Wedding Project Roundup

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Hey everyone! It was our two year anniversary this past week, can you believe it?

11233168_10100107584327190_2117511645406056350_oWe’ve been having fun reliving all the wedding memories, and I was actually talking to some coworkers about allllll the DIY projects we tackled for the big day. So I thought it would be fun to do a wedding project roundup in honor of our 730 days as a married couple. Here goes!

1) If you want an easy wedding project (that would also be super cute for birthday parties or showers), you could try making DIY heart paper straws! The cool thing about these is you don’t have to make one for every single person if it’s a large event, just enough for a sprinkling of pretty heart straws amongst your guests.

Reception-632) If you’re looking for something a bit larger scale, you could try making a DIY paper lantern chandelier. Again, this would also be suuuper cute hanging above a dessert table at a shower or party! We actually ended up selling ours after the wedding to someone throwing a baby shower.

Reception-1710373703_835624170550_8305555891174426498_n3) You can see in the photo above our DIY centerpieces, which we collected tonnnnnns of bottles for. I realize now that that makes us sound like we drink a lot. We actually just have lots of generous friends and families that helped us collect them! Who might really like wine…

10270592_835624155580_248134231184137967_n (1)4) One of the most fun things about our wedding was our photobooth- we created the booth and backdrop ourselves, and brought around 200 props for everyone to have fun with. It was chaos, and it was awesome. We DIY’d a photobooth box that incorporated a camera and a monitor so people would see themselves- which makes for the best pictures!

20140412_215733-MOTIONIMG_53265) Of course, having a photobooth means you’ve gotta have an awesome backdrop to go along with it! We created one by building a framework with wooden legs and curtain rods, from which we hung fabric strips that I’d dyed shades of pink, peach, and blue. You can check out instructions on building the frame here and creating the fabric backdrop here.

Portraits-3986) We also DIY’d our own dessert table, which was oh-so-delish (who doesn’t want their mom’s desserts at their wedding?) but also offered up some logistical challenges. Here are some tips if you want to tackle your own!

Reception-1087) Next, we wanted something for the entry of our venue (you know, so people knew they were at the right place) but we also wanted it to be something we could take home later and hang in our house. Enter nail and string letters! These were super quick, easy, and fun to make!

Portraits-48) And speaking of letter art, this brings me to our most commented on, most pinned, most popular project- our L.O.V.E. marquee letters. They literally were a labor of love, but they are our favorite thing we’ve ever built. These currently live in our living room and I can’t imagine our house without them! Here you can read part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of the tutorial.


Well there you have it folks! Lots and lots of projects for this spring wedding season. Also, going through this post made me realize there are some wedding DIY’s I never posted about. Time to get writing!!



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  1. Nassira

    April 17, 2016 at 7:52 am

    WOW time flies! I remember the L.O.V.E. D.I.Y. is how I discovered you guys lol. Congrats, you two are a really sweet couple and generous to share these amazing projects and pics too! I send many wishes of happiness and love to you both, the coolest couple who slay at D.I.Y’s :) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY !!!

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