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  • Wood Keychain Quick Connects

    Wood Keychain Quick Connects

    We made wooden keychain quick connects with magnets embedded in them. These are great for your everyday carry or anything you need quick access too. Plus they’re made out of walnut, which is always awesome. You can make a lot of these for relatively cheap, so they’re great for craft fairs or little gifts. Here’s […]Read More »
  • Tools for beginners

    Tools for beginners

    It can be super intimidating trying to buy the tools and stuff you need when you first start getting into DIY. When we bought our first house, we got a 10% off coupon for Lowes and decided we would try to buy everything we needed for all the projects on our list ALL AT ONCE. […]Read More »
  • Self Watering Concrete Planter

    Self Watering Concrete Planter

    We can’t keep plants alive. So today we’re making a DIY concrete self-watering planter in the hopes that the plants will take care of themselves haha. Just a heads up, our planter has some funky curves and angles so we used a 3D printer to make the mold form, which we know not everyone has […]Read More »
  • Simple DIY Flap Sander

    Simple DIY Flap Sander

    We’ve got a quick tip today – how to make a simple DIY flap sander. There are a lot of elaborate DIY flap sanders out there, but this is one you can make in a pinch. It’s great for getting into hard to reach spaces that are hard to get with a typical flap sander. […]Read More »
  • DIY Coat Rack

    DIY Coat Rack

    Hey guys! Today we’re gonna walk through how to make an easy DIY entryway coat rack, magnetic key holder, organizer shelf…. DIY thing to put your stuff on when you walk through the door. You can check out the video above to see all the details, but we’ll also write out the basic steps below […]Read More »
  • How to model and 3D print hose adapters

    How to model and 3D print hose adapters

    Hey guys! Today we’re going to walk through how to make custom dust collection hose adapters for your workshop using 3D modeling and 3D printing. If you’re new to 3D or don’t have a printer – don’t sweat it. We made templates for common adapters (links below!) and we’ll walk through how you can customize […]Read More »
  • DIY 2×4 Side Table

    DIY 2×4 Side Table

    We made this side table out of 2x4s for less than $9, which we think is pretty dang cool! We did it as part of the Modern Maker #two2x4challenge and it was definitely a challenge! You could make this table with other types of wood and the steps will be easier (2x4s tend to warp and […]Read More »

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