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  • Knobs, pulls, and dressers, oh my!

    Knobs, pulls, and dressers, oh my!

    Hey guys! If you know me, you know I can go a little overboard when I go into research-mode. Sometimes it makes sense, like researching everything thoroughly before we swapped out some plumbing or blew our own insulation. But sometimes, I’ll spend hours upon hours researching something really trivial, like knobs. It all started when […]Read More »
  • 2017 Project/House/Life Goals

    2017 Project/House/Life Goals

    Everyone is posting their 2017 house resolutions and we’re over here like “Is it Wednesday or Thursday??” (spoiler, it’s Tuesday). So we’re a little late to the share-your-goals game, but it got us to sit down and talk about some of the bigger projects we are really excited to tackle this year (aka here’s a […]Read More »
  • Doing a mix-matched gallery wall

    Doing a mix-matched gallery wall

    We have a lotttt of art. Evan and I both paint/draw, we have artists in the family so we collect art from them, and I have a tendency to save things that I think might make good art someday (a pretty page from a magazine or calendar for example). So yeah, we are overflowing. Therefore, we’re no […]Read More »
  • DIY wood canvas frame

    DIY wood canvas frame

    Hey guys! Quick project on the blog today. We’re going to be walking you through how to make a simple, simple frame for any art you have laying around. We did it for a wrapped canvas, but we’re pretty sure you can use the same method for anything else you might frame (a poster, a print, […]Read More »
  • DIY Faux Fur Tree Skirt (and Garland!)

    DIY Faux Fur Tree Skirt (and Garland!)

    In yesterday’s Christmas decor post I mentioned we added some faux fur in both tree skirt and garland form. As promised, today I’m sharing this quick DIY you can do in an afternoon (ie you can finish it before the Christmas!) Bonus: this tree skirt only cost about $15 as opposed to the $69 versions elsewhere and […]Read More »
  • Our 2016 Christmas Decor

    Our 2016 Christmas Decor

    Hey guys! We’re not a proper home DIY and design blog if we don’t show y’all our Christmas decor (not that being proper has ever been our forte). The big news this year is we finally upgraded from our tiny 4-foot, apartment sized Christmas tree to a massive 7.5-foot tower of pre-lit glory. Hello Handsome! […]Read More »
  • Living room fan swap

    Living room fan swap

    Hey guys! So I’m continually realizing that there are projects we’ve completed that never got shared on the blog. Until some recent changes at Evan’s job, he would frequently have to work 11-12 hour days, and therefore I’d take on all the home/life-related responsibilities when I’d get home from work, so basically we had like zero […]Read More »

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