2016 Holiday Gift Guide

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Y’all- it’s almost December. How did this happen? I’m already feeling behind on gifts, and I’m still full on turkey. For anyone who is is in the same boat, Evan and I put together our very first holiday gift guide! *sparkle sparkle sparkle*

This is a mix of things we have/love and things we want. Of course, whenever possible we’re linking to things on Amazon Prime because we all know you’re gonna wait til the last minute and be thanking your stars for 2-day shipping.

Katelyn’s gift guide:

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

So we’ll start with my gift guide and get into Evan’s farther down in the post. Here are some of my favorite things!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
1) Turkish hand towels

These are on my wish list right now! We recently added Persian rugs to both of our bathrooms and my still-have-them-from-college hand towels are just not feeling up to par anymore. I’ve had the itch for Turkish towels for a while and did a lot of hunting, and these seem like the best priced, highly rated ones on Amazon.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
2) Mornings Away Minted print

I loooooove this print. It can be seen as chilly and wintery or warm and summery depending on what mood you’re in. The colors are so pretty and neutral enough to go with anything you have (green counts as a neutral in my book). I think this could live as part of a gallery wall or on it’s own in a larger size, depending on what wall space you need to fill.

PS- Minted has a Black Friday sale going on that lasts til Sunday the 27th! Use the code BF2016 to get 15% off if you spend less than $150, 20% off if you spend more than $150, woot!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
3) Lavender soy candle

This is one of those candles that is so good you don’t even need to light it and it smells amazing. It’s like “spa in a jar.” Evan got one of these for me about a year ago and I’ve since bought a few more. Right now, we have one in our guest bathroom and we don’t even light it, but every time we walk down the hall we get a nice lavender-y whiff. And even though it’s little, when we light it it’ll fill up a larger room like our bedroom.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
4) Watercolor throw pillow cover

Isn’t this throw pillow cover classy? I love the watercolor look and linen-y texture. Plus the navy and natural tones have me swooning. Definitely an item I’m putting on my wish list this year!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

5) Sticks wall coat hanger

We have two of these textural coat hangers in our office/entry butted up next to each other and we get questions all the time about where we got them. It’s cool because certain pieces fold down to be used for hanging coats, purses, etc, but you can fold them up when not in use. They’ve held up nicely for years, even to Evan’s super heavy backpack.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
6) KitchCo silicone cooking utensil set

We cook a lot, like 90% of our meals. So finding cooking utensils that are made without seams/joints is so dang awesome. Why? Because cleaning is soooooooo much easier! No foody bits getting stuck in the seam where your spatula meets the handle or anything like that. Plus they don’t melt. Plus they’re semi-squishy, which is fun :)

Yeah, it might seem silly to get somebody a cooking set when they probably already have (sub-par!) cooking utensils. But this is the set that made is donate all our other hand-me-down and cheapy cheap stuff.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
7) Candles on timers

Ok, this is one of those things that you don’t really need, but once you have it you feel so dang fancy: candles on timers. I’ll admit, it took me a long time to come around to the idea of LED candles. It seemed like more trouble to go around clicking them on and off than lighting and blowing out actual candles. But y’all. The timers. change. everything.

When you turn these on, they’ll stay on for 6 hours and come on at the same time every day. So basically, I come home to a warm house full of lit candles and they turn off right around the time we’re heading to bed. It’s the best.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
8) West Elm alabaster bookends

Geode bookends are popping up lots of places right now, but I’m loving these alabaster bookends with brass inlays from West Elm. A slightly different and more modern take on it, but still with that natural stone earthiness. Love!

Evan’s gift guide:

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
Hey guys, Evan here now! I’ve put together my own gift guide – all items that would be awesome for the DIYer/tool junkie in your life, with a bit of home-tech thrown in too.

1) Dewalt Power Drill

No DIY tool kit is complete without a power drill. I would get the brush-less variety too, as they are more power efficient and longer lasting. And now that the price difference has dropped, it’s not hard to justify the ~$20 upgrade. For those serious about their DIY tools, this Dewalt is the upgrade. It adds multiple speeds and can be used as a hammer drill too, making it three tools in one (screwdriver at low speeds, drill, and hammer drill).

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
2) Phlip’s wake up light

We wrote about this a few months ago and our love for this wake up light still holds strong! Waking up is not easy for us but this makes the days of waking up to a harsh phone alarm seem barbaric. It slowly lights up the room using different tones of light to mimic the sun, which makes waking up wayyyyyy more pleasant. We’ve recommended this to so many family members and friends already.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
3) 100 Piece Neiko bit set

This is not only a budget friendly way to get access to a whole bunch of bits (I especially love the hex set), but it is also a great holder even if you’re upgrading your existing bit collection. A great addition to any of your favorite bit drivers.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
4) 30-ft Retractable Extension Cord

This ceiling-mounted extension cord is an awesome addition to your garage. Just plug it in next to your garage door motor (where most houses have an outlet). Instead of searching for an extension cord every time you need it, just reach up and grab this! This has saved me so much time when working outside and in the garage. And since it’s retractable, winding it back up is easy.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
5) Digital calipers – 6 in12 in

Sometimes your traditional tape measure is not accurate enough, especially for inner or outer diameters, or precise work. Calipers like this are what is needed. They’re like that next-level upgrade if you want to get something for the person that already has all the basic tools. They are also great for identifying bolts and determining depths of holes. Once you have one in your arsenal, you can’t do without it!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
6) Knipex 10-inch Pliers

This great tool combines the best of adjustable pliers with the parallel movement of a wrench. It quickly adjusts using a push button. Turning a bolt/nut is also a breeze as you don’t need to take the tool off with each turn, but can instead just relax your grip, letting the tool move to the next position. For those stuck nuts this is also great as you can apply force to the stuck item by squeezing the handles, like pliers.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
7) Super Glue + Insta-set combo pack

Not only great for DIYers, but basically everyone. Once I found out about this (thanks Adam Savage!) I have been addicted. The thicker superglue has much better performance and usability than the cheap ones, and the accelerator makes fixturing and clamping obsolete since it sets in about 1 second!

Still wanting more ideas? Check out our Evan & Katelyn products!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Lastly…. if you’re looking for a gift you won’t find anywhere else, you could snag one of our products! Here are a few of my favorites that would make great holiday gifts.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

1 & 4)  Faceted 3D printed deer bust

Deer busts are trendy all year round but they have an especially holiday-ish vibe this time of year! Pictured above are our silver deer with hand painted backing, and copper deer with raw wood backing. You can create any combo you want on our blog shop here, or you can check out these two specific ones on Etsy here (silver) and here (copper).

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

2 & 6) Topographical Texas ornaments

Ornaments are always a safe bet. You can check out all our Texas ornaments on our blog shop here, or you can see the specific ones pictured on our Etsy shop here (copper) and here (silver). We can also make custom state ornaments (just contact us!)


3) Modern triangular wreaths

Our take on a modern wreath! Each one we make is a little unique. We 3D print the “joy”, paint the wooden frame with gold leaf paint, and hand-wrap the flowers with copper wire. Again, you can find these on our blog shop or Etsy.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

5) Wood-mounted topographical Texas’s

Lastly, these little wood-mounted Texas’s have a cozy cabin vibe. Perfect for popping onto your styled shelves. You can find them on our blog shop or on Etsy here (silver) and here (copper).

Well there you have it guys! May your gifts be bountiful, your bellies be full of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, and your holiday shopping be as stress-free as possible.

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