Planning a Home Renovation

It’s a great feeling to be able to use the skills I’ve developed in school and at work for something helpful at home. I was able to use my favorite 3d computer-aided-design (CAD) software to mock up our new house with some measurements I found on some previous inspections… and my imagination.

3D Model of Our Home-


Now I can imagine you asking me why this is at all helpful to anyone that does not have access to SolidWorks to plan out their house. But thankfully there is a free alternative in Google Sketchup! Sketchup was recently bought up and rebranded by Trimble Buildings but thankfully cnet still has the Google version available for download. You can download Trimble’s version here and Google’s version here. There is even a whole library of 3d models that you can load in like couches, TV’s, entertainment centers, etc.

Some people might also be wondering WHY?! Partially just because. But I actually started this little side project because we needed accurate square footage estimates for pulling up tile and buying flooring. With SolidWorks that info is a couple clicks away (Note- that is why I added the dividing line you can see between some rooms, that way when you select a surface for info you get the room you want not the whole floor). Plus you can plan what furniture you might want to buy and or fit into your new house.

Excited to get the keys to our home and get to work! We’ve got tile and carpet to remove and walls to paint!



We’re Starting a Blog!

Between planning a DIY wedding and buying our first house (lots of DIY to ideas for that too), we are crazy busy these days. So the only logical thing to do was add another item to our plate- starting a blog! Our goal is to keep family and friends posted on all the house and wedding stuff going on around here, and mildly entertain any random strangers who got lost on the interwebs and stumbled upon our little piece of the blogosphere.

So I guess we’ll jump right in! After months of looking at houses, losing one to a cash offer, losing another because the sellers wouldn’t come down on their price, and walking through some pretty nasty someone-was-definitely-murdered-here foreclosures… we found our perfect house!!! Eeeeeep!!! Check it out!

Our First House-

IT’S SO AWESOME!!! Ok, we might be a little biased. We are SUPER excited about this house. Currently we’re under contract- fingers crossed everything goes smoothly! We don’t want to jinx it though, so until we actually close on it we’re holding off on busting out the celebratory champagne Bailey’s (mmmm… creamy. Soft, creamy beige).

We already have tons of DIY plans for this place, and having a house will make it easier to work on our wedding DIY too. We’ll keep y’all posted on things! Cheers to displaying our lives on the internet!! *glass clink* *sip of Baileys* *ok ok we broke it out early, so sue us!*