What’s Hanging Around

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We’ve hung more art! You caught a sneak peek of it in Monday’s post about styling shelves. See the art on the left wall of our dining room?

What's Hanging Around - evanandkatelyn.com

Well my AMAZING fiance painted those! Yep, he’s an engineer and an artist. And all around badass. I got me a good one!

What's Hanging Around - evanandkatelyn.com

That’s not the only wall that got a healthy helping of art though. We also added some on the wall next to our opening into the kitchen. And you guessed it, Evan painted all of these too :)

What's Hanging Around - evanandkatelyn.com

What's Hanging Around - evanandkatelyn.com

To figure out the layout, we just laid the paintings on the floor and shuffled them around until we found an arrangement we liked. Then we measured the height and width of the whole gallery, hung the middle painting so that the gallery would be centered on the wall, and hung all the others based around it.

What's Hanging Around - evanandkatelyn.com

We also popped a few frames on our entry way table. We don’t have any masonry screws yet to actually hang anything on the brick, but we like the leaning look too. The small canvas is Evan’s grandmothers painting, and the other two are Evan’s.

What's Hanging Around - evanandkatelyn.com

What's Hanging Around - evanandkatelyn.com

Once we paint our walls in here down the road (light gray perhaps), I think I might want to paint all those black frames white. I think the white would pop nicely!

Lastly, we added another piece of Evan’s art above our headboard. Our master bedroom has been feeling a little neglected (especially after we stole its curtains and moved them to the guest room), but hanging this piece here made a huge difference.

What's Hanging Around - evanandkatelyn.com

Yay for having art on our walls!


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  1. Yvonne @ Sunnyside Up-Stairs

    August 1, 2013 at 10:38 am

    You and Evan go great together! =D I love Evan’s paintings, too. They are like dream worlds in an instant, surreal, without following surrealism too far. The way you hung them complements them well, and you surely will never be without enough art in that household!

  2. Katelyn Shibley

    August 1, 2013 at 10:42 am

    Awww thanks! We think we go pretty great together too but we might be biased ;) And yes he is so talented!! Love having all this art around the house. Usually our problem is that we have too much art and not enough wall space! Haha

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