About Us


Hey guys! We’re Evan & Katelyn. We met when we were 18, and eight years later we got married, bought a house, and proceeded to DIY the heck out of it. Well technically we jumped the gun and bought the house before we were married… but who needs to follow steps! Unless you’re wrangling an insulation blower or building furniture or playing with power tools…. ok ok we like steps. In fact we like steps, before and afters, and DIY projects so much that we started a blog to document this whole fixing-up-your-first-house thing.


We started with pretty much zero experience in this realm so it’s been awesome / hilarious / fun / embarrassing to document it and share with the world! (And by “world” I mean maybe a handful of people. Haha who am I kidding, probably just our moms). After a few years of doing this stuff… well we are still pretty much newbies but we own a lot more tools :) Kidding kidding, we’ve learned a lot but we definitely have lots more to figure out. And as we figure things out, whether it’s how to decorate X or how to build Y, we’ll be writing about it as we go.


Of course we’ve both got our day jobs to tend to (Evan is a Mechanical Engineer and I’m a Graphic Artist), but we’ll do our best to keep this thing up-to-date and at least semi-interesting. And our boss Mochi will make sure we don’t slack off getting distracted by cat videos and webcomics (Mochi is our cat… and our boss… we get paid in snuggles.) BTW here is Mochi!


Well now you’ve met the whole family! Hope you enjoy our blog!! <3