Patio! Finally!

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Do you guys remember wayyyyyy back when we first bought the house and wrote a couple big lists of all the projects we still wanted to tackle? Let’s take a moment to throw our heads back and laugh at those lists. Ha! Hahahaha! Most of that stuff never happened.

IMG_0812 copyBUT there is one thing that did happen. One BIG thing. We upgraded our patio y’all!

20151108_103834You may remember our teeny patio of yore. It was about 10ft x 10ft and had sunk several inches into the ground over its 38 year lifespan (we’re prettttttty sure it’s original to the house. It was in that bad of shape). It was barely enough space for a grill and a couple fold out chairs.

IMG_0813We naively thought that we would someday bust it up ourselves and lay a new patio like true DIY-ers. We even bought a sledgehammer for that very purpose and went as far as taking a practice swing. We should have listened to Evan’s mom in the clip below.

Thinking we had done enough work for that day, we hung up the sledgehammer. And the patio stayed as is for almost 3 years.

Along the way, my parents gave us their old fire pit and we squeezed that onto the small space. Then we scored 6 free curbside patio chairs a neighbor was getting rid of and things got really crowded. Like can’t-even-walk-back-there-without-banging-a-shin crowded. So-bad-we-never-took-a-photo crowded.

20150913_175341We held off on upgrading the patio for years because we weren’t sure how much we would actually use it (Houston weather is humid 60% of the time, all the time). But for some reason, getting these free chairs spurred us into action. Probably because with their addition, it was really pretty impossible to get around, and our options were either get rid of them or finally commit to something we’ve kinda been wanting to do anyway for years. Commitment it is!

First we had to figure out what we wanted. We knew we wanted concrete instead of pavers since it’s quicker and cheaper, and we didn’t mind the clean look of it. But having concrete means you can’t pour over any important lines buried under your yard. (Pavers are different because they can be pulled up individually if necessary). So we called the utility companies to come out and mark where our lines were. They spray painted but it was hard to see so I photoshopped the lines in.

IMG_1361 copyWe decided to expand away from the house as far as we could (up to the edge of the gas line), go almost the neighbors fence back there, and almost to where our gutter drains (didn’t want to deal with drainage issues) . This gave us a pretty solid working area.

We called a guy we found on Angie’s list, he met us the next morning to give us a quote, and by that afternoon we pulled the trigger and he and his team got started ripping the old patio up. Can you believe there was about 6 inches of concrete buried into the ground? That’s how much it had sunk over the years!

IMG_7873He texted me pics throughout the day of the progress they were making. I don’t think I’ve ever stared at my phone so much waiting for a text (except maybe when Evan and I first started text-flirting back in the day).

New patio! evanandkatelyn.comUsually I have little pangs of doubt when we decide to hire out a job instead of DIY it ourselves. But look at all this stuff that was hauled out of our yard. No more doubt here.

IMG_7879By the next day we had a finished patio!

New patio! evanandkatelyn.comCrazy to think that such a big change can happen in just a couple days!! We basically tripled our patio square footage!


20151108_103834We’ve since taken a few steps to pretty it up, but this post is already getting long so we’ll save those updates for another day! For now, please excuse us while we dance around our patio simply because we ACTUALLY HAVE THE SPACE TO DO SO! :D

New patio! evanandkatelyn.comOh and what’s that ladder doing out there you ask? That’s news for another post! :)


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  1. Renee

    March 6, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Ha Ha! I totally understand the to do list that never happens! Love the dancing around, great for you guys! I have many a tool laying about for things I have planned to do. I found your posts a while back and loved all the creative things you have done!

  2. Nassira

    March 6, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Awesome! it looks great, way more space! You guys are making that home so stylish and giving it more practical space as well, keep it up! and keep us posted!

  3. Liz J.

    March 7, 2016 at 12:15 pm

    It looks great! Btw did you know your posts don’t show up correctly on Firefox? The post photos overlap your sidebar :)

  4. Carolyne

    March 9, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    I think I love y’all! You’re both so silly and fun and creative! I started reading in your blog to pick up some wedding diy ideas and have just kept reading and reading! My fiance and I have a new house as well, so I’m loving all the fun and kooky diy stuff y’all are doing to make your house uber cute. Love it! Ermagerd I love it!

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