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Garage storage ideas

In our last garage post (and video) we covered part 1 of our garage series: how we patched, repaired, and painted our very sad looking walls.

DIY garage storage solutions - In today’s post, we’re covering how we turned that clean slate into something actually functional too. The goal: to be able to use this space as a workshop AND still be able to pull both of our cars in. We took it from this:

DIY garage storage solutions and organization - To this! Holy crap!!

DIY garage storage solutions - You can watch the video that covers everything below, or keep scrolling for all our choices, steps, and tips in blog-format.

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And now, all the details and unattractive photos you’ve been waiting for. As you saw in the video, this is where we started…
So the challenge is that we were asking a lot from our little garage. We’re asking it to house two cars, have all the functionality we need for our DIY projects, and act as a workshop for making products. Oh yeah, and be organized and look nice while you’re at it.

When we bought the house, we actually did inherit a decent amount of storage. It was just… not how we would have done it.

There were some pegboards, but they had been cut up and placed around three different spots that didn’t all make sense. For instance, the right side of our garage has a step that gives us a few feet of space between our cars and the wall, so it would be perfect for something that required more space, like shelving. But a big pegboard, which sits more flush against the wall, was taking up half of that wall. And since we had extra space in front of it (and no room anywhere else), stuff always ended up getting piled there. Plus, these pegboards weren’t in the best of shape. They had lots of gouges, unusable holes, and so on.

DIY garage storage solutions - We inherited some ok shelves too, but the shelves were on brackets that were screwed into drywall (instead of studs) so we couldn’t put too much weight on them. Also, the ones on the left side of our garage made it hard for Evan, who parks on the left, to get out of his car without hitting something, so placement wasn’t always great.

DIY garage storage solutions - The garage also came sporting some old cabinets and a wire rack, which we planned on sprucing up and continuing to use.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - In addition to these bits and pieces of storage, we’ve added our own over the years. We have a big Uline shelving unit for heavy and big things (if you squint your eyes you can see it behind the wood, cords, and bike).

DIY garage storage solutions - We bought a small tool storage/work table when we first moved in that we very quickly outgrew.

DIY garage storage solutions - So then recently we built a giant rolling work table that better suited our needs, but took up a lot of space.

DIY garage storage solutions - And we built a rolling wood cart to hold extra scrap wood (see it to the right of the work table?).

DIY garage storage solutions - So I guess what I’m trying to say is… we have a lot of tools and project materials and general garage-y stuff, so we have a lot of storage to try and corral that stuff, but then the storage units themselves just end up being more stuff to take up space. We knew something had to change.

DIY garage storage solutions - STEP 1: Declutter garage (and fix the walls while we’re at it)

We got rid of as many things as possible. This included a bunch of stuff we never used, plus the storage we decided to ditch. We Craigslisted the black tool table and ripped off the old shelving and pegboards.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - Then, as y’all know from our last post/video [LINK], we pulled everything away from the walls so we could patch, repair, and paint them, giving ourselves a clean slate to move forward.

DIY garage storage solutions - STEP 2: New pegboards

Pegboards are pretty much a garage staple in our minds. Even though we got rid of our old ones, new ones were first on our list of things to buy. You might view pegboards as sort of a basic item without much variance between one and another, which honestly is kinda how I felt before this project, but then we found these:

DIY garage storage solutions -

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - Wall Control pegboards. They’re made of steel, they come in modular panels, they have built-in stand off, they’re incredibly sturdy, and they are just about as pretty as pegboards can be. (Side note, no, they are not sponsors, we just LOVE these things).

Here’s what you’ll need to install them:

DIY garage storage solutions - We decided to put these on the left side of our garage, because we needed this wall to have storage that was more flush (so Evan could still get out of his car).

DIY garage storage solutions - These pegboards are made to work with the normal spacing of normal studs in a normal house. What we found in our garage is that the studs were a little off in some places, and really off in others, so they didn’t count as “normal”. To get around this, we used 1×4’s to bridge between our studs.

DIY garage storage solutions - First, use a stud finder to find your studs.

DIY garage storage solutions - *wink!

And mark them on the wall.

DIY garage storage solutions - We had eight feet worth of panels so we got three eight-foot 1×4’s, and placed them horizontally at three different heights because the panels have attachment points at their top, middle, and bottom.

DIY garage storage solutions - Use a level so your 1×4’s aren’t all kittywampus, and grab a buddy if you can because it helps to have one person holding one end while the other person screws into the other. Screw the pegboards into the boards at their top, middle, and bottom attachment points.

Because the pegboards have built in stand off, screwing them into the boards doesn’t make you lose any usable space like with a traditional pegboard.

DIY garage storage solutions - Because we bridged the studs, we could attach our pegboards to the 1×4’s without having to worry about hitting a stud.

DIY garage storage solutions - Each pegboard panel has six attachment points (three on each side) that you’ll need to screw into your 1×4’s.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - Then it was just a matter of putting up our tools. There’s something about a fresh pegboard that makes you feel organized and on top of life. DIY garage storage and organization -

DIY garage storage solutions - STEP 3: New shelving

Shelves were another item that we still wanted, we just had requirements that the old ones didn’t mean. Mainly, we wanted them to be easily adjustable, and able to hold more weight than our old ones.

We ended up finding this rail and bracket system called EverBilt. It’s kinda like what you might find in a closet system: different lengths of rails and brackets that hook into them. Then you just use wood planks as the shelves themselves.

DIY garage storage solutions - We love the idea of this because we want to be able to move shelves around easily if we need a different set up in the future.

To install these, you’ll need:

DIY garage storage solutions - We planned to put all our shelving on the right side of the garage, where we have the stepped up area (because we have a little more space between the wall and the car on that side).

DIY garage storage solutions - Again, the first step to this project is finding and marking your studs. And again, our studs were really wonky. Like… they seemingly disappeared anywhere above five feet in some areas.

DIY garage storage solutions - Meaning we had to go with a different part of the wall on this side of the garage, but it was fine and honestly probably worked out even better in the end because it’s closer to where our worktable ended up.

DIY garage storage solutions - Mark your studs at several different heights and draw a vertical line connecting your marks. You’ll attach the rails vertically along the studs, and you want to make sure you hit the stud with every screw.

DIY garage storage solutions - Screw a rail into each stud. You’ll need at least two rails obviously, but if you need more weight support or if you’re spanning a wider area, you can do more.

DIY garage storage solutions - Then all you need to do is add a bracket onto the rails at each height you want a shelf. They just pop right in, super easy.

DIY garage storage solutions - We used 12 inch deep boards for our shelves, in lengths of 6 feet since that was the widest we could go on this wall. The weight of the boards makes them stay in place pretty solidly on the brackets.

DIY garage storage solutions - The best thing is if we need to adjust the height of a shelf, it’s so easy to bump the brackets up or down and place the board back on top.

DIY garage storage solutions -

DIY garage storage solutions - We used these shelves for things like drawers of safety gear, boxes of extra product and supplies for our pop up shops, and our OCD-embracing screw, nail, and general hardware organizers.

DIY garage storage solutions -

DIY garage storage solutions - We ended up living these so much, we added a couple shelves above our pegboards too using some of the short rail lengths (they come in several lengths). We use these for extra wood that’s too long for our rolly cart and items we don’t need frequent access to.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - STEP 3: Track system

Next we added a track system to hold the typical long awkward items you have in a garage, like shovels, rakes, etc. We decided this would go on the left wall next to the pegboards (because these tend to be more flush against the wall too). There are a lot of systems to choose from, but we went with the Rubbermaid FastTrack system. Mainly because it’s got a big variety of hooks, was very modular, and had great reviews.

To install this, you’ll need

DIY garage storage solutions - First, you guessed it, find and mark your studs. We used the 1×4 trick again to bridge between them.

DIY garage storage solutions - Then attach the track onto your 1×4. The secondary benefit of using the 1×4 is that it gives a little bit of extra space between the items you’re hanging from the track and your wall, meaning your wall won’t get as dirty or beat up.

DIY garage storage solutions - The cover should slide right over your track.

DIY garage storage solutions - Then clip on your hooks. There are all sorts of different types, depending on what you need to hang.

DIY garage storage solutions - We filled it up pretty fast with brooms, shovels, rakes, trimmers, etc. It can even hold super heavy stuff like our ladder.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - We love how modular and sturdy this is!

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - STEP 4: Wire rack

After installing our new storage, we turned our eye back to our existing storage. This little wire rack has rested humbly in our corner for years and we actually use it, so it was a keeper. But he was dirty, chipped, and slightly off white. So we gave him a good scrubbing and a coat of white semigloss spray paint.

DIY garage storage solutions - Then we added him on the wall back where he used to be, except this time we screwed him into studs (seriously, it seems like NOTHING in this garage had been attached to studs).

DIY garage storage solutions - STEP 5: Cabinets

Our cabinets, which came with the house, originally started out pretty much the ugliest brown you could ever imagine. So one day we couldn’t take it any more and we painted them with some white paint we just happened to have on hand. What we didn’t think about was that it was flat paint, so it got really dirty really easily. We had some of our paint leftover from painting the walls, which was Behr Ultra Premium Plus off-the-shelf white in a satin sheen, so we decided to try that.

DIY garage storage solutions - Hopefully painting them with extra paint won’t come back to bite us in the butt again, but they definitely look better now and are easier to clean!

DIY garage storage solutions - We also gave the knobs a new coat of paint. They had been painted over so many times that it had built up quite a bit.

DIY garage storage solutions - To get off the old paint and prep them for a new coat, we used this trick. First, screw a knob onto your drill.

DIY garage storage solutions - Then use one hand to control the drill, and the other hand to hold emery cloth around the knob. As the drill spins, the cloth sands the paint off the knob.

DIY garage storage solutions - It’s a little hard to tell in the photo because the old knob color was white and the paint that had gotten on it was white, but it was much smoother!

DIY garage storage solutions - We spray painted them semigloss white to even them out (I know, seems kinda redundant, but it helped give them a more finished look)

DIY garage storage solutions - Then we reattached the knobs and called these cabinets done.

DIY garage storage solutions - STEP 6: Moving stuff into place, DIY dolly shelf, DIY drying racks

The step was kinda like “ok we are basically done, let’s move stuff back, wait let’s DIY a couple things while we’re at it!” So not so much a step we did, more like a series of fortunate distractions as we wrapped this thing up.

DIY garage storage solutions - We moved our Uline back where it used to live to the left of the cabinets and loaded up our big, heavy items.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - We used to keep extra tile and bricks from the house stacked underneath it, but it was like a breeding ground for cobwebs, dirt, and dead bugs back there because they were so heavy, we could never move them to clean. So we decided to convert an old dolly to a low profile rolling tile storage cart (really, this would work for anything low profile and heavy).

To install this, you’ll need

  • 1/2″ plywood
  • Some extra scrap wood to bring the lower center part level with the ends
  • Screws

DIY garage storage solutions - The dolly has a higher, padded part on either end, and slightly lower wooden parts across the middle. So Evan cut some 1×4’s down to size so that they could sit on top of the wooden parts and make the middle of the dolly level with the ends of the dolly.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - Then we used some 3/4” thick plywood that was just a little wider and longer than the dolly and secured it on top with four screws. We drilled through the plywood, through the 1×4’s, into the wooden part of the dolly’s frame.

DIY garage storage solutions - We loaded her up with tile and she fit snuggly under our Uline. Now it’s about a billion times easier to move the tile around when we need to. That stuff is HEAVY.

Side note, I looked into it and a dolly like this is only $19. In a lot of cases, that’s cheaper than buying wood + four casters, and it’s already put together for you. So if you’re needing a quick and simple rolling cart, might be worth just getting a dolly and popping some plywood on top!

Next we added our rolling wood cart to the right of the cabinets. We had hoped to put it there, and last minute realized it was about 6 inches too wide (that’s what we get for dreaming big and not measuring). We didn’t get photos of this step, but we cut off some overhanging surface, moved a couple casters, and baaaaarely got it to fit. Woo!

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - The space under the cabinets was begging for our work table, but before rolling it in we took a few to add a little more functionality to it. We use this table for all sorts of projects, including working on our products, which often require time to dry (wet paint, cement that needs to cure, stain that’s soaking in, etc). We used to use the oh so glamorous technique of dismantling cardboard boxes, laying them flat on the floor, and splaying all our drying goodies across those. Which technically worked, but was not space efficient at all.

DIY garage storage solutions - We were liking our shelves from earlier so much, we got more short rails and more brackets to built a drying rack area under our worktable. We attached the rails to the table legs, popped in the brackets, and used planks of particle board (?????) as shelving. I can’t believe we never thought of this before – it is SUCH a better use of space! No more tip toeing around drying products all over the floors!

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - Once our drying rack was loaded up, we rolled the work table under the cabinets and it was literally a perfect fit. I’m kind of in disbelief that this worked. Our Tetris skills of yore were clearly put to good use.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - Moment of Truth

All of our stuff corralled? Check. Usable work space for projects and products? Check. Space to pull in both of our cars?

DIY garage storage solutions - Check!!!!!!

Y’all. This is for real. And I kinda can’t believe it. Especially when you look back on where this started.

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - We kinda feel like now that our garage is in order, there’s no stopping us. Feel like making a DIY cutting board or a bench? No biggie, our wood is no longer buried under a mountain of disgrace. Need to crank out a new product order? No longer do we have to turn our garage floor into a sea of half-dried items.

DIY garage storage solutions - Expect a (hopefully) higher frequency of projects, new products, and posts now that this space is functional again!

DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - DIY garage storage solutions - ………………………………………………………………
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Tidying Up

Have you guys heard of that book, “The life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo? My brother-in-law and sister-in-law got it for me as a birthday present and as I started to read, I was like “this woman is speaking my language!” As someone who finds great joy in coming home for Christmas and sorting out mom’s pantry, who once volunteered to spend a good half hour organizing a friend’s freezer,  and who can make an afternoon of  re-doing the bathroom drawers, I thought I was the only one. Now I know I’m not alone.

File_000 For those of you that don’t know, Marie Kondo’s advice is that by getting rid of items that no longer bring you joy, you can have a clutter-free and happier life. Again… speaking my language.

As the book suggests we started with clothes. We were pretty ruthless- we scoured our closets for any items we were no longer feelin’. Here is the initial pile, with Mochi for scale. We don’t even have large closets! I don’t know where we were storing all that clothing! The crazy thing is even after that pile, we got rid of at least one more trash bag worth.

File_003 We then decided to go a little off the path and further sort our pile into two categories: donations and garage sale. This meant that half the stuff we had pulled off the hanger now needed to be re-hung… oy. This is probably why Marie says to just get rid of it and not look back. We looked back. It led to chaos.

File_002 And that’s not even really the worst of it. Imagine stuff hung across every curtain rod and dining chair. But we’ve never had a garage sale and I think it’ll be fun to do this spring, so I’m glad we deviated from the path a bit.

At the end of the clothing category, I was left with the most beautiful looking underwear and sock drawer I’ve ever seen following Marie’s folding suggestions. Look at it. LOOK AT IT. Never thought I’d be posting my underwear on the internet, but this is way too visually satisfying.

File_000(2) After deviating from the instructions once, we decided to deviate a bit more. We skipped around the category order and made up our own specific categories. So after clothes I tackled the “holiday decor” category, then “regular decor.” I did this in pretty much one afternoon and forgot to take photos… just imagine our dining table full of candles, vases, prints I’ve been meaning to frame, stuff like that. Shoot I just realized that things like blankets and pillows and extra lamps could be considered part of the home decor category. Literally just realized that as I was typing. Dangit blog, I thought I was done and I wasn’t. Thanks a lot. Got some blankets and lamps to attend to.

We are now in the process of tackling one of our toughest categories yet: technology. I’m looking at you Evan.

20160110_221538 After that, we still need to hit kitchen and tools/home improvement type stuff. And I guess I need to finish home decor haha. Then we’re pretty much done! Wish us luck! We’ll keep you posted as we go, since we are obviously learning on the fly! :)



We are Terrible Garage Parents

Our garage has seen some tough times. At least once a month, in the midst of some big project or after another huge Home Depot or Lowes shopping trip, I think “this is definitely the messiest our garage has ever been” and I snap a picture so that when we finally clean it up, we’ll have a great before and after comparison. But due to the fact that garage clean up keeps getting put on the back burner, what I have is more like like a “before and before and before and before” instead of a “before and after.”

In our defense, we did inherit a decent amount of random garage-y stuff with the house (cans of paint, gardening tools, piles of bricks, etc). But still. There’s really no excuse for this sort of neglect. We’re terrible garage-parents.

Garage Overhaul

The photo above was right after our mega shopping spree at Lowes.

IMG_1014 copy

At this point it was far from its worst. We actually had space to park one car! We did manage to make the garage a little better by building a big worktable Evan bought.

Garage Overhaul

Garage Overhaul

Have I mentioned Mochi likes to insert herself into the middle of all our home endeavors? Especially those involving instructions manuals placed on the floor.

Garage Overhaul

You might also notice in the picture above that our washer and dryer are hanging out in the garage. Seems like it was just yesterday *tear.*

The status of the garage got much worse when the attic project hit. What a disaster zone! Even though we returned the blower and hoses, those trash piles hung out in there for at least a week.

Garage Overhaul

Then we had a bunch of boxes piled up from the attic clean-out and our recent Ikea trip, and our garage looked like a box convention with the best turnout in the history of box conventions.

Garage Overhaul Garage Overhaul

But after one evening of shuffling things around, we at least managed to get everything contained to the perimeter of the area.

Garage Overhaul

And it was the first time since moving in that we could actually fit both of our cars in at the same time!!


This is for sure not the most exciting before and afters picture-wise, but with temperatures reaching 100 down here in H-town being able to park in our garage makes us both do a happy dance.


I Like Big Lists & I Cannot Lie

We’ve been bad about updating lately. I’m sorry! We’ve been caught up in conference-attending and wedding-planning and baby-shower-attending and Houston-Austin-SA-traveling. Whew! But we are ready to hop back on this house thing, and what better way to get motivated than to make a giant spreadsheet with all the things you have to do?! What you guys don’t make spreadsheets to get pumped? We are nerds..

nerds Well to show you guys that we are back on track (and to help motivate ourselves to get things done) we are posting the mega-list. The list that eats all other lists. Here goes nothing.

Remove hard water stains
Scrape up old grout and caulk, replace with new caulk
Seal all grout and tile
Replace tile we popped off
Untitled-1 Add plastic water guard to shower door
Secure loose sink
Install new
GFCI outlet

Re-caulk the whole shebang
Fix broken tile shelf in shower photo2 Seal all grout and tile
Fix low hot water pressure in sink
Secure toilet, nobody wants a wobbly potty

Replace faucet with one that doesn’t leak
Cover corner of wallpaper showing at edge of cabinets
Caulk around cooktop
Caulk backsplash tile photo(4)2 Replace light bulbs that are out
Seal granite
Paint unused yellow phone jack cover black to match backsplash

Attach new insulation to walls and to attic hatch
Improve attic flooring
Organize spaghetti mess of wires up there

Patch/repair holes in drywall
Organize, clean, organize, clean
Clean garbage cans

Fix carpet transitions
Get transition into guest bath installed photo(1)2 Remove hallway door
Paint over ceiling stain
Replace light bulbs

Secure loose wiring on outside of house
Paint exterior white/cream Untitled-12 Clean gutters
Add new sconces by front door
Add solar lights to walkway

Pull weeds
Do weed and feed
Dig up bush roots in backyard
Dig up palm roots in front yard
Replace previous palm spots with something pretty photo(2)3 Demo old patio to make way for a new one
Get/build a fence
Re-grade backyard
Plant more grass in bare areas

Replace all old/missing rubber doorstops
Paint front door
Shave off bottom of front door so it doesn’t drag
Shave off bottom of garage door so it doesn’t drag
Install new doorknobs/locks photo(3)2 Patch hole in door frame of garage door
Adjust interior doors so they don’t open/close on their own
Move hallway door to master bathroom
Repair water damage on back door frame
Replace weather stripping on exterior doors

Clean the crap out of them
Remove metal cubes that block them from being opened all the way
Fix/replace all the screens
Remove old alarm system wires
Scrape away old gross caulk and add new caulk

Repair open grounds on outlets
Replace all outlet and light switch covers

Fix crack in closet door frame
Patch holes in wall
Build new bed frame
Build new headboard

Caulk along baseboards where we cut it
Replace fan with light fixture
Build entry way hooks/shelf

Figure out how to conceal wire along wall
Replace light bulb that shines onto fireplace
Remove loose insulation above damper in fireplace
Add damper stop (c-clamp) in fireplace
Add art onto walls
Craigslist old couches

Add tile
Fix part of baseboard we broke Untitled-13 Caulk along baseboards where we cut it
Vacuum dryer vent
Thoroughly clean washer/dryer
Replace fluorescent light with something pretty
Fit Mochi’s cabinet in there somehow
Build shelf above washer/dryer

Paint trim
Paint walls
New fans in all rooms
Replace/paint old yellowed AC covers, smoke alarm covers, doorbell cover, etc
Hang curtains

You’ll notice a few things are crossed off the list- that’s the stuff we’ve been working on! We’ll make posts on those items when we get a chance. Also, I’m sure we’ll be adding new things to this list about as fast as we can cross off old ones! Owning a home really is a 24/7 job haha.