Spray Painting Vents to Match Your Ceiling

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Hey guys! Quick and easy update today. One of those things that takes just a little bit of time but definitely makes your house feel newer and fresher. I’m talking about painting those old, discolored fixtures in your house from beige or yellow to bright white.

Spray Painting Vents to Match Your Ceiling - evanandkatelyn.com

These fixtures could be anything- vents, doorbells, random things that you know seem important but you can’t quite figure out what they are (I’m looking at you little thingy in our office ceiling… WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE?!)


We’ve given this treatment to several random fixtures around the house, but we’ve only documented a few- our guest bathroom vent cover, smoke alarm cover, and an AC vent in our entry. But don’t worry, they all sorta follow the same path: homeowner sees beige fixture, homeowner hates beige fixture, homeowner ignores beige fixture for way to long because ugh I don’t have time to take this thing off and paint it I’m too busy life-ing, and finally homeowner sucks it up, paints beige fixture, and wonders why she didn’t do it sooner.

So we’ll start with the bathroom vent. Quite gross looking right?


Pretty sure that even though the bathroom itself had been redone by our house’s previous owner, the bathroom vent cover was original to the house. Just screams 1978 to me.

Luckily, after putting it off for months and months (years?) it only took me about two seconds to pop off the cover. I was greeted with some of our orange foam peaking out from our sealing-up-the-attic-before-blowing-insulation days.


I know. So glamorous.

After a few light coats of Rust-Oleum white semi-gloss paint in white, this guy was looking WAY better.


Next was the smoke detector in our hallway. Please, pay no attention to the unfinished gallery wall. Yes we will write a post on it eventually, but no it’s still not finished. Anyways, the cover was simple to pop off by hand.


After a couple coats it blended right into the wall! (upon which the art magically rearranged itself into something more photogenic…)

Spray Painting Vents to Match Your Ceiling - evanandkatelyn.com

Another offender was the vent cover in our entry way. He may not look so bad from here…


But man was he UUUUUUHH-glee!


A few screws later, he was off and painted. So shiny and smooth!

Spray Painting Vents to Match Your Ceiling - evanandkatelyn.com

From this same view as before, now the vent blends in with the ceiling and the smoke alarm doesn’t distract from the art.

Spray Painting Vents to Match Your Ceiling - evanandkatelyn.com

Now instead of being looming beige eyesores that taunt me from their perches, they are perfectly unnoticeable.

This was definitely one of those “why-didn’t-I-do-this-years-ago” projects, so learn from  me and go forth! Paint those vents/smoke alarms/doorbells/whatevers that you’ve been meaning to do forever! You’ll thank me later.

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  1. Renee

    September 28, 2016 at 10:30 am

    It looks so much better, and blends in! I had an ugly yellowed plastic switch plate in my bathroom. I couldn’t find a new switch cover to work. About 3 months later it occurred to me that I should just paint it! Now I’m so glad I did!

    • Katelyn Sheline

      September 28, 2016 at 1:31 pm

      That’s awesome! We did the same thing in our kitchen a while back. Ugly beige switch plate against our black granite backsplash. Just grabbed some acrylic craft paint and painted it! It’s the little things :)

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