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We started a YouTube channel!

Y’all. We have an announcement.


And we are so dang excited!! You can check it out and see the whole channel HERE.

So why make videos? Well, little known fact to our internet friends (but well known fact to our in-person friends/family, who we make watch everything haha), we actually take videos all.the.time. We make one-second-a-day compilations for every year and every vacation, so we’re always trying to capture little moments in life. And recently we realized hey – we love video, and we love DIY, and those two things go very well together!

So we started filming projects and turning them into succinct little tutorials that are sorta like the blog but with better music, less words, and a lot more high fives.

Evan and Katelyn started a YouTube channel!
We plan to make videos for the type of stuff we blog about: home DIY projects, woodworking, crafting, home improvement, etc. But we’ll also use them as a way to talk to you guys more by answering reader questions, sharing cool tips, etc. Also, we don’t plan for this to be a one-off thing – we plan to literally make as many videos as we can because we’ve found that we really truly LOVE it.

Of course, we still plan to include these tutorials in blog-form too, because everybody learns differently (and we can get a little more detailed when I’m allowed to write as many words as I want mwahahaha!) *ahem*

I guess I’ll end this with saying: we hope you like our channel! And if you could watch, like, or subscribe it would mean so much to us: we’re brand new to YouTube, so your views, likes, and subscriptions helps more people find us, which helps us be able to make more videos. Thank you! *happy dance*


Knobs, pulls, and dressers, oh my!

Hey guys! If you know me, you know I can go a little overboard when I go into research-mode. Sometimes it makes sense, like researching everything thoroughly before we swapped out some plumbing or blew our own insulation. But sometimes, I’ll spend hours upon hours researching something really trivial, like knobs.

Real quick spoiler alert: if you wanna see how these dressers turned out, watch the video below! And read the full tutorial here.

It all started when the IKEA Malm dressers got recalled for a tipping hazard. We have two of these in our bedroom, and IKEA gave everyone the option of handing them over in exchange for a full refund.

Dresser and hardware inspiration -

So I was like yay, an excuse a chance to upgrade our dresser AND get $200 back! I started an online hunt to find the perfect new dressers, with these requirements in mind:

  1. Something at least as large as our current eight-drawer double-Malm set up.
  2. Nicer quality than our current dressers (otherwise, why upgrade?)
  3. Within the price range we felt comfortable spending.  

Apparently, I am a very unreasonable person, because we didn’t find anything that met all three of those needs. We could find something that met 1 and 2, or 1 and 3, or 2 and 3, but nothing that made the clouds part and the dresser heavens sing.

So I had to accept that functionally-speaking, we really had no complaints about our Malms, and the day for a dresser upgrade was not this day. Womp.

But here’s where the story takes an upturn. I decided as a consolation prize, I’d upgrade our current dressers with some new hardware. This launched me down a knobs-and-pulls rabbit hole that posed some challenges because:

  1. I wanted to do a mix of knobs AND pulls, inspired by this West Elm dresser (which is sadly no longer available). This meant I couldn’t just buy eight of the same thing for our eight drawers: I had to find six pulls and four knobs, and they had to match.
  2. I wanted gold/brass hardware to match the gold deer head and gold art in our bedroom gallery wall. Plus, I think gold always warms up black (and I prefer a warmer black to a cooler black). Despite its growing trendiness lately, gold hardware still has a smaller selection online than other finishes.
  3. Hardware can get expensive (think $16 a pull and $8 a knob, on the mid-priced end) and the dressers themselves were only $100 each, so it seemed weird to spend tons of money on hardware.

Dresser and hardware inspiration -

Again, tons and tons of research was done (how are there so many knobs in the world??) but eventually I emerged victorious! I found these knobs and these pulls, did a big ol’ happy dance, and asked for them for Christmas (that’s a normal present to ask for… right?). Spoiler alert – I got em! So keep your eye out for a soon-to-be-posted tutorial on our dresser makeover.

Dresser and hardware inspiration -

In the end I’d say this is a win, even though I mayyyy have lost a little sleep (and several hours of my life) to researching bedroom furniture. So instead of having all that research go to waste, I’m sharing it at the end of the post here. Hopefully, it will prevent some of you from spending as much time as I did in Dresserville and Knobs-and-Pulls-City. Below are our final contenders, and I’ve included all the important information we compared.

Dressers we liked

West Elm Logan dresser in acorn
$899, 58″w x 18″d x 32″h, solid wood base + wood veneer finish

Dresser and hardware inspiration -

This one was so pretty and we really loved the warmth of the wood, plus the price seemed reasonable for something so nice, but it wasn’t as big as our old set up and we couldn’t afford to have less storage than before.

West Elm Logan 6-Drawer Dresser
$936, 58″w x 18″d x 32″h, solid wood base + wood veneer finish

Dresser and hardware inspiration -

Love the mix of wood and metal on this one! Price still wasn’t too bad, though same issue with storage – it just wasn’t quite big enough,

IKEA Hemnes 8-Drawer Dresser
$249, 63″w x 19 5/8″d x 37 3/8″h, particle board
Dresser and hardware inspiration -

The price was right and the size was much better for this dresser, but we weren’t sure if we wanted to buy another IKEA dresser since we already had one we liked well enough. But if you’re looking for a large, inexpensive dresser, I love the lines and double top drawers on this one.

Munich 6 Drawer Double Dresser
$339, 59.29″w x16.5″d x32.75″h, particle board

Dresser and hardware inspiration -

This one gave us similar vibes as the West Elm Logan with the mix of metal and wood tones. As usual, same problem in that it wasn’t quite big enough for us, but we still think this is a great dresser that looks pricier than it is.

Hardware we liked

Dresser and hardware inspiration -

01. CB2 hex brushed brass drawer pull
$4.95 each. I LOVED the look of these, and generally I love hexagons, but we always end up choosing the geometric design so I wanted to try something different.

02. All Modern QMI cone novelty knob
$4.24 each. Good price and nice, tiny, and simple.

03. Liberty Artesia knob
$5.18 each. Really cool look, but in the end I wanted something with a bit of curve to balance the straight pulls.

04. Kohler Purist/Stillness cabinet knob
$12.30 each. The most classic design, but a little pricier.

Pulls we liked

Dresser and hardware inspiration -

01. Amerock Manor cup pull
$14.05 each (plus shipping). These were really cool and I love the look of a cup pull, but they were a little more than we wanted to spend since we needed six of them.

02. Skylight Bar Pull
$15.99 each. Again, a little pricey since we needed so many… but I love the way these look!

03. Hampton Collection bar pull
$7.95 each. Another pretty option, especially if you’re looking for a warmer toned gold.

04. Hickory Hardware Metropolis center bar pull
$7.84 each. Another solid option for a great price.

Hope this post helps someone else in their search for the perfect dresser/dresser upgrade!

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2017 Project/House/Life Goals

Everyone is posting their 2017 house resolutions and we’re over here like “Is it Wednesday or Thursday??” (spoiler, it’s Tuesday).

So we’re a little late to the share-your-goals game, but it got us to sit down and talk about some of the bigger projects we are really excited to tackle this year (aka here’s a post with all the not-pretty rooms in the house!)


I kinda feel like everybody and their mom has the garage on their things-to-be-dealt-with list, but we really reallllllly want to get to ours. After turning half of it into a workshop to create products for our shop, we’ve got scrap wood, spray paint, boxes, concrete mix, and power tools everywhere. For the photo below we actually tried to pick up! (and by pick up we mean shove everything we could onto/under that worktable)

We plan on taking everything off the walls and patching them, epoxying the floor, and coming up with storage solutions for all of our stuff.


Ahahaha. Ye olde office. This is the hardest room to figure out in our house. We are currently using this room to house a couple computers, a 3D printer, tools we don’t want outside, an extensive collection of photography gear, art and craft supplies, and hey lets just throw in our workout stuff while we’re at it too.

The reason we haven’t put more time into this space yet is because we don’t know where out office is going to end up down the line. Will it stay in this room? Will we go back to using the breakfast nook? Will the garage absorb some of it once we fix it up? Will we move it into the guest room once we turn the guest bed  into a murphy bed? Which brings me too…

Murphy bed

Guest rooms are awesome when you have people stay overnight. But most of the time, our guest room is just the room that Mochi hangs out in/houses extra decor and hand-me-down furniture.

We’d really like to build some more functionality into the space, so we are hoping to DIY a built-in Murphy bed  (kinda like this, this, or this).

YouTube Channel 

So this one isn’t a project for our house per say… but we plan on starting a YouTube channel! We love taking videos (we put together a one-second-a-day video each year, just to have) but we’ve never done it for the blog before.

We’re already working on a couple video tutorials and we plan on making the channel live once we have a few more done. Super excited to dip our toes into this world!

More products

Working on some more products, specifically lots involving concrete right now. We 3D print models of the products, make a silicone mold from the print, and then pour the concrete into the mold. It’s super fun! Keep you eye out for things from coasters to candle holders.

New art for living room

After posting about our hallway gallery last week, I’ve got art on my mind. We’ve slowly but surely been painting over canvas prints we’ve had since the apartment days.

See the pink one in the upper left? New. The one of our kitty Mochi poking her head up? New. The black one above the TV? Errrr, in progress haha.

Outdoor lights

Lastly, we plan to finally give our exterior a little love! Starting with replacing our outdoor sconces by the front door and the back door. These, these, and these are a few options we’re looking at.

As you can see, what we’ve currently got going on is nothing special. Of course we could also use a new front door, new window screens, a different paint color… and taking the Christmas lights down would help too.

Putting all this down on (digital) paper makes me want to do ALL THE THINGS right now! Can’t wait to keep sharing, learning, and being our goofy selves with you guys in 2017.


Doing a mix-matched gallery wall

We have a lotttt of art. Evan and I both paint/draw, we have artists in the family so we collect art from them, and I have a tendency to save things that I think might make good art someday (a pretty page from a magazine or calendar for example). So yeah, we are overflowing.

Therefore, we’re no strangers to gallery walls. In fact, we have a 23 foot gallery that takes up an entire wall in our living room! But we’ve always played it safe in one regard – when we do frames our frames match, and when we do canvases we do alllll canvases. The living room wall has been 100% wrapped canvases until very recently. Here is a pic of how it looked when we first put it up, and it stayed that way for a couple years.

Doing a mix-matched gallery wall -

A few months ago we decided to start mixing things up and we added some black framed art to our canvas-dominated wall.

The other gallery walls in our house were all black frames – and not even different black frames, all the EXACT same black frame in different sizes. In our dining room I just recently added, prepare yourself, art with slightly different black frames. (those three with the mats…. yes, so different)

Doing a mix-matched gallery wall -

So after dipping my toes into the mix-and-match-frame pool, I decided it was time to actually jump in. The plan was to fill another wall and not be so matchy matchy about the frames, type of art, etc. The wall we chose for the job: our empty hallway.

You may have guessed that already if you remember seeing a few frames peeking out in our post about painting your yellowy fixtures white. That was somewhere in the middle of operation mix-match, but it’s evolved quite a bit since then. I’m going to show you how it turned out, and walk you through our method.

Doing a mix-matched gallery wall -

So there are two ways you can go about starting a gallery wall:

  1. You can look at the art/photos you already have and then go buy frames for whatever needs frames. Or,
  2. You go buy frames you think will make a nice arrangement, then buy/make/print things to go into said frames.

Because we wanted to get some photos printed and we had enough extra art laying around that we could fill various frame sizes, we went with option 2. If you have one or more specific pieces, option 1 might be a better bet for you.

We’ve tried a lot of different methods when it comes to putting up gallery walls, but in our experience the fastest/simplest route is to lay everything out on the floor in front of the wall, eyeball where the middle piece should go, and work your way out from the middle. Some people will recommend getting butcher paper, cutting out pieces that match your frame size, and arranging those on the wall with tape first, but I think that takes wayyyyy too long. I figure with our method, worst case scenario is that we have to move our art around and fill a few nail holes (or just cover the holes with more art, am-I-right?).

We already had extra black frames, and I wanted to incorporate some white frames, so I decided to get a mix of black and white, some thick, some thin, some with mats, and some without. I laid these out, along with some existing canvases.  The lower left and upper right canvases were just spare ones that I planned to paint over.

So here it is up on the wall. Meh. Something just felt kinda off and not cohesive (and I promise I was trying as hard as I could to use my imagination and see past the frame “filler images” and the smoke alarm with no face).

So I rearranged it to the version you saw from the vent posts. I painted the fern art, the cross-hatch piece in the middle of the bottom row, and the mountain piece in that’s cut off on the bottom left.

Doing a mix-matched gallery wall -

This was definitely better and we kept it like this for a long time. Then I saw the gold Target frames. I immediately bought three in all different sizes and knew I had to make them work somehow. But with our mix of unframed pieces (canvas), white framed pieces, and black framed pieces, I wasn’t crazy enough to add another variable. So I moved a few of these guys to the living room gallery, and painted any black frames that remained with a semi-gloss white spray paint.

After much rearranging, and finally getting off my butt to get some wedding and vacation photos printed, I landed on this layout and I love it!

Doing a mix-matched gallery wall -

Doing a mix-matched gallery wall -

Being in a long skinny hallway, it’s not the easiest to take pictures of, but hopefully this gives you an idea of how it turned out.

Doing a mix-matched gallery wall -

It was definitely worth the wait because we love the balance of art and photos, the various sizes and how they all play together, and the color scheme that ended up kinda materializing on it’s own (blues, greens, and golds).

Hope this shows that it’s ok for your walls to be continually evolving. It’s worth a few extra nail holes to just start somewhere, even if you don’t quite know where you’re going yet. After seeing how this hallway turned out, now I’m wanting to make even more changes in our living room and dining room – so expect more art wall updates to come!


DIY wood canvas frame

Hey guys! Quick project on the blog today. We’re going to be walking you through how to make a simple, simple frame for any art you have laying around. We did it for a wrapped canvas, but we’re pretty sure you can use the same method for anything else you might frame (a poster, a print, etc). Here’s the finished product:

DIY wood canvas frame -

Custom frames can easily cost a couple hundred bucks (which is like, dozens of chickfila spicy chicken sandwiches). Our frame only cost us a few dollars. Meaning I have a lot of spicy chicken in my future.

DIY wood canvas frame -

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tools used:

So here’s how we did it. We started by measuring the outside edges of our canvas. We wanted the corners of the frame to meet at 45 degree angles, like in the graphic below. When you are measuring, make sure that the inside of your frame pieces is what matches up with the canvas measurement, and draw a 45 degree line out from that. The outside of your frame pieces will therefore be a little longer than the inside.

Alternatively, you could forego a 45 degree cut and just have them meet perpendicularly.

DIY wood canvas frame -

After marking on our trim wood pieces where the cuts needed to go, Evan quickly sliced the wood on the miter saw but you could use a simple jigsaw instead if you have a steady hand.

DIY wood canvas frame -

Once all four pieces were cut, we put wood glue at each corner where the pieces met. We used right angle clamps to hold the pieces together. You don’t have to buy four: if you have patience, you can just get one and do one corner at a time. Make sure to wipe off any excess glue that squeezes our, then let them dry overnight.

DIY wood canvas frame -

DIY wood canvas frame -

When we took the clamps off everything was nice and sturdy. Then we used an old rag to wipe on some Minwax stain in Dark Walnut (our favorite!) and let that dry for the recommended drying time.

The easiest thing about this frame? It just pops right onto the canvas. Simple tension holds the canvas in place, so there is no glass or hardware needed.


If making the same frame for a print or poster, you can simply tape the print/poster to the back of the frame or staple it in if you want something a little sturdier.

Hope this helps you out with some of that art you’ve been meaning to frame!

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DIY Faux Fur Tree Skirt (and Garland!)

In yesterday’s Christmas decor post I mentioned we added some faux fur in both tree skirt and garland form. As promised, today I’m sharing this quick DIY you can do in an afternoon (ie you can finish it before the Christmas!) Bonus: this tree skirt only cost about $15 as opposed to the $69 versions elsewhere and you get a free garland out of the material too.

First my mom (thanks mom!) picked up some faux fur fabric from Jo-Ann’s. I opted for a tawny light brown color, but a warm white would look great too. The size you need will depend on your tree, but for our 7.5ft tree we went with a 60″ x 60″ square (human below for reference).

Then we flipped it over and marked the center.

After we had our center point, we could trace out our circle. There are several ways to do this: eyeball it, trace something big like a hula hoop, etc. My husband is an engineer so of course it involved magnets, a ruler, and pure precision.

So we put magnets on top of the center point and one under the fabric to hold them in place. Then we placed one end of our yardstick, which had a hole in it, over the magnets and used it as a compass. You could do the same thing by tying a string to the magnets in the center and using that as your compass.

By placing a marker at the end of your ruler (or your string) and rotating it around the center point, you’ll create a perfect circle.


I’d recommend taking it outside to cut it because you are gonna get fur everywhere. I may look like I’m simply draped in a luxurious fur hanging out in my garage, but really I’m trying to cut it and not let it touch the ground at the same time. Evan only laughed at me for a minute before snapping a picture and helping me hold it :P

We cut along the circle and we also cut one line from the edge of the circle to the center point (so you can slide the center to the base of the tree).

Side note: our garage is insane. Lotsssss of different projects in progress. We’ll clean it… one day.

After cutting the circle out, shake it like a crazy person in your driveway or wherever you think you’ll gather the most attention from curious neighbors.

Bonus points if you get airborne while shaking it out.

We wrapped it around the base of the tree, putting the cut to the center in the back. Some of our edges were a little rough but we kinda feel like it gives it a more realistic look.

Of course… once we added presents you can barely see it.

But I know it’s there and I love it and that’s what matters!!!! Plus, as the presents disappear, the tree won’t look so sad and barren.

Part two of this tutorial is what we did with the scraps! We had a big ring of fur left, so I trimmed off the corners which left a circle of fabric. I took that and wrapped it around the baby tree in our office. It’s a nice tie in to our big tree, and it’s a super easy way to add visual impact to a without needing to hang ornaments.

Well there you have it! This was an easy and fun project that took very little time to complete – aka the perfect thing to tackle when you’re already counting down the days til Christmas!

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Our 2016 Christmas Decor

Hey guys! We’re not a proper home DIY and design blog if we don’t show y’all our Christmas decor (not that being proper has ever been our forte). The big news this year is we finally upgraded from our tiny 4-foot, apartment sized Christmas tree to a massive 7.5-foot tower of pre-lit glory. Hello Handsome!

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

Our ornament situation is pretty simple. A mix of snowflakes, silver and red balls, and a sprinkling of homemade ornaments/ones we’ve been given over the years.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

Don’t mind the fuzz all over my leggings… right before this we made a DIY faux fur tree skirt (we’ll post about that later) and clearly I can’t be bothered to lint roll mahself. You can see the tree skirt peeking out in the photo below.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

Luckily, not too much on our tree is breakable (at least on the lower tiers) since we have this little munchkin claiming her new favorite spot.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

It’s hard to imagine what our little OG tree used to look like in this spot, so I’ll just show ya.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

So teeny right? Now the little tree lives in our office. I could see it traveling to a new spot each year… this one works for now though. We opted to forego ornaments on this one (mainly because we needed all of them to fill our big tree… haha) but we did wrap it with a DIY faux fur garland (we’ll post on that later too).

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

Some Christmas decor also landed on our coffee table. We got this little burlap wrapped tree from Michaels earlier this season before the holiday aisles looked like a post-apocalyptic raided drug store, and while chances are they’re out of stock, this one on Amazon looks the exact same AND is actually cheaper than what we paid for it… dang it.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

We’ve had this little JOY glitter sign for years, and it happily sheds sparkles wherever it goes, but I think it’s super cute. These looked nice and wintery paired with our white constellation hurricanes from West Elm.

We also sprinkled some Christmas vibes on our dining table. We actually went with a look that was more wintery than Christmas-y so we can leave it up for a while.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

Evan made these copper balls out of wire. We need to post about those as well; they look great on the table, in a bowl, or as ornaments.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

On our back door we’ve got one of the wreaths we made for our West Elm pop up shop. We had to hold onto one for ourselves!

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

Our deer is looking extra Christmas-y with the holiday decor as well. So purdy.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

I love this view of the tree with our art wall behind it. After taking the deer pic above, I had to take this tree photo as well.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

And as always, Jack Skellington in his holiday garb is making an appearance.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

And Christmas is not complete without a giant explosion of wrapping paper and ribbon! Let the wrapping party with mom, Evan, and beer commence! Merry Christmas y’all.

Our 2016 Christmas Decor -

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Living room fan swap

Hey guys! So I’m continually realizing that there are projects we’ve completed that never got shared on the blog. Until some recent changes at Evan’s job, he would frequently have to work 11-12 hour days, and therefore I’d take on all the home/life-related responsibilities when I’d get home from work, so basically we had like zero time. We were honestly lucky to get any projects done, we just didn’t have time to blog about everything. So I’m here to gradually get you guys up to speed with the changes we’ve made.

First off is something we thought would be minor but ended up being a big upgrade in our eyes: swapping out our old living room fan.

Living Room Fan Swap -

We’ve done a few fan swaps in our time, like the one in our office and the extra-difficult one in our bedroom, so we’re no strangers to the process.

It’s always good to start by turning off the power, you know, so you don’t get electrocuted. Then we laid down a drop cloth to catch any ceiling dust or screws that fell onto the couch. Caught a cat instead.

Living Room Fan Swap -

Next we unscrewed the glass globes and lightbulbs since they’re the most breakable. Then we started removing the fan blades (you just unscrew them).

Living Room Fan Swap -

After the blades were off, we went to work on the drop rod and base of the fan. There aren’t tons of pictures of this because we needed two pairs of hands (that’s where the motor is, so it’s heavy!).

Living Room Fan Swap -

We disconnected the wires and reconnected them to the base of the new fan (you can see a great step by step of this here).

Then it was time to put the new fan together. First off, this is the one we got. We did a lot of research about what size fan we needed in order to get air circulation and light in such a big room, and this one fit the bill and our style. We’ve had it for over two years now and we still love it! I guess you could say we’re big fans…

To install it, we first added the drop rod and base of the new fan. The bulbs and glass light coverings were part of the main body of the fan so they were up at this point as well.

Living Room Fan Swap -

Then we screwed the blades into place. It’s a pretty simple process.

Living Room Fan Swap -

Last but not least, we swapped out our ugly 70’s dimmer, which we couldn’t even use because the old fan bulbs buzzed but were too high for us to bother swapping them out. We replaced it with a crisp white switch.

Living Room Fan Swap -

Here’s the new fan!

Living Room Fan Swap -

So remember earlier when I said this swap ended up making a bigger difference than expected? It’s because our new fan has down lights AND up lights – and that is amazing! See, 90% of the time we only have the uplight on. Unlike our old fan (and most fans) that only shine down and cause harsh shadows on everything, the up light shins up on the ceiling and the light is diffused indirectly throughout the room.

And if we need bonus light (like when I’m making ornaments at the coffee table watching Gilmore Girls), we can turn on the down light and gain some bonus brightness.

Living Room Fan Swap -

Updating fans and light fixtures may seem like minor projects, but that kind of stuff has a huge bang-for-your-buck (and effort) effect on making your home feel fresh and updated. What do you guys like to do to your house that feels like a nice update, but really isn’t that hard?

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Y’all- it’s almost December. How did this happen? I’m already feeling behind on gifts, and I’m still full on turkey. For anyone who is is in the same boat, Evan and I put together our very first holiday gift guide! *sparkle sparkle sparkle*

This is a mix of things we have/love and things we want. Of course, whenever possible we’re linking to things on Amazon Prime because we all know you’re gonna wait til the last minute and be thanking your stars for 2-day shipping.

Katelyn’s gift guide:

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

So we’ll start with my gift guide and get into Evan’s farther down in the post. Here are some of my favorite things!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
1) Turkish hand towels

These are on my wish list right now! We recently added Persian rugs to both of our bathrooms and my still-have-them-from-college hand towels are just not feeling up to par anymore. I’ve had the itch for Turkish towels for a while and did a lot of hunting, and these seem like the best priced, highly rated ones on Amazon.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
2) Mornings Away Minted print

I loooooove this print. It can be seen as chilly and wintery or warm and summery depending on what mood you’re in. The colors are so pretty and neutral enough to go with anything you have (green counts as a neutral in my book). I think this could live as part of a gallery wall or on it’s own in a larger size, depending on what wall space you need to fill.

PS- Minted has a Black Friday sale going on that lasts til Sunday the 27th! Use the code BF2016 to get 15% off if you spend less than $150, 20% off if you spend more than $150, woot!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
3) Lavender soy candle

This is one of those candles that is so good you don’t even need to light it and it smells amazing. It’s like “spa in a jar.” Evan got one of these for me about a year ago and I’ve since bought a few more. Right now, we have one in our guest bathroom and we don’t even light it, but every time we walk down the hall we get a nice lavender-y whiff. And even though it’s little, when we light it it’ll fill up a larger room like our bedroom.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
4) Watercolor throw pillow cover

Isn’t this throw pillow cover classy? I love the watercolor look and linen-y texture. Plus the navy and natural tones have me swooning. Definitely an item I’m putting on my wish list this year!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

5) Sticks wall coat hanger

We have two of these textural coat hangers in our office/entry butted up next to each other and we get questions all the time about where we got them. It’s cool because certain pieces fold down to be used for hanging coats, purses, etc, but you can fold them up when not in use. They’ve held up nicely for years, even to Evan’s super heavy backpack.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
6) KitchCo silicone cooking utensil set

We cook a lot, like 90% of our meals. So finding cooking utensils that are made without seams/joints is so dang awesome. Why? Because cleaning is soooooooo much easier! No foody bits getting stuck in the seam where your spatula meets the handle or anything like that. Plus they don’t melt. Plus they’re semi-squishy, which is fun :)

Yeah, it might seem silly to get somebody a cooking set when they probably already have (sub-par!) cooking utensils. But this is the set that made is donate all our other hand-me-down and cheapy cheap stuff.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
7) Candles on timers

Ok, this is one of those things that you don’t really need, but once you have it you feel so dang fancy: candles on timers. I’ll admit, it took me a long time to come around to the idea of LED candles. It seemed like more trouble to go around clicking them on and off than lighting and blowing out actual candles. But y’all. The timers. change. everything.

When you turn these on, they’ll stay on for 6 hours and come on at the same time every day. So basically, I come home to a warm house full of lit candles and they turn off right around the time we’re heading to bed. It’s the best.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
8) West Elm alabaster bookends

Geode bookends are popping up lots of places right now, but I’m loving these alabaster bookends with brass inlays from West Elm. A slightly different and more modern take on it, but still with that natural stone earthiness. Love!

Evan’s gift guide:

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
Hey guys, Evan here now! I’ve put together my own gift guide – all items that would be awesome for the DIYer/tool junkie in your life, with a bit of home-tech thrown in too.

1) Dewalt Power Drill

No DIY tool kit is complete without a power drill. I would get the brush-less variety too, as they are more power efficient and longer lasting. And now that the price difference has dropped, it’s not hard to justify the ~$20 upgrade. For those serious about their DIY tools, this Dewalt is the upgrade. It adds multiple speeds and can be used as a hammer drill too, making it three tools in one (screwdriver at low speeds, drill, and hammer drill).

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
2) Phlip’s wake up light

We wrote about this a few months ago and our love for this wake up light still holds strong! Waking up is not easy for us but this makes the days of waking up to a harsh phone alarm seem barbaric. It slowly lights up the room using different tones of light to mimic the sun, which makes waking up wayyyyyy more pleasant. We’ve recommended this to so many family members and friends already.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
3) 100 Piece Neiko bit set

This is not only a budget friendly way to get access to a whole bunch of bits (I especially love the hex set), but it is also a great holder even if you’re upgrading your existing bit collection. A great addition to any of your favorite bit drivers.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
4) 30-ft Retractable Extension Cord

This ceiling-mounted extension cord is an awesome addition to your garage. Just plug it in next to your garage door motor (where most houses have an outlet). Instead of searching for an extension cord every time you need it, just reach up and grab this! This has saved me so much time when working outside and in the garage. And since it’s retractable, winding it back up is easy.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
5) Digital calipers – 6 in12 in

Sometimes your traditional tape measure is not accurate enough, especially for inner or outer diameters, or precise work. Calipers like this are what is needed. They’re like that next-level upgrade if you want to get something for the person that already has all the basic tools. They are also great for identifying bolts and determining depths of holes. Once you have one in your arsenal, you can’t do without it!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
6) Knipex 10-inch Pliers

This great tool combines the best of adjustable pliers with the parallel movement of a wrench. It quickly adjusts using a push button. Turning a bolt/nut is also a breeze as you don’t need to take the tool off with each turn, but can instead just relax your grip, letting the tool move to the next position. For those stuck nuts this is also great as you can apply force to the stuck item by squeezing the handles, like pliers.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide
7) Super Glue + Insta-set combo pack

Not only great for DIYers, but basically everyone. Once I found out about this (thanks Adam Savage!) I have been addicted. The thicker superglue has much better performance and usability than the cheap ones, and the accelerator makes fixturing and clamping obsolete since it sets in about 1 second!

Still wanting more ideas? Check out our Evan & Katelyn products!

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Lastly…. if you’re looking for a gift you won’t find anywhere else, you could snag one of our products! Here are a few of my favorites that would make great holiday gifts.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

1 & 4)  Faceted 3D printed deer bust

Deer busts are trendy all year round but they have an especially holiday-ish vibe this time of year! Pictured above are our silver deer with hand painted backing, and copper deer with raw wood backing. You can create any combo you want on our blog shop here, or you can check out these two specific ones on Etsy here (silver) and here (copper).

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

2 & 6) Topographical Texas ornaments

Ornaments are always a safe bet. You can check out all our Texas ornaments on our blog shop here, or you can see the specific ones pictured on our Etsy shop here (copper) and here (silver). We can also make custom state ornaments (just contact us!)


3) Modern triangular wreaths

Our take on a modern wreath! Each one we make is a little unique. We 3D print the “joy”, paint the wooden frame with gold leaf paint, and hand-wrap the flowers with copper wire. Again, you can find these on our blog shop or Etsy.

Evan & Katelyn 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

5) Wood-mounted topographical Texas’s

Lastly, these little wood-mounted Texas’s have a cozy cabin vibe. Perfect for popping onto your styled shelves. You can find them on our blog shop or on Etsy here (silver) and here (copper).

Well there you have it guys! May your gifts be bountiful, your bellies be full of delicious Thanksgiving leftovers, and your holiday shopping be as stress-free as possible.

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DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable

Hey guys! Today I’m super excited to share a quick and easy DIY that you can do after work this evening (and still have time to make pasta for dinner… mmmm pasta). It’s a cute tabletop menu that’s perfect for Thanksgiving, or really any get together where food is involved (aka, the best type of get togethers). It could also be used as an easily changeable display for art, photos, even a mini calendar printout for your desk! Here it is:

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

As you know from our post about how we prepped for our pop up shop, we made various pieces of signage for the event. I’m a big fan of creating multiple uses from our DIY projects, so rather than letting it collect dust in between pop ups, I put this piece to work. The piece I’m talking about is our little pricing sign.

In the photo below, it’s the shorter wood sign (with E&K at the top). It’s a simple piece made of wood, glue, and a few magnets. AKA it’s super easy y’all.


It’s a nice size – big enough to stand out, but not so big that it will overpower the rest of your tablescape. I created a menu design and swapped out the price sheet for the menu sheet, and it looks right at home on our little sign.

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

First off, you can download the free printable menu by clicking here. It’s already sized for this stand so it’s easy peasy. And no, the download does not include my amazing sample menu already on it… although a meal involving tacos, donuts, and bacon sounds like my idea of a good time.

So let’s get onto the DIY shall we! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • About 11 inches of 1×6 wood
    (you’ll cut this into 2 pieces, it doesn’t need to be exact)
  • Super glue or wood glue
    (we looooove the super glue we linked to because it comes with an accelerant: you put the glue on side A, spray accelerant on side B, pop em together, and it sets pretty much instantly – aka no clamping required)
  • 8 cylindrical 1/4″ Neodymium magnets
    (if you already have other magnets they might work, but we like these 1/4″ ones because it’s easy to drill an exactly 1/4″ hole)

Tools used:

  • Miter saw
    (but you could get the pieces cut at Hone Depot or Lowes, or use a jig saw or hand saw if you did it carefully)
  • Power drill
  • 1/4″ drill bit used to get the circles for the embedded magnets
    (Evan recommends getting a 29 piece set like this one instead of buying individual bits)

So we took our piece of 1×6 wood and cut it into two pieces: a 3″ long piece for the horizontal base, and a 8″ long piece for the vertical display. Your pieces don’t have to be exactly the same lengths as ours; the final product just has to not topple over (which might happen if you made the vertical piece too tall or the horizontal base too skinny).

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

Before we attached the two pieces of wood, we created recessed holes for the magnets. The magnets are what hold your printed menu onto the stand. We bought these 1/4″ magnets and Evan used his 1/4″ bit to make holes the exact size of the magnets.

In order to not drill too deep, we use a white paint pen to mark on the drill bit itself what depth we want to go to. You can place your magnet next to your bit and make a mark on the bit that’s the same height as your magnet. Another alternative is using a drill stop, which is a little bit more fool proof. You don’t want to drill too far; it’s better to have to go back and drill a little more.

Before gluing, do a test fit by dropping the magnets in your holes. They should fit perfectly flush with the wood (so satisfying!). If they fit, put a drop of super glue in each hole and popped in the magnets. If they don’t fit, drill a little more out.

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

Then we placed our menu so that the corners were over the four magnets, and we took the other four magnets and popped them into place over the menu. Technically it’s probably better to add your print out later, but we are impatient. Plus, magnets are fun :)

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable - DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

Next up is gluing your two boards together. You can place the vertical piece on the horizontal piece (without glue) to get it centered, and then lightly mark on either side of the vertical piece so you know where to glue it. Next, apply super glue or wood glue to the bottom of the vertical piece and place back on the horizontal piece using your guide lines.

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

We did super glue (+ the accelerant) so after holding it on for a few seconds, the glue was set. If you use wood glue, you’ll need to clamp it and leave it drying for the time specified on your bottle of wood glue.

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable - DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

And there you have it! I love that this DIY isn’t holiday specific – really it could be used to display any menu, photo, art, mini calendar… so many things you could do with it!

DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable -

Free calendar printable graphic from LollyJane blog.

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