Master Bedroom- lots of little updates

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Hi guys! I know I know…. it’s been way too long since we updated. I’m starting to feel like a broken record I’ve said that so many times! The past ten or so months have been crazy since I traded in my freelance slippers for corporate America big girl shoes (i.e. started working full time for a 60,000 person company). So again… my apologies for the terribly sparse updates these days. The good news is, even though we haven’t been posting as often as we’d like, we’re still working on improving our house little by little!

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much a room has changed until we look at the last pictures we took of it. Case in point, our master bedroom. Last time it showed up on the blog, it was looking something like this:


White on white on white, am I right? But then we got a few wedding presents (curtains, lamps, side tables) and it started coming together more and more. We also switched the comforter to an old one I had… which we soon realized was too long for such a low bed.

IMG_6105copyDon’t mind the ladder haha. Unfortunately, this mid-project photo is the only one we have of this phase of the bedroom. Going back to the low bed though, we decided it was maybe time to look at new bed frames. The one in the photo above is from Ikea. It was great for the cost, but it never felt super sturdy and our kitty liked to run back and forth across the top and dig her claws into it.


So we decided to buy ourselves a nice new bed frame and donate the old one! You can also see in the picture below that we moved the darker curtains to a different room and bought these linen ones from Crate & Barrel.


Of course, Mochi was pretty attached and did not let that headboard go easily… (Also you can see in the photo below how loose the fabric had gotten. Once you take it off and try to wash it, it never goes on quite the same.)


The new bed frame is the stainless steel Portica bed from Room & Board. We love it! It’s modern and sturdy and feels really well made. I was so excited about it I didn’t even finish making the bed before snapping a picture- doh!


Here is how are bedroom currently looks- we got this light comforter from Target and we LOVE it (it’s basically t-shirt material so it’s super comfy). To add some more color, we switched our throw pillow and added some of my coffee filter flowers on the bedside table. To gain some extra storage, we added some baskets from Container Store that fit PERFECTLY into the bottoms of our bedside tables, making the perfectionist in me quite pleased. Also the rug is gone. We loved it… but white rug plus sick kitty = bye bye rug. It was several years old and pretty cheap, so it had a good run! We are looking for something new now to replace it.

IMG_7103 copy

There is one other big change in our bedroom… but that’s a post for next time! In the meantime, enjoy this little side by side before and after :) Looks like our room is growing up!

IMG_7103 BandA copy


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