Bedroom art + how to mockup a gallery wall

After having our flooring installed in the bedrooms, I’ve been feeling inspired to spruce up those rooms even more. It’s like when you get a new haircut and you feel inspired to buy a new top too. Or when you have a few bites of chips and salsa and you’re inspired to finish a whole basket.

Our master bedroom has always been a room that’s looked pretty good, but didn’t have enough stuff going on. And by stuff, I mean art. For all the art we have in our house, we only had two pieces in there – not nearly enough!

IMG_7103 copy Which is why we really only ever show this side of the room. It’s pretty finished looking. But the other side of our space has always looked like this.

bedroom art blank small Womp womp. Lotsa black between the dressers and TV and not much else (although I do like our vases from Tarjay and basket from West Elm!)

With all the extra art in our house, there was really no excuse to not put some on that wall. Plus, I’ve never placed art in a space with a sloped ceiling – new challenge!

The way I like to approach gallery walls is how any designer with a Photoshop addiction would: I ‘shop it up before actually doing anything. So I took the above photo of our wall and then took photos of art around the house that I thought could look nice together. Cut out art, paste onto wall, and boom- art gallery mockup (see below).

bedroom art mockup Of course, not everyone has access to Photoshop. But there are other ways to do this folks. One easy method is to use PowerPoint – insert the blank wall photo into a slide, then insert the art photos on top of it. Use the crop tool to crop the art photos in so that no background is showing behind the art. Arrange around wall and marvel at your work.

You could even print out your photos at home and literally cut out the art photos and rearrange them in printed form. You might have to play around with how big you print each art piece so that it is properly sized in relation to the other pieces, but it could work!

Once we had the digital mockup in place, we got out our laser level (Evan has this cool self-leveling one) and started placing things. It was great to be confident in our placement and arrangement of different pieces. Also, Mochi loves laser levels. WAY more than laser pointers.

File_003 Piece by piece we added more art, using the mockup as a guide.

File_0010 A quick tip – if you’re ever hammering a nail into the wall and it goes in too far, use something thin and flat, like this tiny spatula we had, to protect the wall when you’re pulling the nail out.

File_0030 This was a super quick gallery wall – and it adds a ton of life into the room!

IMG_8092 It may seem like a simple change but I think it makes a huge visual difference!

ba After realizing when we did this wall that we had never shared a full view of our room, we snapped some cool fish eye photos with the Go-Pro!


DCIM100GOPROGOPR0772. Well there you have it! A few ways to mockup a gallery wall before you make it, and some new art now adding color to our master bedroom.

Floor like, ever

Y’all. We did it. We are finally getting rid of our carpet once and for all!! Happy dance!!!!!

Those who have been reading our blog since its infancy will remember that swapping out our nasty old carpet and cracked white tile for beautiful, high quality laminate wood flooring was one of the first projects we ever did at the house. And by we, I mean a team of professionals we hired. We need to make a few more sacrifices to the DIY gods before we have the balls to tackle something that big. Which is why this time around, we hired the same guys again to install the same flooring in our bedrooms!

bedroom carpet tryptic We made this decision just in time too- when we called to set things up, we found out our flooring is actually being discontinued!

But before we could get anything installed, we had to remove alllll the furniture from our bedrooms. And our bedroom closets (anything on the floor at least). So our house has been looking a little ragged.

File_000 IMG_7894 combo copy Meanwhile, we realized how sad our bedrooms look with everything removed.

bedroom carpet tryptic empty But honestly, it’s been fun camping in the living room so we aren’t complaining :)

File_000 (2) And it’s been even more fun to see the floors making their way little by little throughout our bedrooms!

bedroom carpet tryptic progress We also had some water damage by our back door after the Houston floods this year. It caused our floors to swell so much that we could barely open the door. So we got a few boards back there replaced too.

File_002 (1) The whole project just took two days- which is massively impressive to me after seeing all the work that goes into it. We are so glad we bit the bullet and got the floors we wanted!

Having the same flooring flow from the hallway into each bedroom makes everything feel more seamless and open. Which is especially important when you have a relatively tiny hallway and relatively tiny second bedrooms. Speaking of which, here’s how they looked once the floors were done!

IMG_7910 IMG_7912 IMG_7911 We are so excited to move our stuff back in and maybe even rearrange the layout of furniture in the rooms. Evans office especially is going to (hopefully) look a little different once we add everything back in.

Office Saga Continues

Oh ye olde office. The room we have arranged, rearranged, and cursed more than any other room in our house. We’ve tried (and failed) for about 3 years to somehow make it a functional but still pretty space. 

officex4 Usually, Evan and I are pretty good about coming to that form and function balance. But when it comes to the office, we’ve struggled. If it was up to me we’d have upholstered West Elm chairs with fuzzy throws, desks adorned with faux succulents and copper pencil holders, and magically none of our technology would need wires. If it was up to Evan, our office would be a maker workshop complete with a 3D printer, enough tools to qualify as a second garage, and a growing collection of way more computers than two people should own.

We also had the problem of not wanting to invest in nicer office furniture pieces, so we have held onto our old Ikea desks and Besta units. Mainly because we never knew if we’d be keeping the office out in the open like this or one day moving it to a bedroom.

IMG_7000 So after 3 years of half-assery in the office department, we bought a 3D printer. And thus the office-battle paradigm was shifted. There was no room for it in the already furniture-packed little space, and even if there had been it’s not something we wanted out in the open area of our home. So we turned our junk room-turned-wedding-room-turned-workout-room into Evan’s office/workshop. We actually got rid of a LOT of stuff before moving it in here… but it’s still a lot of stuff to wrangle, and it’s looking a little crazy right now.

IMG_7881 Here’s a look at the other side of the room. Nerf guns are VERY important in an office :P

IMG_7882 Now instead of one office that wasn’t quite pretty enough for me and wasn’t quite functional enough for Evan, we have a very functional but good-thing-we-can-close-the-door messy office in the extra bedroom, and one prettier but seldom used office still in our main living area. Here’s how our old office area is looking these days.

IMG_7532 IMG_7485 You might recognize the large scale art from our post a while back about painting over big, cheap Ikea prints here.

IMG_7534 So… win? Lose? We both got what we wanted in a way, but now I’m realizing two things: a) I don’t actually need an office since I’m not a full-time freelancer anymore, and b) if left to his own devices my husband would turn our house into a Mythbusters-level workshop/maker space.

I guess for now we will consider it good progress because at least we are moving forward and trying things out! Next steps include improving storage in Evan’s office, considering alternate uses for the space that is now my office, and potentially working toward making our guest room a multifunctional space by moving the office into there (and turning that closet into a mini 3D printer workspace!)

Stay tuned!