Branching Out

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As you guys know, we had a lot of leftover branches after our tree trimming and we decided to hold onto them for a while in case we came up with any cool house/wedding decor we could use them for.

Well, we came up with something. We’ve been brainstorming ideas of something to hang over our fireplace. Of course the first thought was art, but with all the art on our gallery wall it almost seemed weird to have a single canvas off on its own. We are also thinking about some sort of white porcelain deer head thing, but that’s gonna take time to save up money for that or figure out how to make something similar (though plans for that are in the works…)

IMG_3249 copy

So we thought in the meantime, it could be cool to take one of our big branches, spray paint it, and hang it up over our mantel!

While Evan worked on sawing himself off a walking stick wizard’s staff, I measured one of our large branches that was hanging out in the garage. It was almost 170 inches y’all! That’s like 14 feet!

IMG_4055 copy

We cut off a couple feet on the top and a couple on the bottom so that it would fit vertically on our mantel with a little breathing room on either end. Then we laid our a plastic drop cloth and painted away, using silver Krylon spray paint that we already had on hand.

IMG_4068 copy

IMG_4073 copy

We sprayed some parts with more shear coverage and others with more full, glossy coverage. We wanted some “natural” looking variances in the finish to mimic wood texture. See how some parts look glossy and some parts look rough?

IMG_4074 copy

To hang it, we decided to use two heavy duty bolts that were already in the wooden part of our mantel as anchors.

IMG_4075 copy

We grabbed some twine we had on hand to wrap around the bolts and around our branch. But it wasn’t super sturdy, so Evan sawed two notches into the bottom of the branch for us to run the twine through.

IMG_4078 copy

Here’s how the twine fit in:

IMG_4084 copy

I held it up while Evan wrapped the twine around (although in this picture he’s doing both since I was holding the camera). And Mochi just watched, she is useless I tell ya *sigh*

IMG_4085 copy

You can sort of see in the picture how we wrapped it. We knotted one end of the twine on one bolt and wrapped it around the bottom of the branch through our notch and back up the other side, going across a few times while looking around some of the other branches.

IMG_4083 copy

It held up well!

IMG_4086 copy

But the twine was a little too visible for us. Something like fishing line may have worked better if it was strong enough since it would be harder to see. But we don’t have fishing line and I didn’t want to undo all our knots, so I came up with another solution.

IMG_4117 copy

If you can’t beat em, paint em? I mixed up some brown paint that seemed to match the wood on our mantel pretty well (aka a rich poopy hue!) and I started to paint the twine.

IMG_4118 copy

Twine is not the easiest thing to paint, and I didn’t want to get brown paint on our branch so that parts that wrapped around the branch I just left alone. Here it is half done- it definitely helps the twine fade away!

IMG_4119 copy

And here it is all done!

IMG_4123 copy

It’s definitely a statement! I am still getting used to it though haha. What do you guys think, is it weird in a good way or weird in a bad way? Considering it cost us just a little spray paint, we are pretty pleased with it, but we don’t think it will be a permanent solution.


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  1. Our Wolf Den

    August 23, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Looks good. I will admit I was hesitant until I saw the picture, and maybe still a little hesitant when I saw the twine, but with the twine paint it looks really cool. Have you thought about getting some LED “tape” and run in on the back side of the branch?

  2. Katelyn

    August 23, 2013 at 9:30 am

    Yeah it is definitely a little… different… haha. But ooooo we hadn’t thought about LEDs but that could be cool! And there’s actually a light in the ceiling aimed toward the branch but the bulb is out and we need to get one of those extender things so we can change the bulb

  3. Evan

    August 24, 2013 at 9:19 am

    Ooooh we could totally find some LED lights powered by a little power pack that we could turn on and use rechargeable batteries woot

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