Aloha! Ways to Vacation-Up your Home

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Hey guys! You may have noticed we went MIA for a few weeks. We’ve been traveling a bit, and our biggest trip recently was Kauai!

13254252_10100152529322060_4883526254218452892_nOne thing we try to do on vacations is make mental notes of what we can take back with us to make real-life a little more vacation-y. And I don’t mean like souvenirs.

For example, in Thailand and Cambodia, I became so obsessed with the flowery smells in the air Evan bought me some awesome soy candles in lemongrass and jasmine that always take me back to that happy place.

10271576_833163496760_1470607772981320168_nIn New Zealand, I became an avid tea-instead-of-coffee-all-day-erry-day person and since then it’s a habit that’s stuck with me. Little things like that pull me ever so slightly out of work mode and back into vacay mode.

12314189_10100107583154540_135467718799068872_oIn Hawaii, one thing we loved was that every day we woke up early naturally as the sun came up. It was awesome- we were up around 6:30 each morning and had so much day ahead of us to enjoy! Granted, the time difference was working in our favor, but still we wondered why it was so hard to wake up at 6:30 for work when it was so pleasant on vacation?

I think one of the big reasons is that at 6:30 in Hawaii the sun is OUT. I woke up thinking “dang we slept in!” every morning because it was so bright. But in Houston, 6:30 is still dark and makes you wanna stay snuggled between your kitty and your hubby.

So we got one of these.

2016-06-01 copyIt’s called the Philips Morning Wake-Up Light and it’s awesome. We had heard about these wake-up lights before but never pulled the trigger on getting one until we experienced how the amount of light in our room had a much bigger impact on our sleepy-levels than the actual time (as long as we were getting enough hours of course).

It’s super customizable- we have ours set to fade to full brightness over a 20 minute period, and when it’s at full brightness it starts playing quiet piano music. It is WAY fancier than we are- but it really does make waking up for work more pleasant! It looks bright in the photo below, but really it’s a nice soft light that makes it feel like the sun is rising.

2016-06-01Another thing we loved about Hawaii is how much time we spent outside just chilling and reading and catching up on webcomics (yes, we are truly meant for each other). We’ve been working on our patio (I owe y’all a post on that), but in Texas heat we need a little extra motivation to make us hang out outside rather than in the glorious, glorious AC. So we are looking into options for adding fans, a pergola, a big shady umbrella, or anything else to cool things off back there. We will keep you posted if we pull the trigger on any of those ideas!

IMG_9455What about you guys? What little bits of vacation have you brought back with you to make every day life a little more vacation-y?


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  1. Lisa Cox

    June 2, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    Y’all ok what w/ all the rain down there? Lots of rain here but no flooding–just a saturated yard.
    Cool post! And cute pic of Mochi! :)
    Vacay stuff at home: food. I’m apt to try to recreate dishes enjoyed on vacation, like pasta ‘n mushrooms ‘n zucchini in butter sauce, whitefish ‘n tomatoes ‘n potatoes ‘n whole cloves, a fry up of eggs ‘n tomatoes ‘n mushrooms ‘n pork ‘n beans beans (I’ve gone semi-vegan and so don’t include sausage), hot tea . . . . I also tried to make a chocolate roll like they have in Searcy County, Arkansas, tho’ I don’t think they had those when Nanny Grace was little.

    • Katelyn

      June 4, 2016 at 10:59 am

      All good at our house with the rain! Yeah we always try to recreate vacation food too! Definitely want to recreate the acaii bowls we had in Hawaii :)

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