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3D Printed Deer Head for Casey Neistat

Today’s project is a little different. It’s something we made not for our own house, but as a gift. It’s something that isn’t like most of the projects we post because it’s not really a tutorial exactly. BUT it’s something we feel strongly about and are excited to share, so let’s get into it :)

We made a 3D printed deer head for Casey Neistat!

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn So if you know what we do, and you know what Casey does, this might seem kinda random. The content we have on our channels doesn’t have much overlap. But if it wasn’t for Casey… we might not even have a channel. 

In the video below, we explain what we mean, but in a nutshell: We’ve always loved DIYing and sharing what we do, but Casey inspired us to take it to the next level by starting a YouTube channel and devoting as much time and energy as we have to building our passion into something more. This deer head design was, in a way, the kick off point of us taking what we do from just a hobby to something more, so it’s very special to us and we wanted to share it. Hope you like it Casey :)

[Before we keep going, I want to pause and say if you have a second it would mean SO much to us if you’d like our video or subscribe to our channel. Since we’re brand new to YouTube, every view, like, and subscription makes a huge difference for us. Click here to see the whole channel. Thank youuuuu! We’re doing a big goofy happy dance right now!]

Now, I’ll try to cover the steps we took to make this deer but there will be a few things that won’t be possible unless you have 3D printer access. So feel free to read along if your’e curious about any of the steps, or watch the video above if you just wanna see the process in action.

Making the backing

First things first, we had to find some pallet wood for the backing. We went to a tiny local hardware store in the area to see if they had some pallets we could take off their hands.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn We’ve never salvaged pallet wood before (which is kinda a DIYer right-of-passage, right?) so we were excited to get our hands on this. We went for salvaged wood over new lumber because we wanted it to have a bit more wear and tear, and not look so perfect.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn We used our reciprocating saw to cut the ends of the wood  from the ends of the pallet, and pried off the nails from the middle of the pallet.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn Then we joined three pallet boards using our Kreg jig.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn And once they were joined, we cut off a little bit from each end on the miter saw so that the top and bottom were even

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn

Printing the deer

Meanwhile we started 3D printing a big deer head. We designed this guy a while back (modeled in MODO) and sell smaller version on Etsy and at West Elm stores here in Texas (like I said, it’s really the first project that kicked off this adventure), but we wanted something slightly larger with some more oomph. So Evan got to work making the design even bigger (mainly in SolidWorks).

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn After a few failed prints, we got Fred to handle the larger deer size (Fred is our new printer, if you follow us on Insta you’ve met him before) and he came out beautifully. We’re still trying to fine tune Simplify 3d (the software that tells the printer what to do) and getting the supports to stick is sometimes an issue.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn He was printed in three different pieces, meaning we had to join those pieces. Evan designed him with holes at each connection point so that we could attach the pieces with dowels and super glue.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn We may have initially put the wrong antler on the wrong side, and we may have panicked a little, but he’s good now :)

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn Then we had quite a bit of surface area to smooth out. 3D prints are often printed with supports that you break off when the print is finished. Breaking off the supports leaves a rough patch. So we smooth those out with a combination of a soldering iron and coats of automotive primer (sounds weird if you haven’t worked with 3D prints before, but it does the trick!)

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn After the rounds of priming and soldering, we spray painted him a dark gunmetal color.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn


Next we painted the backing. The goal was to do something colorful with a bit of a street art vibe. First we spray painted the same gun metal gray we used on the deer on the top and bottom of the pallet to give it even more of a weathered look.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn Without waiting for it to dry, we started adding strokes of acrylic paint in layers upon layers. We used about ten different colors.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn We also added a little 3D printed touch: Casey’s tattoo DO MORE. We glued the 3D printed text over the paint.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn Lastly, I had to hide a little YouTube icon in the details. This is Casey after all.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn


Lastly we drilled a hole through the backing and mounted the deer.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn Here’s the finished product y’all!

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn Of course, we also had to figure out a way to mail this guy from Texas to New York. We bought the most economical box we could that was double walled and big enough for the deer. Turns out “most economical” means “most awkwardly sized” so we actually got this big thing and cut it down to a smaller size

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn 3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn Of course, we had to make the box our own. Couldn’t help but doodle on it.

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn Then we shed a few sweaty, happy tears, said our goodbyes and mailed him off. Hope he makes it to NY ok. Hope Casey likes him. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get to see him again on Mail Time :)

3D printed deer head for Caset Neistat - Evan & Katelyn If you wanna see him on Mail Time too… make sure to let Casey know! Please send him the video link on Twitter @CaseyNeistat. Casey is one of our biggest creative inspirations and it would mean so much to us knowing that our gift made it to him. Thank you!!

Tools and materials

If you’re trying to tackle a similar project, we wanted to still include the tools and materials we used. Here goes!

You can also find us at:

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We started a YouTube channel!

Y’all. We have an announcement.


And we are so dang excited!! You can check it out and see the whole channel HERE.

So why make videos? Well, little known fact to our internet friends (but well known fact to our in-person friends/family, who we make watch everything haha), we actually take videos all.the.time. We make one-second-a-day compilations for every year and every vacation, so we’re always trying to capture little moments in life. And recently we realized hey – we love video, and we love DIY, and those two things go very well together!

So we started filming projects and turning them into succinct little tutorials that are sorta like the blog but with better music, less words, and a lot more high fives.

Evan and Katelyn started a YouTube channel!
We plan to make videos for the type of stuff we blog about: home DIY projects, woodworking, crafting, home improvement, etc. But we’ll also use them as a way to talk to you guys more by answering reader questions, sharing cool tips, etc. Also, we don’t plan for this to be a one-off thing – we plan to literally make as many videos as we can because we’ve found that we really truly LOVE it.

Of course, we still plan to include these tutorials in blog-form too, because everybody learns differently (and we can get a little more detailed when I’m allowed to write as many words as I want mwahahaha!) *ahem*

I guess I’ll end this with saying: we hope you like our channel! And if you could watch, like, or subscribe it would mean so much to us: we’re brand new to YouTube, so your views, likes, and subscriptions helps more people find us, which helps us be able to make more videos. Thank you! *happy dance*


2017 Project/House/Life Goals

Everyone is posting their 2017 house resolutions and we’re over here like “Is it Wednesday or Thursday??” (spoiler, it’s Tuesday).

So we’re a little late to the share-your-goals game, but it got us to sit down and talk about some of the bigger projects we are really excited to tackle this year (aka here’s a post with all the not-pretty rooms in the house!)


I kinda feel like everybody and their mom has the garage on their things-to-be-dealt-with list, but we really reallllllly want to get to ours. After turning half of it into a workshop to create products for our shop, we’ve got scrap wood, spray paint, boxes, concrete mix, and power tools everywhere. For the photo below we actually tried to pick up! (and by pick up we mean shove everything we could onto/under that worktable)

We plan on taking everything off the walls and patching them, epoxying the floor, and coming up with storage solutions for all of our stuff.


Ahahaha. Ye olde office. This is the hardest room to figure out in our house. We are currently using this room to house a couple computers, a 3D printer, tools we don’t want outside, an extensive collection of photography gear, art and craft supplies, and hey lets just throw in our workout stuff while we’re at it too.

The reason we haven’t put more time into this space yet is because we don’t know where out office is going to end up down the line. Will it stay in this room? Will we go back to using the breakfast nook? Will the garage absorb some of it once we fix it up? Will we move it into the guest room once we turn the guest bed  into a murphy bed? Which brings me too…

Murphy bed

Guest rooms are awesome when you have people stay overnight. But most of the time, our guest room is just the room that Mochi hangs out in/houses extra decor and hand-me-down furniture.

We’d really like to build some more functionality into the space, so we are hoping to DIY a built-in Murphy bed  (kinda like this, this, or this).

YouTube Channel 

So this one isn’t a project for our house per say… but we plan on starting a YouTube channel! We love taking videos (we put together a one-second-a-day video each year, just to have) but we’ve never done it for the blog before.

We’re already working on a couple video tutorials and we plan on making the channel live once we have a few more done. Super excited to dip our toes into this world!

More products

Working on some more products, specifically lots involving concrete right now. We 3D print models of the products, make a silicone mold from the print, and then pour the concrete into the mold. It’s super fun! Keep you eye out for things from coasters to candle holders.

New art for living room

After posting about our hallway gallery last week, I’ve got art on my mind. We’ve slowly but surely been painting over canvas prints we’ve had since the apartment days.

See the pink one in the upper left? New. The one of our kitty Mochi poking her head up? New. The black one above the TV? Errrr, in progress haha.

Outdoor lights

Lastly, we plan to finally give our exterior a little love! Starting with replacing our outdoor sconces by the front door and the back door. These, these, and these are a few options we’re looking at.

As you can see, what we’ve currently got going on is nothing special. Of course we could also use a new front door, new window screens, a different paint color… and taking the Christmas lights down would help too.

Putting all this down on (digital) paper makes me want to do ALL THE THINGS right now! Can’t wait to keep sharing, learning, and being our goofy selves with you guys in 2017.


Aloha! Ways to Vacation-Up your Home

Hey guys! You may have noticed we went MIA for a few weeks. We’ve been traveling a bit, and our biggest trip recently was Kauai!

13254252_10100152529322060_4883526254218452892_n One thing we try to do on vacations is make mental notes of what we can take back with us to make real-life a little more vacation-y. And I don’t mean like souvenirs.

For example, in Thailand and Cambodia, I became so obsessed with the flowery smells in the air Evan bought me some awesome soy candles in lemongrass and jasmine that always take me back to that happy place.

10271576_833163496760_1470607772981320168_n In New Zealand, I became an avid tea-instead-of-coffee-all-day-erry-day person and since then it’s a habit that’s stuck with me. Little things like that pull me ever so slightly out of work mode and back into vacay mode.

12314189_10100107583154540_135467718799068872_o In Hawaii, one thing we loved was that every day we woke up early naturally as the sun came up. It was awesome- we were up around 6:30 each morning and had so much day ahead of us to enjoy! Granted, the time difference was working in our favor, but still we wondered why it was so hard to wake up at 6:30 for work when it was so pleasant on vacation?

I think one of the big reasons is that at 6:30 in Hawaii the sun is OUT. I woke up thinking “dang we slept in!” every morning because it was so bright. But in Houston, 6:30 is still dark and makes you wanna stay snuggled between your kitty and your hubby.

So we got one of these.

2016-06-01 copy It’s called the Philips Morning Wake-Up Light and it’s awesome. We had heard about these wake-up lights before but never pulled the trigger on getting one until we experienced how the amount of light in our room had a much bigger impact on our sleepy-levels than the actual time (as long as we were getting enough hours of course).

It’s super customizable- we have ours set to fade to full brightness over a 20 minute period, and when it’s at full brightness it starts playing quiet piano music. It is WAY fancier than we are- but it really does make waking up for work more pleasant! It looks bright in the photo below, but really it’s a nice soft light that makes it feel like the sun is rising.

2016-06-01 Another thing we loved about Hawaii is how much time we spent outside just chilling and reading and catching up on webcomics (yes, we are truly meant for each other). We’ve been working on our patio (I owe y’all a post on that), but in Texas heat we need a little extra motivation to make us hang out outside rather than in the glorious, glorious AC. So we are looking into options for adding fans, a pergola, a big shady umbrella, or anything else to cool things off back there. We will keep you posted if we pull the trigger on any of those ideas!

IMG_9455 What about you guys? What little bits of vacation have you brought back with you to make every day life a little more vacation-y?


New projects, old projects, in progress projects.

I grabbed my Yeti, a big red blanket from the husband’s college days, and my laptop to sit outside and write a little. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to write about… a lot has been going on, so much so that months can go by before we realize we made some change or started some project that probably should have been considered blog-worthy.

2016-02-27 (3)
I think sometimes writing a blog is like reaching out to a friend. Like, if it’s someone you talk to all the time it’s totally not weird to text them out of the blue saying “Think I can pull off balayage highlights?” or “I just re-watched that video of us singing and can’t stop laughing” or “Look at this fluffy picture of Mochi!”

2016-02-27 (5)
But if it’s someone you haven’t talked to in months or years, it feels weird to open up with something little. You feel like if you’re going to text them after so long, it should be something big, like “Congrats on the new baby!” or “I’m moving to your city! We should catch up!” or “Zombies are attacking get out while you still can RUN WOMAN!”

For the blog, it feels similar. I feel like if we posted every day or even once a week, it’d be ok to have little updates like “bought these new West Elm pillows and LURVE them” or “started organizing a closet, here’s where we are so far”. But because our posts have been months apart (sad!) I feel like if I’m gonna start writing again it’s gotta be big. Ironically, this has made the posts even farther apart because big things don’t happen over night. So I’m writing this post to officially say I’m going to try to break the cycle.

To do that, I’m going to write about all the stuff we are planning on doing, the stuff we already did but didn’t think to blog about, and the stuff we started but haven’t blogged about yet because it’s still unfinished. Things like…

KonMari-ing our house (in progress)
Updating our patio (in progress)
Splitting up our offices (one office done, one office in progress)
Making a tree trunk side table (in progress)
Painting a big-ass piece of art (done)
Painting another big-ass piece of art (in progress)
Getting a Persian rug for the kitchen (haven’t started)
Updating our coffee table (done)
Cleaning / organizing our garage (haven’t started)

That’s just a handful of stuff off the top of my head. Hopefully putting it online for the internet to see (or at least for our mom’s to see… hi mom!) will motivate us to set aside our awkwardness and just post already about the little things, the unfinished things, and the upcoming things.

2016-02-27 (1)


We’re (Sorta) Famous!

Oh snap!!! Our wedding got published!

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 9.21.24 AM

You can find it over at the Wedding Chicks blog (could not have titled that post better myself) and check out all the wedding-y goodness.


In the post you can see tons of our DIY wedding projects in action, lots of which we’ve already posted tutorials for, like our marquee letters, photobooth, string and nail letters, paper lantern chandelier, and silver glitter bottles.


But we have even more we still need to post about! We are already getting requests for a tutorial about how we made our photobooth backdrop so that will be coming very soon. We’ll also be posting about how to DIY program fans, paper heart straws, custom table numbers, our chalkboard seating chart, and more!


Thanks guys! <3



We’re Back!


And married!

Stay tuned for lots of posts- we have some house updates to fill you guys in on and a TON of wedding DIY projects to write about (as soon as we unpack our honeymoon bags and reclaim our house, there is still wedding stuff everywhere!).

Thank you everyone for being understanding about our lack of posts while we planned our wedding, said our “I do’s,” and jetted off to the other side of the world for a couple weeks!



It’s a new year, and as a new year’s present WordPress sent us this “annual report” that displays a bunch of our stats and figures in a really cool infographic (psst- check it out by clicking the image below!)

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 10.06.34 PM

Seeing all those stats made us all warm and fuzzy knowing our blog baby has done as well as it has (seriously, we thought only our moms would read this thing). But it also made us feel guilty about neglecting the blog for so long, so we wanted to touch base with you guys, let you know we’re still alive, and tell you that we have LOTS of stuff planned for 2014!

Item number one on the to-do list is to get our butts married already! Ok now I’m picturing just our butts united in holy matrimony. “Do you Katelyn’s butt take Evan’s butt to be your lawfully wedded butt-husband for as long as you both shall butt?” Ok I’m taking this butt thing too far. What a nice way to start a post. Sorry guys, I have the humor of a 13 year old boy.

-51 copy Item number two is to catch you guys up on the projects we’ve been completing! I’ll be honest, posts will probably still be few and far between until after the wedding this April, but we’ll have a butt load to share with you when we get our free time back (there I go with butts again…). A few things you can look forward too are:

-Fixing a door we used to have to body-check to close
-Moving a derpy off-center ceiling light (and replacing it with a new badass one!)
-Making an easy modern solid wood side table that’s way cheaper than you could buy in stores

IMG_4781 Item number three is to share our DIY wedding projects! We decided to keep them secret until after the wedding because we don’t want them to seem like old news by the time the big day gets here. But post-wedding, you’ll be seeing things like:

-Centerpieces we upcycled from free stuff
-A big still-in-progress backdrop we’re making
-An artsy guestbook alternative that we can display in our house forever

IMG_4309 copy Item number four is sharing all the projects we want to do this year! We are both super excited to have the time to tackle more house projects, like:

-Painting more rooms
-Painting the cream trim white (gulp!)
-Updating the lights/fans in all our rooms
-Painting our kitchen cabinets (if I grow the balls to do so)
-Giving our master bathroom a nice makeover (I still think it’s super awkward)
-Replacing our siding and giving our exterior a new paint job (might hire this one out though)

We are so happy that we still get views and comments from our readers and we’re really sorry the posts have been so slow lately! Cross my heart, as soon as we catch our breath after the wedding craziness we’ll be jumping headfirst into house stuff again and the consistent-blogging will commence!


Wedding Mode: Activated

I’ve been a terrible blog-mother. I have shoved our little creation into the closet under the stairs and neglected it for almost two weeks!

Things have been 100% wedding and work over here. I’m almost at my 6-months-til-the-wedding mark so I am getting. sh*t. done. Unfortunately, that means house projects have been put on hold for a while until I feel like I get a handle on things.


After all the vendors and logistics are in order, I’ll be tackling lots and lots of wedding DIY projects. But I’ve decided not to share a most of them on the blog until after the wedding because I realized I don’t want to give all the surprises away before the big day. But after the I do’s are exchanged, get ready for an all out wedding project EXPLOSION.

Also we decided to use this time to get stuff done on the house that we were planning to hire out anyway. So it’s still productive, just not 100% DIY. First on the list is… our patio!!!

IMG_0812 copy

We are thinking about going with concrete for a more modern and geometric feel, kinda like this. Also, we thought pavers would be more expensive and time consuming. You guys have any thoughts on the concrete vs pavers debate? Most of what I’ve found online compares pavers to stamped concrete, which isn’t what we want, but it’s hard to find opinions on straight up concrete. Thanks!!


Breaking Branches & (Almost) Feet

A couple weekends ago we shook up our trees and brought down some branches.

Breaking Branches & (Almost) Feet

Breaking Branches & (Almost) Feet

That day we didn’t have any energy left to saw them into pieces and bundle them for green waste pickup, so we dragged them into our backyard to await their fate.

photo 2 copy

Well a week ago we finally managed to get out there and saw a bunch of it up. Evan was on chainsaw duty and I took care of smaller branches.


And as we were chipping away at our pile we realized that some of the big pieces were really cool and could be used for potential house decor, and some of the thin branches could be used for potential wedding decor.

So we collected a bunch of big branches and we’re still in the process of collecting enough little ones (we might need TONS).


As usually I’m in PJs of course #sorrynotsorry.

Not telling you exactly what’s up our sleeves yet, but we did crank out one of the projects this weekend!

IMG_4058 copy

But onto the other part of our title. See the very tall crutch in the background of the picture above? That belongs to Evan. He got a 600 pound motor dropped on his foot a few days ago and was VERY lucky that it somehow was not broken. The doctors were shocked that it wasn’t just smashed to pieces after he told them what happened. But it is crazy swollen and I’m trying to get him to stay off it while it heals, but he’s a hard one to keep still!


That is the happiest looking picture of someone with a smashed foot ever. Love my love, always positive. But needless to say, we probably won’t be tackling any crazy house projects that require physical labor on his part for a while until that foot is healed up. Wishing my favorite person a speedy recovery! <3