The Persian Rug Bug

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I’ve been bit. Big time. My Pinterest boards are laden with beautiful, colorful, EXPENSIVE Persian rugs. A few areas in our house were needing a rug update (aka our Target rugs were on their last leg) and I wanted some Persian rugs bad. They add so much warmth to a room and can make an space with otherwise modern/new furniture feel more worldly.

So I hit the internet searching for Persian-looking rugs because a girl can dream but a girl’s also got a budget in mind. I looked for hours upon hours. I hit all the big affordable rug sites: Rugs USA, Overstock, Rugs Direct, Wayfair. I check out what my favorite stores had, like West Elm, Crate & Barrel, Ikea, World Market, Target. I did find one online Persian rug seller called eSaleRugs which was definitely less expensive than others, but still more than we wanted to spend.

Basically, for a few months I spent way more time looking at rugs than any reasonable human being should.

It’s not that these places didn’t have nice rugs, it’s just that we had a combination of hard-to-fit spaces and hard-to-match colors, so nothing seemed quite right. Then eSaleRugs had a pre-Labor Day sale. Clouds parted, light beamed down. It was awesome! I found a bunch of rugs I liked so I mocked up mood boards for each room. Speaking of the rooms, I’ll go through them below.

The biggest offender was our master bathroom. What I really hoped to find was a long runner, but it needed to be 2′ x 7′ which is a hard size to match (most runners are around 2’6″ – 3′ wide). Also it had to be a color that looked ok with our dark green slate tile, which isn’t always the easiest to match.

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comBelow you can see a few of my mocked up options. Lots of red and navy involved

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comNext up is our kitchen. This space could handle anything between 2′ x 4′ to 3′ x 5′, so the fit was a little easier, but most rugs listed as 3×5 are actually several inches bigger, which was pushing the max size we wanted in this space. Plus, we had to choose a rug that went with our orangey cabinets- which are of course also hard to match.

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comkitchen-beforeI searched online and found a lot of options. Below are a handful of the ones I mocked up.

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comLastly we have our little second bathroom. The orange rug was ok. I guess. I mean, who’s really excited by standard fuzzy bathroom rugs? Not me. This space was also tricky to fit with anything that WASN’T a bathroom rug, because it needed to be skinnier than 2 feet. And the previous owner chose a purply-gray tile which is, of course, hard to match.

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comAgain, here are some of the options I mocked up.

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comSo now you see the problem areas. Guess which rug we chose for each room? I’ll make it easy – we picked the bottom left rug in each mockup!

The Persian Rug Bug -

We ordered the three rugs and when one package came in, I was so excited to open my first rug that I asked Evan to film it.

…Little did I know all three rugs were in that compact little package! It was like Christmas.

So we excitedly set up our tripod to get these cool before and after shots. Isn’t it crazy how much more finished the spaces look now? Granted, our old rugs really were cheap, temporary fixes that lived on way too long, but I don’t think I realized how “temporary” they made our spaces feel until I saw the new rugs in place.

All of a sudden our master bathroom felt like two actual adults live here! This Persian rug was newly made, so it was a little cheaper for it’s size than the other two.

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comOur kitchen also now feels balanced and anchored. The old rug was so light and airy it was sort of overpowered by our dark counters and wood cabinetry. This rug is 40-50 years old – older than our house even!

The Persian Rug Bug -

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comAnd our little guest bathroom finally looks a little less dorm-y. This one is 30-35 years old.

The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comI’ll post stills of the afters below in case the GIF’s aren’t doin’ it for ya.

The Persian Rug Bug - The Persian Rug Bug - The Persian Rug Bug - The Persian Rug Bug - evanandkatelyn.comOverall we are SO pleased with this change. As we continue to live and grow in this house, I’m loving updating to more permanent, nicer things as our style evolves (not that I don’t still LOVE Ikea and Target – I do!). My question for other twenty-somethings in their first house is this: What things do YOU do to upgrade the feel of your house from “apartment” to “adult-y”? Is it something like adding in older pieces like we did with the rugs? Paying a little extra for higher quality furniture? Mixing in more traditional styles? Or converting that extra bedroom to a ballpit because you’re a grown up and you do what you want!

Bonus “Mochi approves of this rug” pic. Because she’s cute.



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