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Ever have that one room that always seems to be… off? We like to call ours the off…ice. Hehe! I’m funny.

No but seriously, our office has always felt a bit weird. Probably because it’s in a room that was never meant to be an office in the first place. Technically, this is more of a “breakfast nook.”

IMG_0116 copy

Of course, the concept of a breakfast nook is sorta lost on me. Why do you need two dining areas within a few feet of each other anyway?

So we decided to turn the space into something we really did need- an office. Yes, we had an extra bedroom that could have been used for the same purpose. But that bedroom is currently serving as the junk room we wanted an office that was out in the open, not tucked away in a room. Until recently, I was working from home full time, and hiding away in a room all day was not ideal. I wanted to be where the action is (ok, and where the food is).

So long story short, we decided to make this space into an office. Of course, we just threw some desks and storage furniture from our apartment into the space and hoped it would work. It was a struggle.

The arrangement below was full of nope. Can’t really believe we even tried it.


This set up got us a little closer, with the 2 tall Besta units in the corner. Oh yeah and we tried to use dining chairs instead of office chairs because they were prettier.


We actually kept it that way for a pretty long time and published it on the blog.


Eventually, practicality set in. First off, those chairs had to go: they were prettier than office chairs, but just not comfortable to sit in all day. Secondly, we needed more storage.

We just happened to have this extra Besta furniture chilling in our junk room (along with the office chairs before we moved them back).

IMG_3232 copy

So we swapped the chairs and put the low Besta cabinets across the room from the tall cabinets (up against the kitchen peninsula). It was like that for maybe a year y’all, and I somehow NEVER got a picture. Probably because the room was just so… meh. So I photoshopped a quick mock up of how it looked.

IMG_3421-with  besta

Just imagine a big black rectangle backed up against the peninsula, feeling sorta awkward because it was like 8 inches shorter than the peninsula height and 3 inches too wide (yep, it stuck out past the end of the peninsula). Oh, and imagine not-super-pretty office chairs too. And you have our set up for about a year.

I was so done with this layout. We loved having the extra storage, but it just felt so awkwardly thrown together (probably because it was). Finally, I decided to come up with some other layout options.

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 5.08.24 PM

I may have gone a bit overboard.

We ended up deciding to try out the option that’s on the far right column, middle row. We pulled the desks away from the wall and made a floating desk island in the middle of the room. Then we added the shorter Besta unit next to the two tall Besta cabinets. Except we unscrewed it into two parts, put one part on top of the other part, and turned the whole deal into a big stair-step. That sounds crazy, so just peek at the photo below to see what I mean.


It was a little funky, but it had potential as a layout. But the room still looked so bare.

We decided the first thing we needed to do was add some blinds. Our neighbors’ walkway from their driveway to the backyard is right there and it was always awkward not having any way to block the window during our crazy night time office rave dance parties (those happen).

So we picked up some blinds from Home Depot, followed the instructions on the box and boom! We had blinds. Thanks Evan!


Really can’t believe we waited for over a year to install those.

It still looked pretty empty though, so then we added some art, some decor, and some AMAZING curtains from West Elm. Finally, it is starting to look a little more finished these days.


Here is a closer look at the stair-step cabinets.


I LOVE finally having some art in the office. The top two pieces were painted by Evan, and the piece with the heart was a wedding present from Evan’s little sister Lauren. Plus the yarn-wrapped bottle/vase was made by my mom, the flowers were made by me out of coffee filters, and the frame is from our wedding and now houses a picture of us from right after we got engaged. Love!


I also spruced up the built-in decor. It’s hard to get it in the same photo as the rest of the office, but it’s definitely part of it. And yes, that’s a Jonathan Adler fox *beams with pride*


Lastly, we added a cool coat rack on the wall as you enter into the office from the garage (which is how we come in every day). It definitely adds a lot of function, and it looks purdy too.


So there you have it! Our office has come a long way. I’m still not 100% sold on the floating double desks, but I do love the stair step! We’ll definitely live with the desk arrangement a bit longer before changing it. Maybe down the line we will build our own built-in desks, or maybe we will make a wooden desktop to go over both of ours and make them look more like they’re all one piece. Whatever we end up doing, we’ll keep y’all posted!


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  1. Maria

    July 27, 2014 at 8:15 am

    What is that coat rack??? Do all of those pegs fold down?!
    Also, what are you doing now if you are no longer working from home full time?

    • Katelyn Shibley

      July 27, 2014 at 9:43 pm

      It’s an Umbra coat rack we bought on Amazon:

      We actually bought 2 of them and butted them up against each other so that it looks like one long coat rack. Not all of the pegs fold down but lots of them do!

      I’m now a graphic artist working for corporate marketing at a big oilfield company. Getting to do some AWESOME stuff in an industry that usually has TERRIBLE design haha

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