We started a YouTube channel!

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Y’all. We have an announcement.


And we are so dang excited!! You can check it out and see the whole channel HERE.

So why make videos? Well, little known fact to our internet friends (but well known fact to our in-person friends/family, who we make watch everything haha), we actually take videos all.the.time. We make one-second-a-day compilations for every year and every vacation, so we’re always trying to capture little moments in life. And recently we realized hey – we love video, and we love DIY, and those two things go very well together!

So we started filming projects and turning them into succinct little tutorials that are sorta like the blog but with better music, less words, and a lot more high fives.

Evan and Katelyn started a YouTube channel!
We plan to make videos for the type of stuff we blog about: home DIY projects, woodworking, crafting, home improvement, etc. But we’ll also use them as a way to talk to you guys more by answering reader questions, sharing cool tips, etc. Also, we don’t plan for this to be a one-off thing – we plan to literally make as many videos as we can because we’ve found that we really truly LOVE it.

Of course, we still plan to include these tutorials in blog-form too, because everybody learns differently (and we can get a little more detailed when I’m allowed to write as many words as I want mwahahaha!) *ahem*

I guess I’ll end this with saying: we hope you like our channel! And if you could watch, like, or subscribe it would mean so much to us: we’re brand new to YouTube, so your views, likes, and subscriptions helps more people find us, which helps us be able to make more videos. Thank you! *happy dance*


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