Modular desk using t-slot aluminum | How to

Avatar Evan | January 25, 2018 364 Views 0 Likes 0 Ratings

A while back Evan made a modular, industrial-modern desk out of wood and t-slot aluminum extrusions. We’ll show you how we built it and the adjustments we’re making to our two-person workstation. Ultimate home office here we come!

We are so glad we made these changes, and so so glad the desk was modular and adjustable in the first place so that it was possible! We love how the butcher block and new chunky wooden shelf look with the t-slot aluminum extrusions. Speaking of the t-slot aluminum, it’s really what made this project possible. It’s super sturdy but more importantly it makes this design totally modular because of the various brackets you can attach to it that allow you to adjust it in any direction. It really does feel like the ultimate workstation. Plus, since this is a two-person desk, it was important that we be able to test and try different things to find what works for both of us. We like the industrial modern look of it as well. It’s DIY friendly since it doesn’t require many tools, and would be great for a home office or a gaming desk.


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