We are Terrible Garage Parents

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Our garage has seen some tough times. At least once a month, in the midst of some big project or after another huge Home Depot or Lowes shopping trip, I think “this is definitely the messiest our garage has ever been” and I snap a picture so that when we finally clean it up, we’ll have a great before and after comparison. But due to the fact that garage clean up keeps getting put on the back burner, what I have is more like like a “before and before and before and before” instead of a “before and after.”

In our defense, we did inherit a decent amount of random garage-y stuff with the house (cans of paint, gardening tools, piles of bricks, etc). But still. There’s really no excuse for this sort of neglect. We’re terrible garage-parents.

Garage Overhaul

The photo above was right after our mega shopping spree at Lowes.

IMG_1014 copy

At this point it was far from its worst. We actually had space to park one car! We did manage to make the garage a little better by building a big worktable Evan bought.

Garage Overhaul

Garage Overhaul

Have I mentioned Mochi likes to insert herself into the middle of all our home endeavors? Especially those involving instructions manuals placed on the floor.

Garage Overhaul

You might also notice in the picture above that our washer and dryer are hanging out in the garage. Seems like it was just yesterday *tear.*

The status of the garage got much worse when the attic project hit. What a disaster zone! Even though we returned the blower and hoses, those trash piles hung out in there for at least a week.

Garage Overhaul

Then we had a bunch of boxes piled up from the attic clean-out and our recent Ikea trip, and our garage looked like a box convention with the best turnout in the history of box conventions.

Garage Overhaul Garage Overhaul

But after one evening of shuffling things around, we at least managed to get everything contained to the perimeter of the area.

Garage Overhaul

And it was the first time since moving in that we could actually fit both of our cars in at the same time!!


This is for sure not the most exciting before and afters picture-wise, but with temperatures reaching 100 down here in H-town being able to park in our garage makes us both do a happy dance.


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  1. Katelyn

    July 11, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    Thanks! Haha that’s true! Don’t know how we survived with only a tiny apartment balcony to do our “outdoor work” in.

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