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Living room mood board – I wish!

Spring (aka it’s all of a sudden 85 degrees down in Texas) has us imagining changes around here! Full room makeovers may not be in the cards for us right now, but I recently started helping a friend put together a mood board for her living room (hi Lisa!) and it made me think – what would our dream living room look like? It’s been so long since we did ours, how has our style changed? *dives deeply into the Pinterest rabbit hole*

I’ve actually only put together a legit mood board ONCE (and I don’t even think we shared it on the blog). Ironically, I’m prettttyyy sure it was for our living room haha. (Which I’m realizing now I really need to share again because the post I linked to up there is years old. Wow.) Anyway, I’m excited today to share what our ideal space would look like! Who knows, maybe this will spur a few changes around here :) Natural modern living room - evanandkatelyn.com

My overall thoughts

So I’ll walk ya through why I chose what I chose in the hopes that maybe it’ll get your brains turning too. Overall, I wanted to go for something that had modern vibes and clean lines (the couch, coffee table, lamp, art) but with lots of natural materials/textures (woven rug and baskets, leather couch, plants) to warm it up and a little whimsy thrown in (marquee letters, fun pillows).

Art ledge

I’ll start at the top. I’ve been wanting to do an art ledge for-like-ever. I’m obsessed with the one made by Chris and Julia. You can buy these, but check out their tutorial for a super easy DIY walk through. I’m thinking a dark walnut one would be gorgeous. Speaking of C & T, also fell in love with the large tree rings print from Minted they hung on their dark shiplap wall. That piece because the starting point for the art ledge. I went with black and white to give the space contrast but also be a neutral backdrop for the color I wanted to bring in elsewhere. Our current living room art is super colorful, which I loved for a long time, but I’m craving more neutral pieces up on my walls now.

Natural modern living room - evanandkatelyn.com
01. Visionary print

02. Sum Total print

03. Tree Rings print

04. Staredown print

05. News Flash print

06. Art ledge – tutorial here

Couch, furniture, plants

I wanted to go neutral and natural with the furniture pieces. We LOVE our Lounge sectional, which is an L shape, but something U shaped is oh so appealing (PS this one is from Arhaus and I’m kinda loving how sizable and sturdy their living room furniture looks. Like it’s not gonna blow away and you could probably jump on it without worry haha). I wanted other furniture pieces that were a little more delicate (but also sizable!) to balance the big sectional, so I went with the gold coffee table and gold standing lamp, which tie into each other. Plus I wanted a glass coffee table so you could see the pretty rug underneath. I also had to throw in a couple plants… both faux because I have a black thumb, but of course if you can keep a plant alive go for something living! I also loved the tiny wood vase on the coffee table plant, and the big basket is one I already own and luh-uh-uhv.

Natural modern living room - evanandkatelyn.com


07. Faux fiddle leaf fig

08. Dune three-piece sectional

09. Gold tripod floor lamp

10. Large curved basket

11. Gold and glass coffee table

12. Faux eucalyptus plant

Pillows, marquee letters, chair

This… is my favorite little section of the mood board. I wanted some fun and whimsy in the pillows. That winking one had me at hello ;) (Bonus- it’s embroidered, not printed, which gives it a little extra texture!). I also love how the boho style pink and red pillow ties into the rug without being too matchy matchy, and the gold spotted pillow ties in with the coffee table and lamp (it’s embroidered too!). The marquee letters we made for our wedding… those are part of our ideal living room no matter what. They were our first big DIY project and we’re still obsessed with them. And that handsome leather chair is pretty much the best of all worlds – modern, warm, and some masculinity to balance the pillows.

Natural modern living room - evanandkatelyn.com

13. Agda printed yarn pillow

14. Dot embroidered throw pillow

15. Winky embroidered throw pillow

16. Marquee letters – check out our tutorial here

17. Axel leather armchair


I love the layered rug look. Love. I’ve had googly eyes for Persian rugs ever since we got a few little ones for the house. This big one has my name all over it. It’s a bit more expensive than I would normally pay… but this is a dream moodboard right? Plus to balance it, the jute rug underneath is super reasonably priced (and huge!). So it all evens out right? Natural modern living room - evanandkatelyn.com

18. Hand-woven natural area rug (11×15)

19. Persian rug (9’9″ x 13)

Hope you guys found this mood board helpful! Any other styles or rooms you’d be interested in seeing? Let us know below or on Insta (@evanandkatelyn)

Not gonna lie – a) had a ton of fun making this, b) I want to immediately buy everything in this room now, and c) was kinda hesitant to publish because now I know somebody else is gonna snag that rug.

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Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together

We are taking a break from attic posts (sorry guys, I know they all start looking the same after a while) to update y’all on a few happenings downstairs. And by downstairs I mean in the actual living part of our house. Is it bad that the attic just kinda feels like “upstairs” now? We’ve spent a lot of time up there lately…

Anyway, a week ago our dining room looked like this!

Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com

Egad! What happened to our beautiful beautiful floors?!?!

Well, there was a tiny little trouble spot on the left side of the room where there was not enough float put onto the subfloor, so when you stepped on it the floor visibly went down between 1/8″ and 1/4″ under your weight. Not good. With the possibility of our floors expanding as it got warmer, that spot could bow upwards more and be even worse! Though honestly, with all the float our floors required (after finding pitcher’s mounds of concrete under our carpet) I’m surprised that this was the only trouble spot.

So we called our awesome floor guys, they ordered more of our flooring, and when it was in they came out to fix it! Unfortunately, to fix that little spot they had to undo the whole room. Which is why I was having flashbacks to the week of demo and dust that morning.

Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com

They tested how low the low spot was with that big bar two pictures up, and then added more float where necessary.

Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com

Luckily by lunch the float was dry and the floors could be replaced. No more trouble spot! (PS, the photo below was actually taken before the floor replacement- notice the lack of vases with the art on the shelves. But I forgot to take an after picture when the floors were done, and I’d take one now but things are a mess! Sorry!)

Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com

As far as the couch goes, ever since we picked out our new Crate & Barrel couch, we’ve been planning on selling these brown ones. (Sorry, older pic again- see Mochi’s cabinet still against the window from before we got our laundry room floors finished?)

Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com

Well while the guys were here, it came up in conversation that we were looking to sell and it turned out our head floor guy was in the market for a new set of couches! So without even having to go to Craigslist, we had our couches sold with just one more week til our new couch was scheduled to be FINALLY delivered!

For that week things were looking oddly empty around here!

Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com

But it made getting our new couch in just that much sweeter!

Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com


Now you may notice that we ended up not getting an ottoman (even though we planned for one). This is because originally we were thinking about maybe getting the robin’s egg blue color C&B offers as a pop of color, but then I was afraid that it would tie us down if we decided to change up our color palette down the line (we tend to buy our expensive things in neutrals and bring in pops of color with pillows, art, etc). So I went on a 2-month long hunt for a white ottoman to get instead! I thought it would look nice with the white in the rug but still be neutral.

Our Couch and Our Floor Ran Away Together- evanandkatelyn.com

I haven’t had any luck though since it needs to be between 40″ and 45″ wide- that’s apparently tough to find in the ottoman world. We may just end up with the C&B gray one that matches the couch. We’ll keep y’all posted!


Couch Buying Trick

Evan and I have been doing a lot of couch shopping. Anyone who’s been to our place knows how incredibly comfy our current couches are. And anyone who’s been to our place has also heard me comment about how manly they are. They are THE ultimate man couches. As much as I tried to soften them up with pillows and fluffy blankets, there was no hiding the manliness.

Couch Buying Trick- evanandkatelyn.com Couch Buying Trick- evanandkatelyn.com

As comfy as they are, they’re a little beat up and somehow feel bulkier here in the house than they did in the apartment. Maybe it’s because they’re floating now instead of being against walls. Maybe it’s because I’ve been staring at them for too long. But either way, we decided to buy a new couch!

The issue Evan and I have with couch shopping is that he’s big and I’m little. Couches that suit me don’t fit him, and couches he likes swallow me up. Also, he was more willing to sacrifice looks for comfort, and I was more willing to sacrifice comfort for looks. Like buying those heels that are super cute but destroy your ankles. But the good news is we both knew we wanted a modern grey sectional. And finally, while browsing Crate & Barrel, we found it.


Isn’t he a good looking couch?? It’s the Lounge 2-piece sectional in “Cement.” The thing we liked most is that we could both sit on the chaise with elbow room to spare! To get an idea of the scale, here’s a picture I snapped when we first tried it out in the store.

Couch Buying Trick- evanandkatelyn.com

Evan was instantly sold. I was a little nervous though. It was so big! The cushions are 46″ deep!! It’s a beast of a couch. A wonderful, comfy, giant, modern beast. Visually, it looked like the overall footprint when paired with an ottoman (which we plan to do) was too square for our rectangular rug.

Since I was worried about how it would fit, when we got home we devised this little trick to help visualize a couch (or really any type of furniture!) in your home.

We got the measurements of the sectional and ottoman, moved our current couches our of the way, and grabbed our masking tape and measuring tape.

Couch Buying Trick- evanandkatelyn.com

First, use the measuring tape to mark corners of your couch with a piece of masking tape, using measurements listed on the item specs (you can usually find these online). We lined up the back of the couch with the back of the rug and centered it. Our rug is 12 feet (144″) wide and the sectional is 124″ wide, so we had 10″ of rug space on either side.

Couch Buying Trick- evanandkatelyn.com

Cat’s are really good at helping with this part.

Couch Buying Trick- evanandkatelyn.com

Once all your corners are marked, connect the dots with masking tape.

Couch Buying Trick- evanandkatelyn.com

Couch Buying Trick- evanandkatelyn.com

If you have matching outfits and temporary tattoos that step works even better.

Then marvel at your imaginary couch! To my surprise, the measurements fit PERFECTLY on our rug and we still had room for our coffee table. I was sold!

Couch buying trick evanandkatelyn.com

So there’s our little trick! Even if you think you can picture a piece of furniture in your house, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a couple minutes with some masking tape to double check how it will actually fit. Anyone else have any tips or tricks for furniture buying? We are still kinda winging it so if you’ve got any tricks up your sleeve, spill!

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