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It’s a new year, and as a new year’s present WordPress sent us this “annual report” that displays a bunch of our stats and figures in a really cool infographic (psst- check it out by clicking the image below!)

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 10.06.34 PM

Seeing all those stats made us all warm and fuzzy knowing our blog baby has done as well as it has (seriously, we thought only our moms would read this thing). But it also made us feel guilty about neglecting the blog for so long, so we wanted to touch base with you guys, let you know we’re still alive, and tell you that we have LOTS of stuff planned for 2014!

Item number one on the to-do list is to get our butts married already! Ok now I’m picturing just our butts united in holy matrimony. “Do you Katelyn’s butt take Evan’s butt to be your lawfully wedded butt-husband for as long as you both shall butt?” Ok I’m taking this butt thing too far. What a nice way to start a post. Sorry guys, I have the humor of a 13 year old boy.

-51 copy Item number two is to catch you guys up on the projects we’ve been completing! I’ll be honest, posts will probably still be few and far between until after the wedding this April, but we’ll have a butt load to share with you when we get our free time back (there I go with butts again…). A few things you can look forward too are:

-Fixing a door we used to have to body-check to close
-Moving a derpy off-center ceiling light (and replacing it with a new badass one!)
-Making an easy modern solid wood side table that’s way cheaper than you could buy in stores

IMG_4781Item number three is to share our DIY wedding projects! We decided to keep them secret until after the wedding because we don’t want them to seem like old news by the time the big day gets here. But post-wedding, you’ll be seeing things like:

-Centerpieces we upcycled from free stuff
-A big still-in-progress backdrop we’re making
-An artsy guestbook alternative that we can display in our house forever

IMG_4309 copy Item number four is sharing all the projects we want to do this year! We are both super excited to have the time to tackle more house projects, like:

-Painting more rooms
-Painting the cream trim white (gulp!)
-Updating the lights/fans in all our rooms
-Painting our kitchen cabinets (if I grow the balls to do so)
-Giving our master bathroom a nice makeover (I still think it’s super awkward)
-Replacing our siding and giving our exterior a new paint job (might hire this one out though)

We are so happy that we still get views and comments from our readers and we’re really sorry the posts have been so slow lately! Cross my heart, as soon as we catch our breath after the wedding craziness we’ll be jumping headfirst into house stuff again and the consistent-blogging will commence!


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  1. Lisa

    April 15, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    Katelyn and Evan,
    Y’all are honeymooning but I thought I’d go ahead and stop by here and say hello and tell y’all how beautiful y’all’s wedding was!
    FYI, I still use film so I’ll be waiting to get my pics developed ’til we’re in AR, whenever that will be. There’s no place good around here to get film done :o. But Bedford Camera & Video in Fort Smith rocks!–they even know how to develop panoramic pics! . . . I didn’t have the panoramic switch on last Saturday, but did when I got my folks to stand still for a pic on their 63rd wedding anniversary last September, and the pic turned out really cute.
    Lisa :)

      • Lisa

        April 28, 2014 at 7:38 pm

        You’re welcome, Katelyn!
        I’m not sure when we’ll be heading to AR, but I’ll be sure and take my film! I’m looking forward to seeing the pics too–I think I’ve still got some Christmas pics on the roll :).
        Those vegan tacos at the reception were good! I’ve gone semi-vegan for various reasons, including no more arthritic twinges in my hands, and it was nice to have a vegan option :).
        Where did y’all find the Journey cover? Totally, totally cool.

        • Katelyn

          April 29, 2014 at 6:59 am

          Glad we had something tasty for you! The Journey cover was by Vitamin String Quartet. They do a lot of covers, you should check them out

          • Lisa

            April 29, 2014 at 2:21 pm

            Thanks; I’ll look ’em up on Youtube. All the other classical covers I’ve heard have been syrupy and its like “ok if I want to hear the Beatles I’ll just listen to my Beatles cd and if I want to hear classical I’ll listen to my Ralph Vaughan Williams cd” :)
            Y’all’s engagement video was cute! It was filmed on the pier at Galveston, yes? I’ve eaten at Fish Tales across from the pier but haven’t been to the pier. It used to hold the Flagship hotel, ’til Ike struck.
            Are y’all gonna post any wedding photos on the blog?

  2. John

    April 28, 2014 at 11:55 pm

    Searching for “Galvanized to PEX” and somehow I wound up here. Anyway, your a sweet couple, have you thought about doing a vlog on YouTube? I think you guys would get tons of views.

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