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  • Living room fan swap

    Living room fan swap

    Hey guys! So I’m continually realizing that there are projects we’ve completed that never got shared on the blog. Until some recent changes at Evan’s job, he would frequently have to work 11-12 hour days, and therefore I’d take on all the home/life-related responsibilities when I’d get home from work, so basically we had like zero […]Read More »
  • 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

    2016 Holiday Gift Guide

    Y’all- it’s almost December. How did this happen? I’m already feeling behind on gifts, and I’m still full on turkey. For anyone who is is in the same boat, Evan and I put together our very first holiday gift guide! *sparkle sparkle sparkle* This is a mix of things we have/love and things we want. Of course, […]Read More »
  • DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable

    DIY Tabletop Menu + Thanksgiving Printable

    Hey guys! Today I’m super excited to share a quick and easy DIY that you can do after work this evening (and still have time to make pasta for dinner… mmmm pasta). It’s a cute tabletop menu that’s perfect for Thanksgiving, or really any get together where food is involved (aka, the best type of […]Read More »
  • DIY Cat Scratching Post

    DIY Cat Scratching Post

    Today we’re sharing a post about a post. A scratching post, specifically. We love our fur baby Mochi but we also love our couch, which she has gradually tried to destroy over the years. We didn’t realize how bad this one corner of the couch had gotten until the light caught it just right one day […]Read More »
  • Pop up shops for noobs – what we learned

    Pop up shops for noobs – what we learned

    Hey guys! A few weeks ago after our first West Elm Pop Up Shop, we asked if y’all would be interested in hearing the behind-the-scenes scoop: how everything went down and what we learned in the process. And your response was a big “yes!” across the board! So today, as we prep for our next […]Read More »
  • 2016 Halloween Decor

    2016 Halloween Decor

    I love Halloween you guys. If it was socially acceptable to Trick-Or-Treat at the age of 29, I would. But it’s not, so I make up for it with for it with creepy movies, our annual Scare for a Cure adventure, dressing up, and decking our house out with pumpkins, ghosts, and skulls :) To get a bigger […]Read More »
  • Feeling Batty – DIY Felt Bats

    Feeling Batty – DIY Felt Bats

    Hey guys! The quickest of quick Halloween post today. Here’s the story: Girl meets felt placemats. Girl cuts out pumpkins from placemats and turns them into a garland. Girl is getting ready to throw out the remaining felt scraps when a lightbulb goes off/her cheapness takes over and she thinks “I can make something out of […]Read More »

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