The Little Things…And Big Things!

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It’s interesting how finally beginning to make your house look pretty motivates you to fix some little things that you really should have taken care of months ago.

Take the lights over our bar for example. Not sure how obvious it is in the picture, but each light is doing his own thing. Light #1 is all blue and fluorescent-y, light #2 is dull and barely hanging on, light #3 is chipper and bright, and light #4… well he gave up a long time ago.

The Little Things...And Big Things! -

It was time to get these guys on the same page darn it!

The Little Things...And Big Things! -

Ahhhhh, much better. I can cook under even lighting and it will be easier to spot Mochi when she’s spying on me making my morning breakfast taco.

The Little Things...And Big Things! -

That was just a little “why-did-we-wait-so-long-to-do-that” change, but there are some BIG changes on the horizon too. We bought a few things at Ikea :)

The Little Things...And Big Things! -

Please excuse us while we spend the next 24 hours up to our ears in boxes and allen wrenches, we’ll be back soon with a full reveal! :D


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