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I Like to Move It Move It

I like to… MOVE IT! *lemur dance lemur dance*

We successfully moved without hiring a moving company, woohoo! For the cost of a few beers, we saved several hundred bucks and got to hang out with people we like so it was a win-win. Bring on the celebratory drinks with our moving crew!

I Like to Move It Move It-

To help the process seem less overwhelming, we started moving things little by little a couple weeks before our actual moving day. This made things a lot easier the weekend our friends and family came to help. Every time I made a trip to the house for flooring or plumbing or electric work, I packed up a full carload and brought stuff over. We just stored all the stuff we brought early in one of our extra bedrooms so that it would not interfere with the floor install.

I Like to Move It Move It-

Our apartment started looking realllllly weird after a few of my pre-moving-day trips. Mochi was a little confused I’m sure, but enjoying the piles of stuff she could lay in.

I Like to Move It Move It- I Like to Move It Move It- “Hey hoomans where u put mah pile??”

I Like to Move It Move It- Things got more and more barren in there. It was weird.

I Like to Move It Move It- We didn’t think everything all the way through during some of our pre-moving-day trips. Like the fact that we still needed to be able to fully function in at least one of our dwellings, which forced us to be a little creative with things. Hence the breakfast of champions for example- cereal, eaten at the bar, sitting on a step stool (he let me have the one remaining bar stool, such a gentleman!)

I Like to Move It Move It-

We also discovered that when you move you uncover some interesting things. For example, we knew Mochi liked to sleep behind my clothes in our closet, but we did not expect to find what was literally a nest of black cat fur. Gross Momo!

I Like to Move It Move It- Speaking of finding surprises in your carpets, we decided that having our carpets at the new house professionally cleaned before moving in would be a good idea. We had an HVAC company come do a carpet cleaning (and an air duct cleaning to clear out all the dust from the floor installation). To give them access to the carpets, we had to move all the stuff from the extra bedroom out onto the finally-finished floors. So when our friends/family helped us move in, we put everything on the wood floors since the carpet cleaning wasn’t until the next day.

And yes, I was completely OCD about protecting our floors and made everyone wait so I could put felt pads on EVERY piece of furniture that didn’t already have them.

I Like to Move It Move It- I Like to Move It Move It- I Like to Move It Move It-

For the first week of living in our house, we slept in the living room, proudly cooked breakfast tacos and ramen (the only two things we could find supplies to make), and lived in some pretty serious chaos because all our time had to be put toward more pressing matters (DIY-ing our security system, addressing plumbing problems, etc). We tried to make a little sense of things but they sort of got worse before they could get better.

The entertainment center became our headboard (progress?).

I Like to Move It Move It- Our guest bathroom and hallway became extra storage space (we are used to being in a one-bathroom apartment so it was fine).

I Like to Move It Move It- I Like to Move It Move It- I spent a whole morning organizing and cleaning our kitchen and somehow it looks worse than it did on move-in day.

I Like to Move It Move It- I Like to Move It Move It- Our entry way is ok though! Entry table officially in position! Mind-you-not the mountain of stuff that greets you just to the right of the fireplace. Oh and our breakfast-nook-turned-office is functional!

I Like to Move It Move It- I Like to Move It Move It-

Our dining room has become the official art-storage area (did I mention we have a LOT of art?? This is only a small portion of it).

I Like to Move It Move It-

After the moving chaos, we went back to pick up our kitty from the apartment (we had left her in a bedroom there so she didn’t get underfoot during heavy-furniture-lifting). She is the best little car rider! Just sits in my lap the whole drive. (Sorry for the grainy iPhone pic)

I Like to Move It Move It-

Mochi wasted no time in exploring her new place. She’s actually in 6 of the pics in this post! Bet you can’t spot the little soot sprite in all 6 photos she’s ninja’d herself into. It’s like playing find the cat in our own home sometimes, seriously!


Befloor, During, & After

I’m sorry for the pun. It’s bad! But I just wanted to do a quick post with some before/during/after photos of our floors so you can see the progress all in one quick glance. Here you go!

Befloor, During, & After-

Well there you have it! Goodbye lumpy carpet and cracked white tile, hello modern wood floors! I’d say it’s a huge improvement. But I may be biased (and several thousand poorer) so I had better think so :P


Our Finally Finished Floors!

After nearly a week of demo, prepping, and installation, our floors are finally done!! Well, almost done. We are still down to bare subfloor in the laundry room (we have plans to lay tile soon) and we are missing a couple transitions that weren’t delivered in time. And it took an extra week to finish the hallway because we cleaned out the entire Houston and Dallas supply of our flooring and we had to wait on delivery of the five more boxes we needed. But still… pretty much done!

Man it was a crazy process. I won’t get into all the details here, but you can read about the flooring progress here and here. And now, an onslaught of pictures!!

Here’s the breakfast nook/soon-to-be office. This is where the floor magic began! I was actually literally hopping up and down with my camera when this started.

Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!- From the breakfast nook/office area, they moved through into the kitchen. Lots of corners and crannies to get around in there.

Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!-

Then the dining room got some attention. SO glad that we don’t have a carpeted dining room anymore, bleh.

Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!-

The living room was the last and biggest room to get floors (well I guess the hallway was last but that doesn’t really count as a room.) Here’s a view of the living room area from across the dining room.

Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!-

Here’s another view of the living room as if you were standing near the fireplace looking toward the back windows.

Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!-

And here’s a view of the living room facing the fireplace. Surprisingly, we ended up kinda liking how the brick looks with the floors. Originally we were going to paint the brick white but now we may leave it. Going to live with it for a while and see what we think.

Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!-

Lastly here’s the entry way, didn’t nab any good progress pics of it, they completed it super fast! Love how the wood floors flow seamlessly under the fireplace since they undercut it.

Our Finally Finished Floors!-

Our Finally Finished Floors!-

That hallway you’re looking into remained unfinished while we waited for the rest of our flooring to arrive (we cleaned out the Houston and the Dallas supply and were 5 boxes short). Look how desolate it was in there! But a few days later our extra floors came in and they were able to finish our hallway! Hallway-luyah! (Sorry, my pun skills are not the best.)

Our Finally Finished Floors!-

Our Finally Finished Floors!- Our Finally Finished Floors!-

Pay no mind to the piles of stuff in the bedrooms. Look at the floors!! WE HAVE FLOORS!!!! This is amazing!


The Pitcher’s Mound Under Our Carpet

When we bought our house, we knew it had some previous foundation work done. We knew it wasn’t perfectly level. And we knew that this meant we might run across a couple hiccups during our floor adventure. But what we didn’t know was that hidden under our carpet and padding was a big lump of concrete our flooring guys started calling “The Pitcher’s Mound.”

This is bad news bears when it comes to installing a new floor. You can’t lay down flooring without a level slab, and this beast made our slab anything but level. Plus, there were several other raised patches of concrete here and there throughout the living and dining room. It was basically a whole baseball field but with like fifteen bases.

I’ll start from the beginning though. Just prepping our floors was a 3-day process before we could move onto the fun stuff.

Day One: Our awesome floor team shows up and gets right to work removing tile and carpet. Tile removal is tedious but goes pretty smoothly.



The previously carpeted living room is a different story though. Upon finding the hidden Pitcher’s Mound (seriously, how could we not tell before that it was so bad?!), they try to grind, chisel, and pound it down as much as they can. See that big torn up patch in the middle? That’s what it looked like after they went to town on it.


But like I mentioned before, it wasn’t the only trouble spot. All throughout our living room we had dips to fill and bumps to grind (haha that sounds dirty). See how un-level it is? There’s literally a 1-inch gap between the level bar and the floor in this pic.


Our guys spend all day doing as much as they can to level the floor manually, but there is only so much they could do. It’s time to bring in the float. Float is basically like a thin concrete they spread over the floor to smooth the surface. To give you an idea of how bad our living room was: our original estimate said it would probably take around 12 (25 lb) bags of float. It ended up taking 49!!! That shit cray. Here’s how the place looked after they added float the first day.


Yeah. Still pretty crazy. And here are the tiled areas by the end of day one. All the tile is gone, but there is no time left in the day to add float over there yet.



Day Two: Float float float. Dry dry dry. Float float float. Dry dry dry. Floating is a time consuming process. Here’s how it looked by the end of day two.




Day Three: We need another day of float because things still aren’t level enough. Our guys tell us this is in the top 10 worst floors they’ve ever done in the past 32 years. Wowza! Here’s how it looks after its third and final day of prep.




I never thought I’d appreciate a level slab the way I do right now! Oh beautiful, beautiful slab. So smooth. So level. I’m going to name you Slabby *cuddle cuddle cuddle.*

Other fun stuff got to be prepped for floors too on day three. One really cool thing was that they undercut the fireplace (they literally sawed part of the brick off) so that they floors would flow seamlessly under the brick. It was super dusty and pretty badass.


For the record, the pictures don’t do justice to how dusty it was in there, though you can sort of see it in the background against the windows. I spent most of my time outside avoiding the dust-cloud that was chilling in our house, but I did pop in about a billion times to take pictures of the progress so I got my fair share of dust in the lungs. Seriously, it was crazy. You could taste it. Bleh. But I guess that’s what happens when you buy a house and pretty much immediately turned it into a construction zone!

Next post will cover more on the floors, they are finishing them up right meow! :D


How to Prep for a Floor Installation

We did some things right. Made some things worse. Eh, we are noobs at this stuff but we tried, and now we have some great tips for anyone who decides to turn their place into a dust palace install new flooring in their home.

With our house, we wanted to remove all the white tile from the kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry room, and entry way (it was cracked in several places and just sorta blah). We also wanted to get rid of the carpet from the living room, dining room, and hallway. Basically, the only rooms we decided to leave alone are the bedrooms and bathrooms, so the majority of our house is getting a huge floor makeover.

We chose that awesome laminate wood floor to go everywhere except the laundry room, which will be getting tile (even though laminate wood is more water resistant than hardwood, the guys at the flooring company recommended tile for the laundry room just to be safe). With such a large portion of our home getting a floor upheaval, we had to do some prepping and planning to make sure it went as smoothly as possible.

Firstly, we turned off the AC and used whatever we found lying around (cut up trash bags and home depot bags, which we have plenty of now) to cover all our vents.

20130226_103815 We wanted to shove towels in front of the bedroom and bathroom doors, but because the guys were redoing the floors in the hallway too we couldn’t (the towels would have gotten in their way). So we closed the doors and hoped that would be enough to keep the dust at bay. It sooorta worked. After one day of tile demo, the guest bathroom did not fare so well and ended up covered in a nice thick layer of dust. The bedrooms weren’t too bad, but in the spare bedroom with all our stuff there was already a thin layer of dust on the items closest to the door.

So we made a run to home depot (note- we’ve been to Home Depot twice a day every day since we got the house) and picked up some rolls of plastic sheeting, Dexter style. We brought it home and basically made a big plastic tent to cover all our stuff in that bedroom as best as we could.


And since we had some extra, we used more to cover up the kitchen appliances. The flooring guys had covered some of them already, but we thought it wouldn’t hurt to add a little extra protection. Check out that mess of a floor. Consider this a preview of our next post…


We still had the problem of dust getting through the bottom of the bedroom and bathroom doors though. So the engineer came up with a towel+twine solution that allowed us to use towels to block dust from the inside of the doorways. First we rolled up a towel length-wise and tied twine to it in three places.


Then while Evan was outside the room, I’d line up the towel along the inside of the doorway and pass the twine underneath the door to him. I’d shimmy out of the room, and as we closed the door Evan would keep the twine pulled tight, holding the towels up against the inside of the bottom of the door. Then we just tucked the extra twine and voila! Dust-blocking towels that wouldn’t interfere with the floor installation!



I’d love to say that this is all we did and it was a huge success and we are awesome. But there was something else we did too. Something involving a putty knife, pry bar, and our baseboards. And it was not so successful.


Let me explain our foolish actions. See with wood or laminate floors, they have to be installed with a 1/4 inch gap around the perimeter to leave room for expansion. Typically, people add quarter round stained to match their floors to conceal this gap. Here’s an example:


We didn’t really like the look of that, and thought we’d like it better if the floors were just flush with the baseboards. So we decided we’d save some money, remove the baseboards ourselves, and reinstall them after the floors were done to conceal the gap left for expansion. So it would look more like this instead:


We knew it would take a long time, so I started while Evan was still at work. After reading a bunch of online tutorials, I picked up all the right tools and followed all the right steps, and the darn baseboards would NOT pop off the wall.


I was scared to pull any harder because I didn’t want to break them (after all, the goal was to reuse them and save money). So on his way home from work, Evan picked up some heavier-duty tools to see if those would help. Well, they DID effectively remove baseboard from the wall. But unfortunately it was just the broken off chunk you saw a few pics above. Sad trombone. We tried to stick it back on to make ourselves feel better.


Luckily we had started in the laundry room so it’s not a place that too many people are going to see. But before we tried to tackle any more baseboard removal, we wanted to find out why it was so hard to pop off. Upon investigation (i.e. getting our faces really close to the floors), we realized that the tile and grout had been laid after the baseboards were attached, meaning the baseboards were literally grouted to the floor. No wonder they were so stuck! You can see how the grout is holding them in place in the picture below:


So the good news was that at least there was a reason we were failing so hard. But the bad news was we had a huge expanse of grouted-in baseboards that we would not be able to remove. We had to consider other options. And after searching a bit more on the internet, we found a solution. WHITE quarter round.


Extends palm, plants squarely on face. Duh. After it’s caulked in place, white quarter round ends up looking like part of the baseboard and pretty much gives us that same look we wanted from the beginning. Derp is us! Why didn’t we think of this before we started destroying our baseboards?!? Oh well. I blame lack of sleep and too much tile dust inhalation.


House Tour!

Currently my car, my hair, my clothes, my eyeballs, my shoes, and my house are covered in dust. I’ve been at the house all week during our tile demo/laminate wood floor installation and it is crazy over here! But before we post about the floor transformation, we realized we need to take a step back and give you guys a house tour! Can’t believe we haven’t done that yet! You’ll have to forgive us, we are derps.

You’ll recognize this picture from our very first post, it’s our little house looking quite dapper from the outside.

House Tour-

When you enter through the double doors, once you get the darn things open (they get stuck… need to fix that), you are in a little entry way facing the back of the fireplace. Might seem sort of awkward but it’s really not, we actually like it and plan to hang some art there and put a thin console table against it for candles/vases/flowers/whatever.

House Tour-

On the other side of the fireplace is our giant living room with huge lofted ceilings! This was one of the few older homes we looked at that Evan could walk through without bumping his head. A big win for us!

House Tour-

House Tour-

You’ll notice we already have seating and some art hung. Feeling homier already!

House Tour-

Here’s another view of the living room if you’re standing to the side of the fireplace looking back toward the dining room.

House Tour-

In this picture you can see through to the kitchen area. The previous owner did a LOT of work in the kitchen… all new custom cabinets, granite counters and backsplash, new lighting, stainless steel appliances (all except the fridge), and she even knocked out that big hole in the wall that opens the kitchen up to the living room.

House Tour- House Tour- House Tour-

In that last picture, we are standing in the breakfast nook that’s to the side of the kitchen. We actually have plans to turn this room into our home office (sounds strange now but I think it will work). Here is another view of the breakfast nook.

House Tour-

And to the left of our breakfast nook is the laundry room and access to the garage. And yes, that’s a big-ass sub zero freezer chilling (pun intended) with our washer and dryer. Gonna craigslist that beast. Anyone interested?

House Tour-

So when you’re in the living room facing the kitchen, to the left of the kitchen is the breakfast nook, and to the right of the kitchen is the dining room. If you scroll back up to the last living room picture, you can see the dining room in the back. The previous owner added some nice built ins so we have tons of storage. But the OCD in me cannot stand that the light is off-center. We’ll be changing that.

House Tour-

So when you enter through the front door, to your left you see the breakfast nook, kitchen, and dining room; directly in front of you is the living room; and to your right is a hallway that leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

House Tour-

We have a master bedroom, two spare bedrooms, a master bathroom, and a guest bathroom. One spare bedroom is empty and the other one is currently full of all the stuff we’ve moved in so far. Check out those sexy fans.

House Tour-
House Tour-

Then we have the master with really tall ceilings and his/her closets (more like her/her… I can’t fit all my stuff into just one!)

House Tour-
House Tour-

The previous owner completely redid the master bathroom and guest bathroom too. Here’s the master. It’s got a huge walk in shower with frameless glass door which is awesome, but you may notice something is off. No, I’m not talking about the funky pedestal sinks+middle vanity situation going on (though that is an odd set up). I’m talking about the fact that there’s no bathroom door. Weird…

House Tour-
House Tour-

I actually really like how she did the little guest bathroom though! It’s nice. Probably the ONE room in the house we don’t have any plans to change.

House Tour-

Well there you have it, our little 1928 sqft home! Of course, it currently looks a little different. As in the floor has been stripped down to the slab and everything is covered in plastic wrap and dust. Seriously, chaos. But it’s gonna be worth it!


We’ve Got Wood!

At first I titled this post “Floored by Floors,” but then the 13-year-old-boy part of me took over. Heh heh heh.

So last week we found out some awesome news- we were going to close on our house a week faster than we originally thought! Hooray!! But we realized a quicker closing means we have less time to put off scheduling our floors, plumbing, electrician, etc (all the stuff we wanted to have done before move-in day).

When it comes to our floors, currently we have carpet (which is in decent shape but… it’s carpet…) and some boring white tile that’s cracked in several places. Originally we toyed with the idea of DIY-ing our floor install. Busting up tile didn’t seem too bad (note-upon further research we found out it is TERRIBLE). Removing carpet was going to be as easy as 1-2-rrrrip. And laminate wood floors seemed simple enough to snap into place. But when my reasonable fiance reminded me that we had no idea what we were doing and it might be worth it to pay a professional instead of winging it ourselves, I obliged. Well first I said a few things like “but… but… I’m cheap…” But then I realized that having floors done correctly the first time would save us more money in the long run than doing it ourselves and messing it up.

So onto the floor search we embarked!! Five stores and 21 samples later, my car looked like this

Wood Floor Samples-

Wood Floor Samples-

That’s a lot of wood. Heh heh. Ok ok enough wood jokes, but seriously… that’s a LOT of wood. We lugged all our samples over to the new house too see how it looked inside. I would 100% recommend doing this because some of them looked COMPLETELY different in our house than they did in the store. We also brought swatches of fabric that we’ll have in the new place and something black (a little cat pepper shaker I have… I know, I’m already the crazy cat lady) because we have a lot of black furniture. This helped give us a preview of how it would all look together.

Wood Floor Samples-

When we laid out all our samples in the living room it was hard to choose because they all looked nice! But when we placed them in our kitchen it was a whole different story. Up against our cabinets, some of them made it feel like being in a sea of orange wood. And even though we are considering repainting/refinishing our cabinets at some point, we don’t know exactly when that will be and we don’t want to hate our cabinet/floor combo in the meantime.

Wood Floor Samples-

So which was our favorite? Well we eliminated the dark one because combined with the black granite and all our black furniture we thought the dark tones might be a little overwhelming. And we eliminated the lighter ones because of the whole sea-of-orange thing. The one that’s third from the right was by far our favorite in the kitchen, in the living room, and with our fabric samples- ding ding ding we have a winner!

It’s made by Mannington and is part of the Restoration Collection called Chateau, and the “colorway name” (whatever that is) is Autumn. Laminate naming apparently requires at least 3-4 tiers of categories. You can see it here! We liked that it had gray undertones but still felt warm.

I couldn’t wait to get it home and hold it up to our all our stuff!! The things you get excited about when you’re getting a house haha. Here it is on our white rug with our fabric swatches and the aforementioned cat-lady pepper shaker.

Wood Floor Samples-

Wood Floor Samples-

Eeeeeehehe seeing it with our things makes me happyyyyyyy. Now we just have to get a quote. This is the part I’m worried about. Floor installation is expensive, and we already have a hefty amount of necessary repairs on our plate with the roof, electrical, and plumbing work that HAS to be done. Oh old houses.



AHHHHH!!!!!! OmgomgomgEEEEEEeesffksjl holy balls this is CRAZY!!!!! WE OWN A HOUSE!!!!

Officially Home Owners!-

Weird to think that these two kids are now in charge of the upkeep, finances, and general responsibilities involved with home ownership! Honestly we’ll probably be doing pretty much the same stuff as the pics below, just with bigger hammers and more chocolate.

Officially Home Owners!-

We definitely did revert to childlike excitement when we finished signing everything at the title company. Keys!!! Garage door opener!!!! Giant pile of papers we just signed!! Ahhhhh!!!

Officially Home Owners!-

And thanks to a surprise visit from my college roomie (love you Sidra!), we were able to get a couple stereotypical shots in front of our new home. You might notice it looks very dark and cave-like inside. This might be because we didn’t have electricity yet. But at least we DID have a couple folding chairs and half our liquor collection. #Priorities?

Officially Home Owners!-

Officially Home Owners!-

Officially Home Owners!-

We’ve been busy busy this weekend moving things in, meeting with repair people, and making friends with everyone who works in the Home Depot around the corner. We even started our first DIY project! Hint: it involves lots of pink. Haha can’t wait to share!


DIY West Elm “S” Shelf

One of the first DIY projects we did in our apartment was super simple and we were able to save lots of money- win! It started when we spied the “S” shelf at West Elm…

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

We thought it would be the perfect thing to go above our TV without adding too much visual weight (that side of the room was already super heavy with our big media center). I remember it being around $120-$140 (don’t quote me on that), which seemed sorta crazy for something so simple. I don’t know if they still sell it, but lucky for you it was super easy to make and we’ll go through the steps here.

First off, we made a trip to our beloved IKEA and picked up some Lack wall shelves in black (four of the 11-3/4″ ones for $6.99 each, and one of the 43-1/4″ ones for $14.99). Unfortunately we did not remember to take any pictures before assembling it, so instead I drew up these instructions for doing so:

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

It was as simple as that! Before we put it on the wall I did manage to snap a picture of the assembled “S” shelf… but it was before we moved the “L” bracket to the correct location. In the picture below you’ll see the “L” bracket on the far left. Which was fine, but it would have stuck out underneath the shelf. So instead we decided to add it to the bottom of the “U” part of the shelf (see comic above) so that when you flip it and put it on the wall, it’s above eye level (even for tall people) and doesn’t show.

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

Just follow the IKEA instructions for attaching those brackets to the wall and you’ll be golden. Note- we left the screws as is, but if you wanted them to blend more you could color them with a black sharpie. You could also use any of the other Lack shelf colors if you wanted to mix things up.

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

DIY West Elm "S" Shelf-

This project was super easy, fast, and wayyyyy cheaper than the West Elm version.

Here’s the budget breakdown:

  • Four 11-3/4″ IKEA Lack shelves (with brackets and screws)… $6.99 a piece
  • One 43-1/4″ IKEA Lack shelf (with brackets and screws)… $14.99
  • Power drill (or you could use a screwdriver)… already owned
  • TOTAL… $42.95

I’d say compared to $120-$140, that’s a heck of a deal! And requires pretty much no DIY skills to put together yourself. Woohoo!




Happy (early) Valentines Day Love! <3

Just wanted to do a little something to show you how much I love you. Which is a lot. A whole big giant lot!!!!

Valentines Art-
I thought you might like some art inspired by the day we spent together in Laguna and took a bunch of engagement-looking photos a year before we were actually engaged hehe. Just for fun, posting some here. They go hand in hand with the art! Sort of like how I go hand in hand with you (see I can be corny too!). Love you so much baby, you are my favorite <3

Valentines Art-

Valentines Art-

Valentines Art-

Hehehe. Had to throw that last one in there <3