Hammer Time

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So we thought we had a water hammer. Basically, a water hammer is when the sudden stop or start of water running through your pipes causes them to bang around. Every time we would quickly turn off the water at our bathroom sinks we heard this chukka chukka chukka sound that we couldn’t quite place. We checked up in the attic, but it didn’t seem like anything was moving, so we called our favorite plumber (aka my best friend after going through this situation) and he did some investigating and it turns out it wasn’t a water hammer after all, it was a loose piston behind our shower making all the racket!


I couldn’t give you all the details on it because I don’t remember… but moral of the story is, even if it sounds like a water hammer don’t rule out other scenarios!


Basically he removed our shower handle, replaced the little piston doo dad and popped the handle back on (all for free! This guy is the best!), but I realized later that I should probably caulk around it so that when guests come over we don’t have to worry about water leaking in.


I talk a big game about my caulk skills after caulking the kitchen, but really Frog Tape is the true hero and I would be no where without him. Which led me to cutting about 100 little pieces of Frog Tape to go around our circular shower handle plate thingy.

IMG_5175 edit

Of course, Mochi halped. Because she is a strange strange cat who likes to be in bathtubs as much as humanly (catly?) possible.


Putting up all the little pieces of tape was a pain but it made caulking a breeze. I taped about 1/8-1/4 inch away from the edge to give me a nice just-thick-enough-but-not-too-thick line. We just bought one of those little squeeze tubes so that we didn’t have to bust out the caulk gun, which also made it easy. Then I just peeled it off and ta-da!


Super easy, super fast, but also super important (because we don’t want water behind our tile!) caulk job. And I got to work with my favorite bathtub cat.




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    • Katelyn

      June 5, 2014 at 4:36 pm

      Thanks! Yeah we didn’t know about them either til we heard banging in our walls and started searching for the source on Google

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