DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable

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Hey guys! Today I’m super excited to share a quick and easy DIY that you can do after work this evening (and still have time to make pasta for dinner… mmmm pasta). It’s a cute tabletop menu that’s perfect for Thanksgiving, or really any get together where food is involved (aka, the best type of get togethers). It could also be used as an easily changeable display for art, photos, even a mini calendar printout for your desk! Here it is:

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

As you know from our post about how we prepped for our pop up shop, we made various pieces of signage for the event. I’m a big fan of creating multiple uses from our DIY projects, so rather than letting it collect dust in between pop ups, I put this piece to work. The piece I’m talking about is our little pricing sign.

In the photo below, it’s the shorter wood sign (with E&K at the top). It’s a simple piece made of wood, glue, and a few magnets. AKA it’s super easy y’all.


It’s a nice size – big enough to stand out, but not so big that it will overpower the rest of your tablescape. I created a menu design and swapped out the price sheet for the menu sheet, and it looks right at home on our little sign.

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

First off, you can download the free printable menu by clicking here. It’s already sized for this stand so it’s easy peasy. And no, the download does not include my amazing sample menu already on it… although a meal involving tacos, donuts, and bacon sounds like my idea of a good time.

So let’s get onto the DIY shall we! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • About 11 inches of 1×6 wood
    (you’ll cut this into 2 pieces, it doesn’t need to be exact)
  • Super glue or wood glue
    (we looooove the super glue we linked to because it comes with an accelerant: you put the glue on side A, spray accelerant on side B, pop em together, and it sets pretty much instantly – aka no clamping required)
  • 8 cylindrical 1/4″ Neodymium magnets
    (if you already have other magnets they might work, but we like these 1/4″ ones because it’s easy to drill an exactly 1/4″ hole)

Tools used:

  • Miter saw
    (but you could get the pieces cut at Hone Depot or Lowes, or use a jig saw or hand saw if you did it carefully)
  • Power drill
  • 1/4″ drill bit used to get the circles for the embedded magnets
    (Evan recommends getting a 29 piece set like this one instead of buying individual bits)

So we took our piece of 1×6 wood and cut it into two pieces: a 3″ long piece for the horizontal base, and a 8″ long piece for the vertical display. Your pieces don’t have to be exactly the same lengths as ours; the final product just has to not topple over (which might happen if you made the vertical piece too tall or the horizontal base too skinny).

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

Before we attached the two pieces of wood, we created recessed holes for the magnets. The magnets are what hold your printed menu onto the stand. We bought these 1/4″ magnets and Evan used his 1/4″ bit to make holes the exact size of the magnets.

In order to not drill too deep, we use a white paint pen to mark on the drill bit itself what depth we want to go to. You can place your magnet next to your bit and make a mark on the bit that’s the same height as your magnet. Another alternative is using a drill stop, which is a little bit more fool proof. You don’t want to drill too far; it’s better to have to go back and drill a little more.

Before gluing, do a test fit by dropping the magnets in your holes. They should fit perfectly flush with the wood (so satisfying!). If they fit, put a drop of super glue in each hole and popped in the magnets. If they don’t fit, drill a little more out.

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

Then we placed our menu so that the corners were over the four magnets, and we took the other four magnets and popped them into place over the menu. Technically it’s probably better to add your print out later, but we are impatient. Plus, magnets are fun :)

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable - DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

Next up is gluing your two boards together. You can place the vertical piece on the horizontal piece (without glue) to get it centered, and then lightly mark on either side of the vertical piece so you know where to glue it. Next, apply super glue or wood glue to the bottom of the vertical piece and place back on the horizontal piece using your guide lines.

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

We did super glue (+ the accelerant) so after holding it on for a few seconds, the glue was set. If you use wood glue, you’ll need to clamp it and leave it drying for the time specified on your bottle of wood glue.

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable - DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

And there you have it! I love that this DIY isn’t holiday specific – really it could be used to display any menu, photo, art, mini calendar… so many things you could do with it!

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

Free calendar printable graphic from LollyJane blog.

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