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Makin’ Loooooove… {DIY Marquee Letters}

Makin’ loooove…letters! As in L.O.V.E, sheesh! Just look below and see what I mean…

DIY Marquee Letters-

We saw these marquee letters at a wedding expo and immediately thought they’d be awesome to have at our wedding. But renting them from a wedding decor company would be hella expensive, so my engineer fiance got to work! First we took some super precise measurements by taking a picture of my arm against the letters so we could eyeball the size later. You can tell by my expression that I totally did not feel awkward at all posing in the middle of the display.

DIY Marquee Letters-

Then we got home and got to work! We figured out from the above picture that we wanted them to be about 2 feet tall, and we went from there. We sorted through my library of 1,300+ fonts (I have a font problem… and I’m not ashamed) and picked one that suited us. Then we made a to-scale image in Photoshop. You can download it here if you’d like to use the font we used as a template.

DIY Marquee Letters-

The little circles are guides for where the light bulbs would need to go. Then we just printed it and boom- instant template!

DIY Marquee Letters-

When it came to supplies, we had to decide if we wanted to use wood, metal, foam core (that’s what most the online tutorials use), or something else. We ended up deciding on wood for the letters and metal for the siding. We found pre-sanded 2-foot-tall birch plywood that said “ready-to-stain” at Home Depot for $14 a pop. Sold! We picked up two of those, a roll of 6″ galvanized steel, some Minwax stain in “Dark Walnut” (because we loved how it look on Young House Love!) and a couple packs of outdoor lights.

We were just sort of wingin’ it and picking up what looked like it should work. We’ll do a full supplies list and cost breakdown at the end of things since I’m sure there will be more stuff we need to get along the way.

Next we cut out our letters, taped them together into something traceable, then laid them out on our plywood and traced away!

DIY Marquee Letters-

DIY Marquee Letters-

DIY Marquee Letters-

Once our letters were traced, it was time for the fun part- sawing! But this post has gotten pretty long, and Evan’s definitely the power-tool-wielding one in the relationship, so he’ll probably write about the sawing stuff. So for now we’ll end things here and pick back up later with part-2! On a side note, I should try to remember NOT to wear my super flattering XXL comfy pants when we’re taking pics for the blog… oh well!

PS- Check out part 2: cutting out and staining the letters, and part 3: attaching the metal siding for the full tutorial of this project! :D

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DIY Marquee Letters-

We’re Starting a Blog!

Between planning a DIY wedding and buying our first house (lots of DIY to ideas for that too), we are crazy busy these days. So the only logical thing to do was add another item to our plate- starting a blog! Our goal is to keep family and friends posted on all the house and wedding stuff going on around here, and mildly entertain any random strangers who got lost on the interwebs and stumbled upon our little piece of the blogosphere.

So I guess we’ll jump right in! After months of looking at houses, losing one to a cash offer, losing another because the sellers wouldn’t come down on their price, and walking through some pretty nasty someone-was-definitely-murdered-here foreclosures… we found our perfect house!!! Eeeeeep!!! Check it out!

Our First House-

IT’S SO AWESOME!!! Ok, we might be a little biased. We are SUPER excited about this house. Currently we’re under contract- fingers crossed everything goes smoothly! We don’t want to jinx it though, so until we actually close on it we’re holding off on busting out the celebratory champagne Bailey’s (mmmm… creamy. Soft, creamy beige).

We already have tons of DIY plans for this place, and having a house will make it easier to work on our wedding DIY too. We’ll keep y’all posted on things! Cheers to displaying our lives on the internet!! *glass clink* *sip of Baileys* *ok ok we broke it out early, so sue us!*