like all my clients got together and decided to have a design party! I’m not complaining though, love my job ^_^

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