How to Patch Siding

Some DIY fixes work like a charm. Some don’t work at all and you end up making things worse than they started. Others work just long enough for you to get comfortable and forget about them. I’m looking at you old siding patch.

You may remember a post from about a year ago when we noticed some holes in our siding and patched ’em up using this badass goopy stuff. If you don’t remember, click the link above :) Basically, our T1-11 siding (which is pretty much cardboard) had some weak spots at the bottom where rain had splashed up over the years. We patched it with Ready Patch (the aforementioned badass goop), let it dry, slapped on some paint, and called it good enough! It was pretty awesome for a year… and then the floodgates opened (literally, it flooded like crazy here in Houston) and our patches decided they had taken enough wear and tear.



We decided ok… time to suck it up and pay to get this siding replaced. But while talking to the siding guy, he said if we didn’t want to replace the whole face of the siding, we could just patch the bottom of it with a protective board. He pointed to the board you see along the bottom of the siding in the photo above. See that? He said that was actually a patch that the previous owner had probably done. Basically, as long as there’s no moisture currently trapped, you can just patch over the bad stuff with a new board to protect it!

Since we didn’t want to pay $1000 for the whole face of siding to be replaced (after all, the rest of it was in good shape), we decided to try our hand at this new type of patch.

First things first, we had to rip off the old board patching the bottom. Evan used a utility knife to score the paint/caulk where the board met the siding. Then he used a tiny crowbar to pry it off. See below!


Yep we are incorporating gifs now. But only sometimes. When we remember to :)

When Evan pulled off the board, it took off a good chunk of the old siding with it. Lots of damage, but all dry at least!


Then it was time to put up the new boards. We needed about 10-1/2 feet of wood, so we picked up two 6-foot pieces of 1″x10″ because we couldn’t fit a 12-footer in either of our cars. We grabbed some bricks from our garage to support the boards and used a level to make sure everything was aligned correctly.


Evan nailed it in and grabbed the second board. Halfway through nailing it in, we started noticing that at least one of these boards was not flat. Or maybe the side of our house was not flat. Either way, it was not good.


It may not look like much in the photo, but every time we tried to hammer in whatever part of whatever board was gaping, it would pop out a different corner. With daylight fading, we decided not to waste any more time on dumb non-flat boards. We went back to Home Depot looking for other options. And what we found was even better than our original plan!

First off we found this roll of waterproofing tape called Protecto Wrap that’s typically used to seal off windows and doors. We decided since our wall isn’t totally flat/straight we might end up with gaps even if we buy new boards… so we should seal it with the wrap as extra protection.


We scraped off all the loose bits from the old siding before rolling out the wrap. It was definitely easier doing this with two people. Evan held the roll while I pressed it against the house. This stuff was SERIOUS. The adhesive was sorta tar-like and it molded to all the grooves in our siding.

The second thing we found at Home Depot was some hardiplank siding we could use instead of regular wood. This was awesome for three reasons- one: it’s waterproof, two: it’s flexible, and three: it’s cheaper!

It wouldn’t fit in our car so we had to borrow Evan’s dad’s truck. Worth it though! You can see how flexible it is in the photo below.


We cut it down to size with a jigsaw. It was a little tricky to cut because the blade wanted to do its own thing, so Evan used our right angle (and some elbow grease) to keep it in line.

20150705_183719 small

It did WAY better than the original wood boards. We did have some trouble finding places nails would stick on the left side (hence the bajillion nails you see in the photo below) but in the end we got it pretty secure. And to be honest, we weren’t tooooo worried about it because the real protection was coming from that wrap we used.


After securing it, I took over with my handy caulk gun to caulk over the gaps. We went up the sides of the window frames a bit as well where the paint was cracking.

IMG_7258 copy small



That was sarcasm. It was pretty messy. But once we painted over it everything looked great!


And now I know gifs make you looks like a crazy person. JUST PAINTING HERE I LOVE PAINT WANT SOME PAINT?!

20150707_202101 small

We are pretty confident about this fix! Guess we’ll check in again in a year and let you know how it’s holding up!

Fan vs Evan

Replacing the fan in the master bedroom seemed like a pretty dang easy project. After all, we had already removed a couple fans, so installing one couldn’t be that different right? Ha. Hahaha. We’ll take a moment of silence for Evan’s fingers and then we’ll get started on the post.


So here’s how the old fan looked in our bedroom. Not absolutely terrible- but we did feel that it really dated the room.


It especially revealed it’s age when you took a closer look. Mmmm, dat glass…


So Evan, with his height and all, got to work disassembling the fan. He started with the blades and light covers.

IMG_6117 copy

After he removed the base and snipped the wires (don’t worry, the power was off!) we were pretty confident it was going to be smooth sailing. But then we saw these.

IMG_6120 copy

A bunch of nails- NAILS- holding our fan into a ceiling joist. No mounting kit, no screws. This meant it was going to be WAY harder to remove this thing.

Evan finally managed to pry them out, but those five nails cost him about half an hour and the use of his index finger (it’s hard to simultaneously use a hammer and pliers above your head while on a ladder. Would not recommend).


You can see by the multiple gouge marks on the nails (oh and the one that BROKE IN HALF) that this was quite a battle.

The good news is that after this, installing the new fan was a breeze (Ha! A breeze! I’ll see myself out…)

Evan installed the base and the down rod (so that it would hang lower than the ceiling, like our old one). Then I hopped up and spackled/painted around the edges of the base, where we had kinda beat up the ceiling trying to get the old fan out.

IMG_6142 copy

Then it was on with the blades and the lights! :D

IMG_6145 copy

Somehow after that we never took an after picture… so I went and took one today! (Psst, you can check out the details of how our room has evolved over the past year here).

IMG_7103 copy

We feel like the new fan suits the room MUCH better. The brushed silver ties in with the lamps and bed frame, and overall the look is way more sleek and modern. Woohoo!

Master Bedroom- lots of little updates

Hi guys! I know I know…. it’s been way too long since we updated. I’m starting to feel like a broken record I’ve said that so many times! The past ten or so months have been crazy since I traded in my freelance slippers for corporate America big girl shoes (i.e. started working full time for a 60,000 person company). So again… my apologies for the terribly sparse updates these days. The good news is, even though we haven’t been posting as often as we’d like, we’re still working on improving our house little by little!

Sometimes we don’t even realize how much a room has changed until we look at the last pictures we took of it. Case in point, our master bedroom. Last time it showed up on the blog, it was looking something like this:


White on white on white, am I right? But then we got a few wedding presents (curtains, lamps, side tables) and it started coming together more and more. We also switched the comforter to an old one I had… which we soon realized was too long for such a low bed.

IMG_6105copy Don’t mind the ladder haha. Unfortunately, this mid-project photo is the only one we have of this phase of the bedroom. Going back to the low bed though, we decided it was maybe time to look at new bed frames. The one in the photo above is from Ikea. It was great for the cost, but it never felt super sturdy and our kitty liked to run back and forth across the top and dig her claws into it.


So we decided to buy ourselves a nice new bed frame and donate the old one! You can also see in the picture below that we moved the darker curtains to a different room and bought these linen ones from Crate & Barrel.


Of course, Mochi was pretty attached and did not let that headboard go easily… (Also you can see in the photo below how loose the fabric had gotten. Once you take it off and try to wash it, it never goes on quite the same.)


The new bed frame is the stainless steel Portica bed from Room & Board. We love it! It’s modern and sturdy and feels really well made. I was so excited about it I didn’t even finish making the bed before snapping a picture- doh!


Here is how are bedroom currently looks- we got this light comforter from Target and we LOVE it (it’s basically t-shirt material so it’s super comfy). To add some more color, we switched our throw pillow and added some of my coffee filter flowers on the bedside table. To gain some extra storage, we added some baskets from Container Store that fit PERFECTLY into the bottoms of our bedside tables, making the perfectionist in me quite pleased. Also the rug is gone. We loved it… but white rug plus sick kitty = bye bye rug. It was several years old and pretty cheap, so it had a good run! We are looking for something new now to replace it.

IMG_7103 copy

There is one other big change in our bedroom… but that’s a post for next time! In the meantime, enjoy this little side by side before and after :) Looks like our room is growing up!

IMG_7103 BandA copy