Terrarium Revival

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Here’s how it went at the Michael’s checkout counter:

Checkout Guy: Paint and moss, that’s a weird combo. What are you making?

Me: I killed my terrarium so I’m gonna empty out the dead stuff and replace it with moss.

Checkout Guy: *raises eyebrow* I thought you couldn’t kill terrariums…

Me: I misted it like the directions said! I swear I misted it! *quickly pays and runs away in shame*

So yeah. Killed my terrarium. It was this awesome wood-ball topped terrarium Evan got me for Valentines day with a little guy inside holding an “I <3 You” sign. I know, I’m terrible! :(

It’s been living hanging out on our dining room built ins for a while next to Evan’s Eco-Sphere (one of those self-contained eco systems). Which is fitting because the little shrimpies in that were also dead.


Its dead-ness wasn’t too noticeable from far away, but upon closer inspection it was pretty sad looking.

IMG_4001 copy

For comparison’s sake, here’s a picture of it when Evan first got it for me this past Valentines Day, looking much greener. (PS- that’s our old apartment in the background!)

20130207_193651 copy2

It was time to get it back to it’s former glory. So I picked up this pack of moss at Michael’s:


At first I assumed it was fake but when I opened it up it felt pretty real… so if it is, I may end up killing it too. We’ll find out I guess. But the important thing is that it’s nice and green!

I emptied out the terrarium and separated the rocks from the dead stuff since I wanted to re-use the rocks. Mochi was fascinated.

IMG_4004 IMG_4005

Once I rinsed and dried the glass, I added rocks and moss and rocks and moss til it looked right.


I had hidden the little man with the <3 sign behind the leaning picture frame so that Mochi wouldn’t get him. Well, she must have been biding her time pretending not to know where he was, because as soon as I stepped away she made her move. She knocked him off the shelf and broke off his sign and the nail he was glued to (that allowed him to be stood up). Bad Mochi! Awww what am I saying you’re so dang cute I can’t be mad at you!


But poor dude. He was looking a little rough after his encounter with the fluffy hunter. So I decided eh, he deserved a revamp too while I was at it.


Evan doesn’t own an orange jacket so I painted it a medium gray and I darkened the guys hair in order to make him look more Evan-y and less weird and sad. I also hot-glued his sign back together and stuck him onto a nail so he could stand again.


Much better! Maybe one of these days when we buy a printer I’ll reprint him a new sign too. Hopefully Mochi will leave him alone. She’s officially obsessed with the terrarium now that she knows there’s cool stuff in it. Look at them crazy eyes!


I had some extra moss and rocks, so while I waited for my little man’s paint to dry I decided to take a bud vase I had and turn it into a terrarium like-thing too.

IMG_4049 copy2

When the paint had dried, I added sign-man in and paired these two terrariums with the Eco-Sphere. Which I guess we’re keeping for now despite it’s dead-ness haha.

IMG_4052 copy

IMG_4053 copy2

Successful little revival!


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