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Feels weeeeeeirrrrrd jumping back into house projects after being in wedding mode for so long (and neglecting the house. Sorry house) but we have been trying to do at least one house project each weekend, even if it’s a little one. Before we get into those updates, we have to catch y’all up on some projects we tackled over the last few months, starting with our dining room light!

You may remember me complaining about this light. I was not a fan. First off, it’s a lame boob light. Boring. Totally does not take advantage of of the fact that it’s over a dining table and can therefore be a really cool statement piece. But also, do you see how off-center that is??? How was that a good idea?

IMG_3530 copy

We’ve been eyeballing the West Elm hanging capiz chandelier since before we even had the house. The price always held us back, but then my mom got it for us as an early Christmas present and we couldn’t wait to get it installed before my family flew in for the holidays at our house!

First thing we did was turn off the power and start removing the hardware and shade of our ol’ boob light. Left behind a lovely ring of old ceiling paint.

DIY light fixture swap -

While Evan was on light removal duty, I trekked back up into the attic to try and locate the fixture from above. Was a little tricky because of our insulation, so I had to go back downstairs and measure the distance from the nearest vents to the dining room light so that I could use the measuring tape in the attic to find it. But finally, success!

IMG_4881 copy

We then marked the center of the dining room so we knew where to cut the hole for the new light. Evan drilled a hole to use as a starting point for the circle we needed to cut out.

DIY light fixture swap -

We traced a circle of the correct size onto the ceiling and Evan used a little saw to cut it out. It’s a dusty job but somebody’s gotta do it! Unfortunately, as Evan started sawing we hit a beam in the ceiling. Whoops. So we had to adjust our circle and move it over a couple of inches. So I guess technically it’s still not centered… but hey, it’s MUCH better!

DIY light fixture swap - DIY light fixture swap -

Evan went up into the attic to install the new fixture and we couldn’t help it, had to take this pic!

DIY light fixture swap -

Then I went up and joined so I could snap pictures of the process (and be the “tool girl”). I carry tools in my boots because the pockets in girl jeans are a joke.


There wasn’t much space to work in, but Evan got everything in place. We attached it with an L bracket along a ceiling beam.

DIY light fixture swap -


Success! Now to attach a billion little capiz shells

DIY light fixture swap -

It was tedious but it looks awesome! Except for that old hole in the ceiling…

DIY light fixture swap -

So we got one of those 6-inch metal mesh patches and covered it with spackle. By this time my family was in town and Dad managed to make the spackle mimic the ceiling texture. Then we used leftover ceiling paint from our laundry room paint job to finish the job.

IMG_4947 IMG_4949

We somehow never took another picture after patching the hole, so I took one today! Which actually shows me how much our dining room has changed since Christmas.

DIY light fixture swap -

Kinda interesting how subtle changes make a big difference! I’ll save you some scrolling and post the dining room progression pics all right here.

IMG_3530 copy IMG_4930 IMG_6094 copy

It definitely feels a lot more “us” now! And it was a pretty easy update!

DIY light fixture swap -

(PS- some of the new decor is actually left over from our wedding DIY projects! We’ll post about those soon!)


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  1. Nassira

    May 20, 2014 at 6:30 am

    Welcome back luv birds! and wow what a great job! looks so chic, reallly amazing how something as basic as a light fixture can really make a room pop. Keep it up. you guys inspire my hubby and I of 3yrs. :)

    • Katelyn

      May 20, 2014 at 7:42 am

      It’s good to be back! Thank you! It is crazy how a single item can make such a big difference in a room. Awww and you are so sweet, good luck to you and your hubby on house projects!

    • Katelyn

      May 22, 2014 at 9:29 am

      Thanks! We think it’s also crazy how much of a difference it made when we added the extending leaf to our table to make it longer! Seems to fill up the room way better

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