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  • DIY 2×4 Side Table

    DIY 2×4 Side Table

    We made this side table out of 2x4s for less than $9, which we think is pretty dang cool! We did it as part of the Modern Maker #two2x4challenge and it was definitely a challenge! You could make this table with other types of wood and the steps will be easier (2x4s tend to warp and […]Read More »
  • DIY Marquee Letters

    DIY Marquee Letters

    Hey guys! So, if you were familiar with our blog before we got started on YouTube, you probably remember our DIY Marquee Letters tutorial of yore (here’s part 1, part 2, and part 3). We built them for our wedding and they were actually the first DIY project we ever started. I say “started” because we didn’t […]Read More »
  • 3D Printed Deer Head for Casey Neistat

    3D Printed Deer Head for Casey Neistat

    Today’s project is a little different. It’s something we made not for our own house, but as a gift. It’s something that isn’t like most of the projects we post because it’s not really a tutorial exactly. BUT it’s something we feel strongly about and are excited to share, so let’s get into it :) We made […]Read More »
  • DIY Modern Cat Scratching Post

    DIY Modern Cat Scratching Post

    A while back we built a horizontal cat scratching post/pad and shared it on the blog. Mochi did use it, but the downside is she still clawed our couch too. Womp. So we built a modern vertical cat scratching post that slides over the arm of our couch, hoping that giving her something vertical to […]Read More »
  • Wandel vs Heisz push stick comparison

    Wandel vs Heisz push stick comparison

    We’ve been doing more and more woodworking over the past year, and our arsenal of tools and equipment has grown steadily. We’ve always been pretty safety conscious (thanks to Evan, who always has to remind me to put on my eye/ear protection, respirator, etc) but with the increased dangerous-equipment-usage, we’ve been feeling the need to up our safety […]Read More »
  • Abstract Painting Tutorial

    Abstract Painting Tutorial

    We both grew up with art as an important part in our lives and love that when we want to change up our walls we can grab a canvas, brush some paint on it, and have instant new art. But if you’re not super comfortable with a paintbrush in your hand, that can be kind of […]Read More »
  • Living room mood board – I wish!

    Living room mood board – I wish!

    Spring (aka it’s all of a sudden 85 degrees down in Texas) has us imagining changes around here! Full room makeovers may not be in the cards for us right now, but I recently started helping a friend put together a mood board for her living room (hi Lisa!) and it made me think – what […]Read More »

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